DKDHO :: Volume #1 冒险不必被孤立

#483: Thinks of a wilderness at heart

After discussing the proper business, Skien did not have anxiously, kept in Lucy's resting palace, accompanying well this was treated coldly half a month princess by oneself. 商量完正事以后,希恩也没急着走,就这么留在洛茜的寝宫里,好好的陪陪这个被自己冷落了半个月的公主殿下。 This made Lucy's mood restore finally much, became carefree many, on the beautiful face carried the happy smile. 这让洛茜的心情总算是恢复了不少,亦变得畅快了不少,绝美的脸上携带起了幸福的笑容。 This princess actually does not have too many requests, is hopes that own one's beloved can accompany itself. 这个公主殿下其实也没有太多的要求,就是希望自己的心上人能够多陪陪自己而已。 After all, essentially, this is fears very much lonely, fears the lonely small girl very much. 毕竟,本质上,这还是个很怕寂寞,很怕孤单的小丫头。 Now, Skien had the time to accompany, Lucy naturally was happy for this reason, the mood also improved, making the entire resting palace one be full of the sound that the laughter is creating a disturbance all day. 现在,希恩有时间陪着自己了,洛茜自然为此感到高兴,心情也变好了很多,让整个寝宫一整天都充满着嬉笑打闹的声音。 That sound, lets defend in outside the door Knights of the Holy Sword's females knights felt that felt relieved much. 那声音,让守在门外圣剑骑士团的女骑士们都感到放心了不少。 Who lets their lords for half a month is a bored and lonely appearance? 谁让她们的主子这半个月里一直都是一副无聊又寂寞的样子呢? Now recovers finally, these loyal and devoted female knight are naturally delighted. 如今总算恢复了元气,这些忠心耿耿的女骑士自然感到非常的高兴。 They are also because worships Lucy, looks forward to Lucy, will just now join Knights of the Holy Sword that Lucy forms, becomes bodyguard that she subordinates. 她们也是因为崇拜洛茜,憧憬洛茜,方才会加入洛茜组建的圣剑骑士团,成为她直属的护卫队 Taking this into consideration, Lucy was happy, was happy, they also were very naturally happy, is very happy. 有鉴于此,洛茜高兴了,开心了,那她们自然也就很高兴,很开心。 Then, Skien treated in Lucy's resting palace entire day, even in the evening treats here, has not gone back. 就这样,希恩洛茜的寝宫里待了整整一天,连晚上都待在这里,没有回去。 This matter, many people noticed, thus the mood became very bad. 这件事,不少人都注意到了,因而心情变得非常的糟糕。 This big evening's unexpectedly does not go back, that this solitary one male widow two people treats in a room, what matter will handle, isn't the clear matter? 这大晚上的居然都不回去,那孤男寡女两人待在一个房间里,会做什么事情,不是一目了然的事情吗? In other words , when Kingdom's Most Precious Object, humanity's most beautiful woman, the present conducts was eaten! 换言之,王国的至宝,人族的第一美女,正现在进行时的被吃掉啊! This makes many people have mixed feelings, and even is the anger. 这让很多人都心情复杂,乃至是愤怒。 Just now becomes engaged!” “才刚订婚啊!” How that Count Bezthoth dares...!?” “那个孛兹图特伯爵怎么敢...!?” Ended... my Your Highness Lucy...” “完了...我的洛茜殿下啊...” „It is not good! Could not bear! I must with that bastard duel!” “不行了!忍不住了!我要跟那个混蛋决斗!” Many person one after another are shouting, even lost the reason, if some people are not blocking, feared that has given surrounding Lucy's resting palace. 不少人都纷纷如此嚷嚷着,甚至是丧失了理智,如果不是有人拦着,怕是都已经将洛茜的寝宫给包围了。 Even Ans when hears this news, has almost not borne, runs to prevent directly. 安西都在听到这个消息的时候,差点没有忍住,直接跑来阻止。 Although Skien has become the Lucy justifiable fiance, but hasn't this married? 虽然希恩已经成为洛茜名正言顺的未婚夫,但这不是还没结婚吗? Also without the marriage dares to have own daughter's idea unexpectedly flagrantly? 还没结婚居然就敢这么明目张胆的打自己的女儿的主意? This condition, making the Ans angry plan go to Lucy's resting palace, completely forgot that lost to the Skien fact including own Knight Alidiya. 这状况,让安西怒气冲冲的打算前往洛茜的寝宫,完全忘记连自己的骑士阿里迪亚都输给了希恩的事实。 Until... 