CN :: Volume #1 学霸世界

#156: Mortuary Makeup Master

Shen Zhe......” 沈哲……” Roared, the Xiao Yurou stride pursues to go to the direction that the goshawk vanished crazily, Supreme Yin Profound Body revolved, speed quickly like lightning. 一声咆哮,萧雨柔大步向苍鹰消失的方向狂追而去,太阴玄体运转,速度快如闪电。 Lu Family Patriarch, Teacher, you process the corpse......” 陆家主,老师,你们将尸体处理一下……” Told one quickly, Emperor Xiao Jin with. 吩咐一声,萧晋陛下急忙跟了上去。 Wait I......” “等等我……” Above Xiao Lin follows close on. 萧霖紧跟其上。 This savior, for him, will not present so the accident, no matter how this time the result, as the causer of this matter, can hardly absolve. 这位救命恩人,要不是为了他,绝不会出现如此变故,这次不管结果如何,身为这件事的引起者,都难辞其咎。 Three people revolved the full power, quick demonstrate the speed of speed. 三人运转全力,很快就显示出了速度的快慢。 Xiao Lin is freely experienced, excels at the long-distance raid, serious that but the pain ten years, the body loses money, moreover just broke through, strength utilization is not smooth, falls on the rear quickly. 萧霖尽管久经沙场,擅长长途奔袭,可病痛十年,身体亏损的严重,而且刚刚突破,力量运用的并没那么顺畅,很快落在最后面。 Emperor Xiao Jin as Grade 3 Magical Arts Master, kingdom most powerhouse, the supernatural power is vigorous, even so, with trying, can catch up with Xiao Yurou. 萧晋陛下身为三品术法师,王国最强者,法力雄浑,即便如此,也用尽了全力,才追得上萧雨柔 This breaks through four days of girls, regardless of the endurance and toughness, goes far beyond the two. 这个才突破四天的女孩,无论耐力和韧性,都远远超过二者。 Until at this moment, them knows that with the disparity of super talent, is really not cultivate can make up. 直到此刻,他们才知道和超级天才的差距,果然不是修炼就可以弥补的。 Dashed about wildly a double-hour, a mountain appears in the front. 狂奔了一个时辰,一座高山出现在面前。 Brambles Mountain! 荆棘山 Stops the body, complexion one white, a Xiao Yurou continual mouth blood spouts. 停下身来,脸色一白,萧雨柔一连续口鲜血喷出。 Activates the physique to dash about wildly, even if she is Supreme Yin Profound Body, still surpasses the load that can bear, what luckily lights was the Ultra Grade stars, Magic and Martial Double Cultivate, Body Cultivation also achieved 8th Layer, otherwise, but also really could not shoulder. 激活体质狂奔,即便她是太阴玄体,也超过了可以承受的负荷,幸亏点燃的是超品星辰,法武双修,练体也达到了八重,不然,还真扛不住。 Crash-bang! 哗啦! The body cannot insist, stimulation Supreme Yin Profound Body cannot support again, the tender body and appearance of Perfect no flaw, change the beforehand appearance again. 身体坚持不住,激发的太阴玄体再也支撑不住,完美无瑕的娇躯和容貌,再次变回之前的模样。 Jiu'er, you how......” 九儿,你怎么样……” Nearby waited for a meeting, Emperor Xiao Jin to arrive, in the eye full was the worry. 等了一会,萧晋陛下来到跟前,眼中满是担心。 I am all right......” “我没事……” The show fist pinches tightly, Xiao Yurou deeply inspires, searches high and low that mountain massif crack that Shen Zhe said. 秀拳捏紧,萧雨柔深吸一口气,四处寻找沈哲所说的那处山体裂缝。 Also without finding, saw the father, kept off in the front. 还没找到,就见父亲,挡在面前。 First do not worry, Shen Zhe has an accident, I and you same worry, but worries, could not solve the problem, this matter, must need further consideration!” “先别着急,沈哲出事,我和你一样着急,但着急,解决不了问题,这件事,必须从长计议!” Needs further consideration? I feared that seizes his person, under the meeting the killer!” Deeply inspires, Xiao Yurou pair of show, worried completely. “从长计议?我怕抓走他的人,会下杀手!”深吸一口气,萧雨柔一双秀目,满是担忧。 This youngster, incessantly is her savior, what is more important, follows is together, subt entry innermost feelings. 这位少年,不止是她的救命恩人,更重要的是,伴随相处,已经潜移默化的进入内心。 In the same place, many words say, want to allow nature to take its course, cannot feel anything, facing the aspect, this understands that...... regarding him, was unable to give up. 在一起,很多话说不出口,想要顺其自然,感觉不到什么,面对刚才的局面,这才明白……对于他,已然无法割舍。 