DG :: Volume #5 魔王雄霸

#1996: Ice Crystal Immortal King fights Fang Zheng

Immemorial Black Heaven, one line of Gu Immortal diving shapes go into seclusion, unceasing rapid flight. 太古黑天,一行蛊仙潜形匿迹,不断疾飞。 These Gu Immortal cultivation base are outstanding, unexpectedly is the Rank 8 levels, is nonhuman Gu Immortal. Is Gu Immortal Bai Fulan of head sends, the facial color is dignified, is Ice Crystal Immortal King. 这些蛊仙修为出众,竟都是八转层次,都是异人蛊仙。为首的蛊仙白肤蓝发,面色凝重,正是冰晶仙王 Ice Crystal Immortal King is ordered in Wu Shuai, goes to support the Celestial Grotto supreme headquarters, resists the invasion surprise attack of Heavenly Court. 冰晶仙王受命于吴帅,前往支援洞天大本营,抵抗天庭的入侵突袭。 This, in the Ice Crystal Immortal King heart has been all the way full of the anxiety: This and my expectation incompatible...... I present Wu Shuai am Alliance Lord, is wish makes him go against in front. Finally now resists Heavenly Court, I instead have become the directed spear|gun.” 这一路上,冰晶仙王心中都充满了忧虑:“这和我的料想不符……我奉吴帅盟主,就是想要让他顶在前面。结果现在对抗天庭,我反而成了被使唤的枪。” Ice Crystal Immortal King has a mind to dodge, but then situation made him not dodge completely. 冰晶仙王有心推托,但当时的情境却又让他完全推托不得。 Wu Shuai after all and a Qi Sea Old Ancestor fierce combat, was injured. Then, he indeed had been used by me, resisted Qi Sea Old Ancestor.” 吴帅毕竟和气海老祖一番激战,受了伤。说起来,他的确是被我利用了一番,抵抗住了气海老祖。” I am vice- Alliance Lord, at this moment must take on. all in all, must rescue to Black Heaven.” “我身为副盟主,此刻也得担待。于情于理,都得去往黑天救援了。” Ice Crystal Immortal King is not willing on this and Heavenly Court to. 冰晶仙王并不愿意就这样和天庭对上。 No matter the victory and defeat how, he must become the Heavenly Court eye-sore. 不管胜负如何,他都要成为天庭的眼中钉。 The present stage, he still wants to make Wu Shuai attract the firepower in front. However the humans affair like the chess, the Jiang Hu dangerous disturbance is uncertain, he was also pushed suddenly up the onstage. 现阶段,他仍旧是想让吴帅在前面吸引火力。然而世事如棋,江湖险恶风波不定,眨眼间他也被推上了前台。 Really is involuntary!” In the Ice Crystal Immortal King heart heavy sighed. “真的是身不由己!”冰晶仙王心中沉沉一叹。 The rescue must certainly do, but how to rescue, actually greatly may ponder over the content that deliberates. 救援肯定是要去做的,但如何救援,却是大可琢磨推敲的内容了。 Vice- Alliance Lord, front discovery massive Gu Immortal.” Gu Immortal that is responsible for investigating opens the mouth suddenly, then continues saying that is our people.” “副盟主,前方发现大量蛊仙。”负责侦查的蛊仙忽然开口,然后继续道,“是我们的人。” Ice Crystal Immortal King um, was not accidental: Converges they.” 冰晶仙王嗯了一声,毫无意外:“去汇合他们。” Although Ice Crystal Immortal King regretted one received the vice- Alliance Lord status, but this moment fait accompli, can only make full use of his position. 冰晶仙王虽然懊悔自己接取了副盟主的身份,但此刻木已成舟,只能充分利用他的这份职位。 In depart initial stage, he uses vice- Alliance Lord the status, summoned and orders other large hole day mutual attention, to repel powerful enemy Heavenly Court, contributed an own strength. 早在出发前期,他就利用副盟主的这层身份,号召和命令其余的各大洞天守望相助,为了击退强敌天庭,贡献自己的一份力量。 Team that two groups of Gu Immortal convergence, the Ice Crystal Immortal King glance reenforcement comes, in heart dark anger. 两拨蛊仙汇合,冰晶仙王扫视增援而来的队伍,不由心中暗怒。 