直到... Even if you pass to prevent now still uselessly, Royal Father, already late.” “就算你现在过去阻止也没用哦,父王,已经晚了啊。” Just Ans here, already gradually is starting familiar King work Lia to say such words spookily, caused the Ans footsteps stiffly there. 刚好在安西这里,已经渐渐的在开始熟悉国王的工作的莉雅幽幽的说出了这样的话,导致安西的脚步僵在了那里。 „...... Late?” “......晚了?” Ans does not want to know that these words are what meaning. 安西不是很想知道这句话是什么意思。 Because he does not want to acknowledge the reality. 因为他不想承认现实。 What a pity, his treasure eldest daughter has not let off him. 可惜,他的宝贝大女儿没有放过他。 In Husband Election Conference, I saw accidentally, Royal Father.” Lia resembles pities the say/way: Sees them in......, you understood.” “早在选婿大会的时候,我就偶然见到了,父王。”莉雅状似怜悯般的道:“见到他们在......嗯,你懂得。” No, I do not understand. 不,我不懂。 No! I do not understand! 不!我不懂! „Are you... you cracking a joke? Lia?” The Ans then complexion is pale, forces oneself to look cheerful the say/way: Lucy is so clever, is obedient, then aloof, is outstanding, even if regards with a special fondness about that boy, how also possibly not to practice moderation, before the marriage, and even before has not become engaged, then hands over oneself?” “你...你在开玩笑吧?莉雅?”安西便脸色铁青,强颜欢笑似的道:“洛茜那么乖,那么听话,又那么高冷,那么优秀,就算对那个小子另眼相看,又怎么可能那么不自持,在没有结婚之前,乃至是没有订婚之前,便把自己交出去呢?” Obviously, Ans is not willing to believe such matter. 显然,安西是不愿意相信这样的事情了。 only, what this trades is Lia pities the expression that more and more. 只是,这换来的是莉雅越来越怜悯的表情。 From the beginning I do not like to believe that Royal Father.” Lia faintly said: But, the acknowledgment, Lucy is not a child.” “一开始我也不愿意相信啊,父王。”莉雅幽幽的道:“但是,承认吧,洛茜已经不是孩子了。” It is not the child... 已经不是孩子了... Was not the child... 不是孩子了... Child... 孩子了... ... 了... Bang!” “嘭!” Royal Father!” 父王!” In night Royal Palace, in King's resting palace, a hitting the wall sound as well as call out in alarm then to resound through. 夜晚的王宫里,国王的寝宫中,一阵撞墙的声音以及一声惊呼便响彻而起。 Similar condition unceasing emergence in Royal Palace, lets many hearts in the drop blood. 类似这样的状况不断的出现在王宫中,让很多人心头都在滴血。 Although, these people like Ans like that do not know that their Kingdom's Most Precious Object had then been eaten before the engagement does not remain, but saw that the dim light of night is getting deeper and deeper, Skien has not actually come out from Lucy's resting palace, even if they stupidly understand again, all that should have, happening. 虽然,这些人并不像安西那般,知道他们的王国至宝在订婚前便已经被吃得一点都不剩了,但眼看着夜色越来越深,希恩却始终都没有从洛茜的寝宫中出来,他们即使再傻都明白,该发生的一切,都在发生着。 Uncomfortable, wants to cry. 难受,想哭。 This, is most people's mood at this moment. 这,就是大多数人此时此刻的心情。 Meanwhile, these people and even are killing intent are rising suddenly to the hostility that Skien has unceasingly. 与此同时,这些人对希恩产生的敌意乃至是杀意都在不断暴涨着。 Skien Bezthoth!” 希恩·孛兹图特!” damn beast!” 可恶的禽兽!” We wait and see!” “咱们走着瞧!” Finally, these people can only put the aggressive statement like. 最终,这些人只能像这样放狠话了。 Wū...!” 呜...!” At the same time, in Lucy's resting palace, Skien had a shiver suddenly. 同一时间里,在洛茜的寝宫中,希恩突然打了一个冷颤。 what happened?” 怎么了?” Lucy opens the eye, looks that lies down Skien in bedding with, flushed on red beautiful charming face to reappear light look of doubt. 洛茜睁开眼睛,看着和自己躺在一个被窝中的希恩,酡红的绝美俏脸上浮现出淡淡的疑惑之色 No, no.” Skien is holding Lucy, similarly puzzled whispering said: How felt like to appear aimed at my hostility and killing intent?” “没,没什么。”希恩抱着洛茜,同样一脸疑惑的呢喃道:“怎么感觉好像出现了很多针对我的敌意和杀意啊?” 【Beyond Fate's Sensation】's perception really suffices powerful, making Skien detect all these. 【外觉天命】的感知力果然够强悍,让希恩都察觉到了这一切。 