I know, but we do not have other means now!” “我知道,但现在我们没有其他办法!” Emperor Xiao Jin looks, explained: Can display Grade 7 Magical Arts, explained that achieved this rank at least, so the powerhouse, the soul strength can spread fully several hundred kilometers, we...... this powerhouse in its observation range, really want to hide a person, depends on us, how can find?” 萧晋陛下看过来,解释道:“能够施展出七品术法,说明最少达到了这种级别,如此强者,魂力足可以蔓延数百公里,我们都在其观察范围之内……这种强者,真想隐藏一个人,就凭我们,如何能够找到?” This......” “这……” The tooth closes tightly, Xiao Yurou a few words could not say. 牙齿咬紧,萧雨柔一句话都说不出来。 Yes. 是的。 Did not say Grade 7 Magical Arts Master, even if Grade 5 and Grade 4, really must hide a person, by their strengths, definitely cannot seek. 不说七品术法师,就算是个五品四品,真要藏一个人,凭借他们的实力,也肯定找寻不着。 Let alone, this fellow may also be Mortuary Makeup Master that they do not understand. 更何况,这家伙还极有可能是他们不了解的殓妆师 Various methods measure strangely not, did not say other, whom looks for a grave to hide...... to be able casually to look? 各种手段诡异莫测,不说其他,随便找个坟地藏起来……谁能找得着? Cannot the tomb full mountain dig one! 总不能将满山的坟茔都挖一遍吧! Even if they are the imperial families, cannot withstand. 即便他们是皇室,也承受不住。 Even if can find, your present strength, can contend?” “就算能够找到,你现在的实力,能够抗衡吗?” Sees her to vacillate, Emperor Xiao Jin continues to ask. 见她动摇,萧晋陛下继续问道。 I could not rescue......” “我救不了……” The sound twittering, the tears flow from the face, the Xiao Yurou fist pinches tightly. 声音呢喃,眼泪从脸上流淌下来,萧雨柔拳头捏紧。 By Supreme Yin Profound Body, she can display the favorable balance of trade the present strength, but...... 凭借太阴玄体,她是能发挥出超过现在的实力,可…… This seizes Shen Zhe, may be Grade 7 Magical Arts Master, and even higher! 这位抓走沈哲的,极有可能是七品术法师,甚至更高! So did the powerhouse, find even, is victorious? 如此强者,就算找到,打得过吗? Can snatch from the opposite party hand? 能从对方手中将人抢出来吗? Does not need to know, answer negative! 不用想都知道,答案是否定的! At the worst dies together......” “大不了一起死……” It is not the opposite party, the previous morbidity has died, has barely managed to maintain a feeble existence was so long, what to fear dies again one time! 不是对方,上次发病就已经死了,已经苟延残喘了这么久,又何惧再死一次! Dies cannot solve the problem.” “死不能解决问题。” Sees always the brilliant daughter, involves this Shen Zhe, unexpectedly so becomes the non- wisdom, Emperor Xiao Jin shakes the head, said: According to the view of Xiao Lin, the opposite party is looking for the person who can reduce and solve the corpse air/Qi, has definitely striven, otherwise, by his strength, is definitely impossible to spend the time to seize, rather than kills at the scene! So long as needs help from Shen Zhe, that will not kill him, in other words , he will not have the danger.” 见一向睿智的女儿,牵扯到这位沈哲,居然变得如此不智,萧晋陛下摇了摇头,道:“根据萧霖的说法,对方在寻找能够化解尸气的人,肯定是有所求,不然,凭借他的实力,肯定不可能花费功夫抓走,而不是当场击毙!只要有求于沈哲,那就不会杀他,换言之,他就不会有危险。” Xiao Yurou nods. 萧雨柔点头。 Actually this she has thought that but cares chaotically, for fear that Shen Zhe presents the unnecessary accident. 其实这点她早就想到了,只是关心则乱,生怕沈哲出现不必要的变故。 The opposite party want to kill people, a thought gets down, the fathers cannot block, Shen Zhe is not definitely able to resist, the opposite party has not done that makes the goshawk seize him, obviously does not want to kill people. 对方想要杀人,一个意念下来,父亲都挡不住,沈哲肯定也无法抵挡,对方没这么做,却让苍鹰将其抓走,明显不想杀人。 Since does not kill at this moment, in a short time will not be in danger inevitably. 既然此刻不杀,短时间内必然不会有生命危险。 So long as does not kill, has the favorable turn!” Emperor Xiao Jin relaxes: We now, what must do is not looks for Shen Zhe, but thinks the means this matter, reported Central Kingdom, making them send the powerhouse to come! Only then exceeds this powerhouse, can find the person, and rescues it.” “只要不杀,就有转机!”