Quarry stone Celestial Grotto sent Immemorial Stone Guai, bad egg Celestial Grotto to come six Eggman Gu Immortal, but the group and Far Ancient Battle Formation smelly spoiled wicked Yun Zhen, wool strange Celestial Grotto has put out the Immortal Gu Home black emperor building embryonic form. This Three Families Celestial Grotto influence is intimate with Ice Crystal Immortal King, therefore takes to press the bottom the qualification. But in addition, its remaining power strength scuffles completely, particularly certain Human Race influences dispatched to set the example Rank 7 Gu Immortal. 乱石洞天派遣了太古石怪,臭蛋洞天来了六位蛋人蛊仙,可组并上古战阵臭腐恶云阵,毛怪洞天则拿出了仙蛊屋黑帝楼雏形。这三家洞天势力亲近冰晶仙王,因此都拿出来压箱底的本钱。但除此之外,其余势力完全是敷衍了事,尤其是某些人族势力只是派遣了个把个的七转蛊仙做做样子。 Is faced with an archenemy, these Celestial Grotto influences still also want to preserve oneself! Oh, among Celestial Grotto is separated too far, the contact is sparse, reason that unites in together, but is survival pressure that's all.” “大敌当前,这些洞天势力仍旧还想保存自身!唉,洞天之间间隔太远,交往稀疏,之所以联合在一起,不过是生存的压力罢了。” The anger quick transformation of Ice Crystal Immortal King is one, but with cold-hearted. 冰晶仙王的愤怒很快转化为一股无奈和心冷。 Such words, I might also as well hide one's incompetence by remaining silent, make the superficial work. At least I led this group of troops also to be momentum xuan.” “如此的话,我也不如藏拙,做做表面功夫。至少我带着这批人马也算是声势烜赫了。” The Heavenly Court potential is big, if possible, Ice Crystal Immortal King does not want to meet the tough head-on with toughness with Heavenly Court directly. He knows own several jin (0.5 kg) several two, if rushes , likely himself building. 天庭势大,若有可能,冰晶仙王也不想直接和天庭硬碰硬。他知道自己几斤几两,若是真的一头冲上去,很可能就将他自己给搭进去了。 Ice Crystal Immortal King is thinking like this, suddenly the complexion drastic change, both eyes stares in a big way, almost must torch! 冰晶仙王正这样想着,忽然脸色剧变,双眼瞪大,几乎要喷火! Other Gu Immortal realized that the Ice Crystal Immortal King unusual form, looks askance. 其他蛊仙察觉到冰晶仙王的异状,纷纷侧目。 Some people inquired: Vice- Alliance Lord, what happened? Is it possible that is the Xia Family supreme headquarters loses?” 有人询问:“副盟主,发生了什么事情?莫非是夏家大本营有失?” Ice Crystal Immortal King clenches jaws: „The Xia Family supreme headquarters have Sir Alliance Lord to guard, how to lose! Is my Celestial Grotto is invaded by Demon Execution List, my clan Gu Immortal is battling at risk of life, we instantly hurry to the support!” 冰晶仙王咬牙切齿:“夏家大本营有盟主大人镇守,怎会有失!是我的洞天正被诛魔榜侵入,我族蛊仙正在拼死作战,我们即刻赶去支援!” This......” Great Wisdom Immortal Mother is also thinking rescues oneself Celestial Grotto, hesitates does not decide. “这……”大智仙母还想着救援自家洞天,迟疑不决。 Ice Crystal Immortal King stares: You two Celestial Grotto fell into the rival, the general situation has decided. But my Ice Crystal Celestial Grotto also in perseverance, but also is hopeful. Fast reenforces along with me, if there is idleness, I must report Wu Shuai Sir Alliance Lord truthfully!” 冰晶仙王瞠目:“你们二位的洞天已经落入敌手,大局已定。但我的冰晶洞天还在坚持,还有希望。速速随我增援,若有懈怠者,我必如实禀告吴帅盟主大人!” Ice Crystal Immortal King has carried out Wu Shuai, in addition has intimate Ice Crystal Immortal King nonhuman Gu Immortal to take a stand one after another, Great Wisdom Immortal Mother and the others have to obey this order. 冰晶仙王搬出了吴帅,再加上有亲近冰晶仙王异人蛊仙接连表态,大智仙母等人不得不听从这个命令。 The group immortal does not attend to covering up whereabouts, dashes directly at the maximum speed Ice Crystal Celestial Grotto. 群仙不顾上遮掩行迹,直接以最快的速度飞奔冰晶洞天 The Celestial Grotto gateway opens wide, Ice Crystal Immortal King distressed like fire, digs, other troops follow. 洞天门户敞开,冰晶仙王心焦如火,一头扎入其中,其余人马紧随其后。 Ice Crystal Celestial Grotto flame of war are flying, in the midair Demon Execution List just like the red meteor, able to move unhindered fights with all might unceasingly, nobody may block. 