In view of your hostility and killing intent?” Lucy blinks, is almost subconsciously said: „The matter of what seething discontent among the people did you handle?” “针对你的敌意和杀意?”洛茜眨了眨眼睛,几乎是下意识的道:“你又做了什么天怒人怨的事情吗?” „...... Why can your first response be I handled the matter of what seething discontent among the people?” Skien feels speechless, while refuted: „Am I that kind of person?” “......为什么你的第一反应会是我做了什么天怒人怨的事情?”希恩一边感到无语,一边反驳道:“我是那种人吗?” Lucy had not spoken, only is staring at Skien. 洛茜没有说话了,只是凝视着希恩 That look, can only summarize is a few words. 那眼神,只能概括为一句话。 It seems like, at heart what your thinks is a wilderness.” “看来,你的心里装着的是一片荒漠。” Why? 为什么呢? Because in the wilderness has not set up. 因为荒漠里没有树。 Abbreviation: You do not know in heart. 简称:你心里没有数。 Understood this point, Skien can only indicate, oneself was very distressed. 明白了这一点,希恩只能表示,自己很痛心。 Once are distressed, oneself will unable to bear make one set of marksmanship. 而一旦自己痛心,那自己就会忍不住打出一套枪法。 Skien then turning over/stands up suppresses Lucy, wicked making noise. 希恩便翻身压住洛茜,恶狠狠的出声。 I looked the person who does not know in heart is you are right!” “我看心里没有数的人是你才对!” Therefore, in the Lucy screams, Skien is one acts in a self-serving manner. 于是,在洛茜的惊呼声中,希恩又是一阵为所欲为。 outside the door, guarding a gate female knights is listening to all these, being red in the face. 门外,守门的女骑士们听着这一切,面红耳赤着。 Without the means. 没办法。 Princess, was too bold. 公主殿下,太大胆了。 ...... ...... next day, in the morning. 竖日,清晨。 When a Skien face refreshing comes out from Lucy's room, all the way, all female knight could not bear stare his one eyes. 希恩一脸神清气爽的从洛茜的房间里出来时,一路上,所有的女骑士都忍不住瞪了他一眼。 This makes Skien feel unfathomable mystery. 这让希恩感到一阵莫名其妙 „Did I as if also see murderous aura from your in the eyes? Young girls?” “我仿佛也从你们的眼中看到了杀气哦?少女们?” Skien wants to say. 希恩很想这么说。 But numerous female knights looks shortly own look quickly changes image formation is looking at brute, the Skien awkward tracing nose, hurries to leave. 可眼看着一众女骑士们看着自己的眼神都快变成像是在看着一牲口了,希恩尴尬的摸了摸鼻子,赶紧离开。 But, walks in Royal Palace, Skien's situation has not only improved, instead deterioration. 但,走在王宫中,希恩的状况不仅没有变好,反而恶化了。 Originally, by the Skien present position, walks like when Royal Palace, surrounding person respectful salutes toward oneself is right. 原本,以希恩现在的地位,像这样走在王宫中时,周围的人都会恭敬的向着自己行礼的才对。 However, why does not know, overnight, these people get angry probably do not recognize people, not only has not saluted to Skien, instead wished one could a blade to butcher itself to resemble, murderous aura was steaming. 然而,不知为何,一夜之间,这些人好像都翻脸不认人了,不但没有给希恩行礼,反而恨不得一刀宰了自己似的,杀气腾腾的。 „It is not...” “不是...” Skien is a face compels ignorant. 希恩是一脸懵逼。 How to think so itself? 怎么都这么看着自己呢? Was could it be really said by Lucy? The matter of what seething discontent among the people did oneself handle? 难道真被洛茜说中了?自己做了什么天怒人怨的事情? It is not right. 不对啊。 We were the man of engagement, recently had also restrained, before no longer the resembles , will the wave, how do the matter of what seething discontent among the people? 咱都是订了婚的男人了,最近也已经收敛了很多,不再像以前那么浪了,怎么会做什么天怒人怨的事呢? This definitely is some Goddess of Fate frames us in the design!( Lidas: Achoo) 这肯定是某个命运女神在设计陷害咱!(莉妲斯:哈啾) Felt oneself discovered the Skien decision of truth. 感觉自己发现了真相的希恩决定。 Later must bring the chewing gum along.” “以后要随身带口香糖了。” Such can, when that Goddess flat land falls, spits one directly on the ground, sticks her face. 那样才能在那个女神平地摔的时候,直接吐一口在地上,糊她一脸。 Naturally, the premise is this world must have the chewing gum...... 