萧晋陛下松了口气:“我们现在,要做的并不是去找沈哲,而是想办法将这件事,禀告中央王国,让他们派强者过来!只有超越这位的强者,才能找到人,并且将其救出。” Xiao Yurou nods. 萧雨柔点头。 Crude useless. 鲁莽没用。 Her present strength was too weak, even found the opposite party, how can also? 她现在的实力太弱了,就算找到对方,又能怎么样? Final result, person, not only cannot rescue, will not do well itself also to fall into, at the appointed time...... really troubled. 最终的结果,人非但救不出来,弄不好自己还会陷入其中,届时……真就麻烦了。 The only way, with the father said that finding the way to inform Central Kingdom, making him send. 唯一的方法,和父亲说的一样,想办法告知中央王国,让其派人过来。 Good that if Elder Chen said that involves Mortuary Makeup Master, the opposite party will not be definitely careless and indiscreet. 如果陈老说的不错,牵扯殓妆师,对方肯定不会轻忽。 This matter, must through the channel upload of Mantra Palace......” “这件事,要通过真言殿的渠道上传……” The ponder moment, Xiao Yurou said. 沉思片刻,萧雨柔道。 Emperor Xiao Jin complied with one. 萧晋陛下应了一声。 The channel in kingdom, will have the hostile country, intercepts, but the Mantra Palace channel, no one dares to stop. 王国的渠道,会有敌对的国家,进行拦截,但真言殿的渠道,没人敢阻拦。 Moreover the speed of information transmit is extremely fast, at this moment passed on a message, the next moment can receive, Mantra Palace of higher rank. 而且消息传递的速度极快,此刻传讯,下一刻就能接到、更高级别的真言殿 First returns to the imperial palace......” “先回皇宫……” First did not say that does not know where Shen Zhe was caught, even if knows that cannot rescue, with its aimless running all over the place, might as well higher Magical Arts Master visits. 先不说不知道沈哲被抓到了哪里,就算知道也救不出来,与其漫无目的的乱跑,还不如等更高术法师莅临。 Others may be unable to request this powerhouse to make anything, but...... her Supreme Yin Profound Body, so long as exposes, must be able to attract attaching great importance to of countless person, but saves others this small request, should be able to achieve. 别人可能无法要求这种强者做什么,但……她太阴玄体,只要展露出来,必能吸引无数人的重视,只是救人这种小小的要求,应该还是能够做到的。 Good!” “好!” Knows that she has wanted to understand, Emperor Xiao Jin relaxes, two people dash about wildly to go to Mantra Palace fast. 知道她已经想明白,萧晋陛下松了口气,二人快速向真言殿狂奔而去。 On the road met Xiao Lin, making him send people to search Brambles Mountain, searches all Shen Zhe possible places, arranges these, this relaxes. 路上遇到了萧霖,让他派人搜索荆棘山,搜索一切沈哲可能出现的地方,安排好这些,这才松了口气。 This Shen Zhe, has the graciousness to the imperial family, is daughter's one's beloved, which point regardless of, cannot make him have an accident. 这位沈哲,对皇室有恩,又是女儿的心上人,无论从哪一点,都不能让其出事。 Arrives at Mantra Palace, enters the room, Emperor Xiao Jin, both hands according to the crystal ball, the spirit moves, the matter that will have, described in detail. 来到真言殿,进入房间,萧晋陛下,双手按在水晶球上,精神一动,将发生的事,详细描述了一遍。 Puts on make-up after the deceased person, can resurrect. 包括死人化妆之后,可以复活。 Buzz! 嗡! Surges, crystal ball white ray twinkle, information transmit to ten thousand li (0.5 km) beyond. 一阵激荡,水晶球白色光芒闪烁,消息传递到万里之外。 Message Transmission Crystal! 传讯水晶 This is each Mantra Palace has the special pass on message tool that can transmit in a short time remotely the message is. 这是每一个真言殿都有的特殊传讯工具,可以将消息短时间内传递到遥远的所在。 Naturally, must come across the enormous matter, involves the destinies of Mantra, Magical Arts Master as well as other occupations, can use, otherwise, belongs contrary, is going to be punished enormously. 当然,必须遇到极大事情,牵扯真言术法师以及其他职业的命运,才可以使用,否则,属于违规,将要受到极大的惩罚。 ...... …… Beyond ten thousand li (0.5 km). 万里之外。 Central Kingdom Mantra Palace. 中央王国真言殿 An old man, looks at the content that on the crystal ball presents, the complexion changes, goes out of the room hurriedly, the moment time, arrives at a broad room. 一位老者,看完水晶球上出现的内容,脸色一变,急匆匆走出房间,片刻功夫,就来到一个宽阔的房间。 Palace Master!” 