冰晶洞天已经战火纷飞,半空中诛魔榜宛若赤色流星,不断地纵横拼杀,无人可阻。 Rank 6 and Rank 7 that Snowman Gu Immortals in Ice Crystal Celestial Grotto remains behind does not see slightly the trace, they are operating grand formation, urging the round of innumerable hail storm to encircle Demon Execution List, however the effect is small. 冰晶洞天中留守的六转七转雪民蛊仙们不见丝毫踪影,他们都在操纵大阵,催发无数冰雹风暴围剿诛魔榜,然而效果甚微。 Demon Execution List sprays the scarlet rainbow light suddenly, the rainbow light direct lighting protects the grand formation center together. 诛魔榜忽然喷射出一道血色虹光,虹光直照守护大阵中枢。 Snowman Gu Immortals hurries to haunch the defense, the scarlet rainbow light seems by the regular reflection, the direct booklet, changed the direction, shoots at the distant place. 雪民蛊仙们慌忙撑起防御,血色虹光好似被镜面反射,直接一折,改变了方向,射向远方。 Bang! 轰! A bang, the earth movement day swings, the blood light explodes, shines upon everywhere to be popular . A surrounding area several thousand li (0.5km) length and breadth snowfield in this strikes, vanishes into thin air thoroughly. 一声巨响,地动天摇,血光爆炸,映照得漫天红遍。一片方圆数千里的广袤雪原在这一击下,彻底化为乌有。 „, Storm icefield!” Ice Crystal Immortal King sees this, is indignant corner of the eye to crack. “啊,暴雪冰原!”冰晶仙王看到这一幕,气愤得睚眦欲裂。 This piece of icefield is in Ice Crystal Celestial Grotto, Snowman tribe biggest agglomeration. Now destroys, nearly common Snowman direct tragic death surely. 这片冰原乃是冰晶洞天中,雪民部族最大的聚集地。如今一毁,近千万的普通雪民直接惨死。 The storm icefield has the important meaning to Ice Crystal Immortal King. 暴雪冰原对冰晶仙王更有重要意义。 His becomes the end of the year gift carries on this storm icefields. 他的成年礼就是在这片暴雪冰原中进行的。 Once, his father young Ice Crystal Immortal King will bring to storm icefield the place of edge. 曾经,他的父亲将年幼的冰晶仙王带到暴风冰原的边缘之地。 You have grown up, my son. Your present piece of icefield, is the place of your smelting trial. You must survive here at least seven days, is the smelting trial success, has the qualifications becomes Gu Master, straightens out.” “你成年了,我的儿子。你眼前的这片冰原,就是你的试炼之地。你要在这里生存至少七天,才算是试炼成功,方有资格成为蛊师,进行开窍。” Youth Ice Crystal Immortal King is looking at the boundless snowfield, the complexion is confused, in the vision hides one to dread. 少年冰晶仙王望着茫茫雪原,脸色迷茫,目光中隐藏着一丝畏惧。 His father gets a panoramic view his facial expression: Fear should be, because you likely die here. The smelting trial is fair, so long as braved the death the danger, you had to step the qualifications of Gu Master cultivation. Even if I am Gu Immortal, cannot harbor you. I most can only give you a suggestion.” 他的父亲将他的神情尽收眼底:“害怕是应该的,因为你很可能死在这里。试炼是公平的,只要冒着死亡的危险,你才有踏上蛊师修行的资格。即便我身为蛊仙,也不能包庇你。我最多只能给你一个建议。” What is?” Youth Ice Crystal Immortal King asked. “是什么?”少年冰晶仙王问道。 You must alone survive in this piece of icefield for seven days, was too difficult, is almost utterly hopeless.” His father shakes the head, „, but, is living many Snowman tribal groups in this piece of icefield. If you can follow the trail, seeks for them, they will certainly shelter your.” “你要在这片冰原中独自生存七天,太难了,几乎毫无希望。”他的父亲摇摇头,“但是,在这片冰原中生活着不少的雪民族群。你若能顺着踪迹,寻找到他们,他们一定会庇护你的。” But I do not know them.” Youth Ice Crystal worried very much. “可是我根本不认识他们啊。”少年冰晶很是担忧。 His father sincere -ly said: has not related. Snowman tribe will shelter each to wander about destitute clansman surely outside, because these clansmen in turn will also shelter the entire tribal group. The tribal group will shelter surely your, my son. But if you smelting trial is successful, no matter the achievement, will shelter how the entire tribal group in the future. This is our Snowman clan!” 