当然,前提是这个世界要有口香糖...... Thinks, Skien arrived in Royal Palace rides the beast square, awakens Yurin that napped here. 想着想着,希恩来到了王宫中的骑兽广场,唤醒了在这里打盹的尤琳 Roar!” “吼!” Yurin wakes, sends out dragon roar directly, gives to frighten other Demon Beast in square trembles. 尤琳醒了过来,直接发出一声龙吟,把广场内的其余魔兽都给吓得瑟瑟发抖。 Ok, do not shout.” Skien patted this girl, at once crawls to its body, said: Went back, Yurin.” “好了,别嚷嚷。”希恩拍了这丫头一下,旋即才爬到其身上,道:“回去了,尤琳。” Yurin hurries to close the mouth, selected to select dragon head, in the eyes reveals some look of doubt. 尤琳赶紧合上嘴巴,点了点龙首,眼中则流露出些许疑惑之色 ( How to feel that Master body does have a strange flavor?) (怎么感觉主人身上有股奇奇怪怪的味道呢?) Pure Xiaolongnu has such doubts, is stirring up pair of dragon wings, flew. 纯洁的小龙女带着这样的疑惑,煽动着一对龙翼,飞了起来。 The next second, jet black great dragon goes air-splitting, departed from Royal Palace, plunders to aristocrat district. 下一秒钟,漆黑的巨龙破空而去,从王宫中飞出,掠向了贵族区 ...... ...... aristocrat district, Bezthoth Family. 贵族区,孛兹图特家 When Skien comes back, Rasha mysteriously appears and disappears appearance in his side. 希恩回来时,菈夏神出鬼没般的出现在了他的身边。 Can invite your next night non- home to return to time informs one? Mr. Skien?” “能请您下次夜不归宿的时候通知一声吗?希恩先生?” When the Rasha somewhat ice-cold words resound, almost not frightening the heart disease sent Skien. 菈夏有些冰冷的话语响起之时,差点没有把希恩给吓得心脏病发了。 la... Miss Rasha?” Skien hurries to spread out, looks at face indifferent Rasha, somewhat fearful and apprehensive asking: That, you in angry?” “菈...菈夏小姐?”希恩赶紧拉开距离,看着一脸冷漠的菈夏,有些胆战心惊的问道:“那个,您是在生气吗?” Rasha does not have immediately to answer this issue, but decides looked at Skien one. 菈夏没有在第一时间里回答这个问题,而是定定的看了希恩一眼。 This, looks at afraid Skien to is not good. 这一眼,直把希恩看得心虚到不行。 Then, Rasha restores to the unemotional appearance. 然后,菈夏才恢复到面无表情的模样。 My only maid, does not have the angry right.” Rasha lightly said: only your night non- home to return, Miss Lilith asked you unable to find with no reason at all, almost house not raising.” “我只是女仆,并没有生气的权利。”菈夏淡淡的道:“只是您无缘无故夜不归宿,莉莉丝小姐找您找不到,差点没有把房子给掀了。” Eh...” Skien is speechless. ...”希恩无话可说。 Almost forgot, Lilith that small girl mounts herself, the night non- home to return, cannot see the person, what she will become noisily, thinks to be clear. 差点忘了,莉莉丝那个小丫头那么黏自己,自己夜不归宿,看不到人,她会闹成什么样,想想都清楚。 She now?” “那她现在呢?” Skien asked one for the time being. 希恩姑且问了一句。 Was roared by me rests.” Rasha as before unemotionally said: Miss Ai prevented her wrecking havoc, she is willing obediently to follow I to rest.” “被我哄睡了。”菈夏依旧面无表情的道:“艾依小姐阻止了她大闹,她才肯乖乖跟着我去睡。” That's good, own house preserved. 那还好,自己的房子保住了。 Ai that girl told Lilith, oneself at the Royal Palace matter? 想必,艾依那丫头告诉了莉莉丝,自己在王宫的事情了吧? That Dragon Devil put Magic Power in own body, where oneself, to that girl, are completely not a secret. 那个龙魔可是放了一道魔力在自己的身上,自己在哪里,对那丫头来说,完全不是个秘密呢。 Ok, I knew wrong.” Skien raises hand the surrender, said: Next time I will say one ahead of time.” “行吧,我知错了。”希恩举手投降般,道:“下次我会提前说一句的。” Thank.” Rasha then turns around to depart, does not bring tiny bit recall. “感谢。”菈夏这才转身离去,不带一丝一毫的留恋。 Un, Onee-sama is also as is always today natural and indifferent, making one have to plant impulsion that licks her shoes. 嗯,姐姐大人今天也是一如既往得潇洒又冷漠,让人有种舔她鞋子的冲动。 Licks a ghost!” “舔个鬼!” Skien complained itself, along with, even if prepared to go to the room. 希恩自己吐槽了自己,随即便是准备回房间了。 At this time, the dining hall direction broadcast a sound, attracted Skien's attention. 这时,餐厅的方向传来一阵声音,吸引了希恩的注意力
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