他的父亲语重心长地道:“没有关系。雪民部族必定会庇护每一个流落在外的族人,因为这些族人也会反过来庇护整个族群。族群必定会庇护你的,我的儿子。而你若是试炼成功,不管成就如何,将来也会庇护整个族群。这就是我们雪民一族!” Really, youth Ice Crystal has supported in the icefield with hardship for three days three nights, pursues the tribe shadow unceasingly. 果然,少年冰晶在冰原中苦苦支持了三天三夜,不断追逐部族的影子。 In danger the final moment, he crawls arrived at a peripheral zone of place of tribe hunting, was discovered luckily, then lives to assign. 在生命垂危的最后关头,他爬到了一个部族狩猎之地的边缘地带,被幸运地发现,然后活下命来。 That tribe admitted him, free of charge therapy for him, welcome him to settle down, becomes tribe. 那个部族接纳了他,为他无偿疗伤,欢迎他定居,成为部族的一员。 Although youth Ice Crystal leaves finally, however experience actually deeply seal in that tribe carves in his young mind, and deeply is affecting him in hereafter life. 少年冰晶虽然最终离开,但是在那个部族中的经历却深深地印刻在他年幼的心灵中,并在此后的一生中都深深地影响着他。 When he builds Rank 8, inherited the Ice Crystal Immortal King given name, after becoming the Lord of Celestial Grotto, he focuses on developing the storm icefield, causes the originally vast territory with a sparse population the icefield, starts the product to be rich gradually, inside struggles life also obtained many improvements of Snowman sought to save, the population gradually increases. 当他修成八转,继承了冰晶仙王的名号,成为洞天之主后,他就着力发展暴雪冰原,使得原本地广人稀的冰原,开始逐渐物产丰富,里面挣扎求存的雪民们的生活也得到了很多的改善,人口逐渐增多。 But now, all these destroyed! 但现在,这一切都毁了! Destroyed. 都毁了。 Had been destroyed the entire storm icefield by ultimate move of powerful enemy. 被强敌的一记杀招摧毁了整个暴雪冰原。 Not is only achievement that Ice Crystal Immortal King year to year manages is destroyed in a moment, but also that memory in his heart also can only remember that could not find the reference from the reality again. 不仅是冰晶仙王常年经营的成果毁于一旦,而且他心中的那份记忆也只能是记忆了,从现实中再找不到参照。 Gets angry and hates to look like flaming hot flame, fierce combustion in his chest. 怒和恨就像是熊熊热焰,在他胸膛中剧烈的燃烧。 Has such flickers, Ice Crystal Immortal King is silent, deeply inspired. 有这么一瞬,冰晶仙王静默下来,深深地吸了一口气。 Ice Crystal Celestial Grotto air, forever that cold, as before that cold. 冰晶洞天的空气,永远是那么的冷冽,依旧是那么的冷冽。 Ice Crystal Immortal King remembered the father once to teach inexplicably: Tribal group will shelter surely your, my son. But if you smelting trial is successful, no matter the achievement, will shelter how the entire tribal group in the future. This is our Snowman clan!” 冰晶仙王莫名地想起父亲曾经的教导:“族群必定会庇护你的,我的儿子。而你若是试炼成功,不管成就如何,将来也会庇护整个族群。这就是我们雪民一族!” Yes. 是的。 This I, this I sheltered entire tribe. 该我了,该我庇护整个部族了。 Bang! 轰隆! a moment later, Ice Crystal Immortal King imposing manner suddenly explodes, raises everywhere wind and frost, fires into Demon Execution List insistently. 下一刻,冰晶仙王气势猛地爆炸开来,掀起漫天风霜,一马当先地冲向诛魔榜 Gu Immortal is panic-stricken. 身后的蛊仙都为之惊骇。 Ice Crystal Immortal King so is unexpectedly aggressive! 冰晶仙王竟然这般生猛! Two days of reinforcements came finally.” In Demon Execution List, the Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng deep breath one breath, the complexion is serious. “两天的援兵终于来了么。”诛魔榜内,古月方正深呼吸一口气,脸色郑重。 Person who comes are many, Rank 8 Gu Immortal is not infrequent. 来的人很多,八转蛊仙不在少数。 Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng has Rank 7, but is on the point of death is not chaotic, the beforehand fight already and self-confident cultivated his fighting spirit. 古月方正只有七转,但却是临危不乱,之前的这番战斗已经将他的斗志和自信都栽培出来了。 Naturally are more, is he regarding this Rank 8 Immortal Gu Home Demon Execution List confidence! 当然更多的,是他对于这座八转仙蛊屋诛魔榜的信心! Momentum is very fierce, but can you hard anti- Demon Execution List?” Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng sneers, does not stimulate to movement any ultimate move, urges Demon Execution List to charge directly. “声势很猛,但你能硬抗诛魔榜吗?”古月方正冷笑,也不催动什么杀招,直接驱使诛魔榜冲锋上去。 Ice Crystal Immortal King clenches teeth, must evade to draw back. 冰晶仙王咬牙,只得避退。 He is Ice and Snow Dao Gu Immortal, is not Transformation Dao and Strength Dao, how possibly hardly to regret Immortal Gu Home with the mortal body. 他是冰雪道蛊仙,并非变化道力道,怎可能用肉身来硬憾仙蛊屋 We on also!” “我们也上!” Quick, take action , helping one another together vice- Alliance Lord.” “快,一起出手,相助副盟主。” Other Two Heaven's Allied Force cried out with one voice, in abundance take action. 其余两天联军齐声呐喊,纷纷出手 Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng sees this, then transfers Demon Execution List, retreats in order to advance, spreads out flexible. 古月方正见此,便调动诛魔榜,以退为进,灵活地拉开距离。 On Demon Execution List the blood light frequent flash, all sorts of ultimate move send out. Immemorial Stone Guai moves becomes slow, Eggman Gu Immortal whole body braves the blood, suddenly can only help oneself, is unable the group and Far Ancient Battle Formation. The black emperor building embryonic form that wool strange Celestial Grotto sends, has shrunk in the rear area, does not dare to meet the tough head-on with toughness with Demon Execution List. 诛魔榜上血光频闪,种种杀招发出。太古石怪行动变得迟缓,蛋人蛊仙浑身冒血,一时间只能自救,无法组并上古战阵。毛怪洞天派来的黑帝楼雏形,一直畏畏缩缩在后方,根本不敢和诛魔榜硬碰硬。 Other Two Heavens' Gu Immortal cannot withstand, although Rank 8 Gu Immortal are many, but pities the life one by one, only dares to release ultimate move in the distant place extremely, once the distance pulls closer, first flies to escape to run away surely. 其余两天蛊仙更是不堪,八转蛊仙虽多,但各个惜命,只敢在极远处释放杀招,一旦距离拉近,必定优先飞遁逃窜。 Motley crew! 乌合之众! This word appears in the Ice Crystal Immortal King mind rapidly, making him be mad and anxious. 这个词在冰晶仙王的脑海中迅速浮现,令他又气又急。 Ice Crystal Celestial Grotto and they have nothing to do, they will not battle at risk of life. Before Ice Crystal Immortal King bright white of the eyes, he can depend upon, only then oneself. 冰晶洞天和他们无关,他们绝不会拼死作战。冰晶仙王白眼前他能够依靠的,只有自己。 Only had to use that to incur!” Ice Crystal Immortal King set firm resolve unexpectedly. “唯有动用那一招了!”冰晶仙王蓦地下定了决心。 revered master, that side Ice Crystal Immortal King as if could not support, do we want take action to assist?” Soul Dao Gu Immortal An Sun inquired Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul in secret. 主上,冰晶仙王那边似乎支撑不住了,我们要不要出手相助呢?”魂道蛊仙安逊暗中询问魔尊幽魂 This Calm Soul Celestial Grotto sent him to come, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul in secret has been ambushing. 这一次安魂洞天就是派遣了他过来,魔尊幽魂则一直在暗中潜伏。 He He He, these many Rank 8 Gu Immortal make into this appearance unexpectedly. Two Heaven's Allied Force is only joke nothing more.” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul smiled, do not worry, that Ice Crystal Immortal King seems to be the ample force, we await calmly the good opportunity.” 呵呵呵,这么多的八转蛊仙居然打成这种样子。两天联军只是个笑话而已。”魔尊幽魂笑了笑,“不要着急,那冰晶仙王似有余力,我们静待良机。”
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