殿主!” The old men bow to hold the fist in the other hand. 老者躬身抱拳。 At present this, is Central Kingdom Mantra Palace Palace Master, Yuan Shouqing! 眼前这位,正是中央王国真言殿殿主,袁守清 Grade 7 Early Stage Magical Arts Master! 七品初期术法师 What matter, is so flustered?” A Yuan Shouqing eyebrow wrinkle. “什么事,这么慌慌张张的?”袁守清眉毛一皱。 Blue Deep Pool Kingdom, presented the Mortuary Makeup Master trail......” old man busy say/way. 碧渊王国,出现了殓妆师的踪迹……”老者忙道。 Mortuary Makeup Master?” 殓妆师?” The pupil shrinks, Yuan Shouqing stands up. 瞳孔一缩,袁守清站起身来。 Yes!” The old men the news that on the crystal ball presents, said in detail. “是!”老者将水晶球上出现的讯息,详细说了一遍。 This occupation, 10,000 years ago, was eliminated the Confucian orthodoxy, expels the mainland, has not thought that can also resurge unexpectedly......” “这个职业,一万年前,被消灭道统,赶出大陆,没想到竟然还能死灰复燃……” The eye narrows the eyes, Yuan Shouqing vision like electricity, all around air soul strength oppression that because surges, appears some distortions: According to the news that they spread, can display the attack of similar Grade 7 Magical Arts Sky Net Hand Seal, the strength of this person, compared with my only stronger, not weaker!” 眼睛眯起,袁守清目光如电,四周的空气因为激荡的魂力压迫,显得有些扭曲:“根据他们传来的消息,能够施展出类似七品术法穹罗手印的攻击,此人的实力,比起我都只强不弱!” „Can Mortuary Makeup Master...... also display Magical Arts?” The old men have doubts looks. 殓妆师……也能施展术法?”老者疑惑的看过来。 Mortuary Makeup Master is like True Martial Master and Body Cultivation Master, is a special occupation, is completely different from Magical Arts Master, normally, is impossible to display Magical Arts. 殓妆师真武师练体师一样,属于一种特殊职业,和术法师完全不同,正常情况下,是不可能施展术法的。 They strongest attack, was makes the deceased person display the battle efficiency before birth. 他们最强的攻击,就是让死人发挥出生前的战斗力。 „It is not Magical Arts, guessed good, should be the opposite party strength is strong, the soul is powerful, gathers the hand imprint that the element granule forms with the soul forcefully! Really the Sky Net Hand Seal words, Grade 3 and Grade 2 of Magical Arts Master that several attack, has definitely made a false counter- accusation against die!” “不是术法,猜的不错,应该是对方实力强劲,灵魂强大,用灵魂强行汇聚元素粒子形成的手印罢了!真是穹罗手印的话,那几位进攻的三品二品术法师,肯定早就反噬而死了!” Yuan Shouqing beckons with the hand. 袁守清摆了摆手。 This...... old man nods actually. “这倒是……”老者点头。 Grade 7 Magical Arts, which extinguishes to destroy day of the strength of extinguishing the place? 七品术法,哪一个灭有毁天灭地的力量? Sky Net Hand Seal, is one of the strongest unique skills, once displays, the sky can grasp the same place, several Grade 3 and Grade 2 member dare to attack, instead shakes can be killed violently at the scene. 穹罗手印,更是其中最强的绝招之一,一旦施展,天空都能抓掉一块,几位三品二品的修士就敢进攻,反震都能当场毙命。 Mortuary Makeup Master, not all corpses can resurrect, only then had the intense resentment, in addition corpse not spoiled immortal, can form the corpse air/Qi, for its used!” 殓妆师,并不是所有尸体都能复活,只有生前带有强烈的怨气,再加上尸体不腐不朽,才能形成尸气,为其所用!” The Yuan Shouqing eye narrows the eyes. 袁守清眼睛眯起。 That female named Lu Qing, was abandoned, is crushed with grief, within the body accumulated grievances for a long time, after by mortuary makeup, seeks for before death personal enemy King of South Ru...... then to give oneself away.” “那位叫陆晴的女子,生前被抛弃,郁郁而终,体内积怨已久,被殓妆后,寻找生前的仇人汝南王……这才露出了马脚。” Remembers the news that reported that the old man nods. 想起上报来的消息,老者点头。 No matter how, this occupation, is extremely strange, is not legitimate! Wenzong many occupations, 10,000 years ago was driven away the mainland, about their books, the complete destruction, is not the ancient people hands down, rarely heard the trail, only had 18 years ago......” “不管如何,这个职业,都太过诡异,并非正统!文宗诸多职业,一万年前被驱赶出大陆,关于他们的书籍,全部销毁,不是故老相传,很少听到踪迹了,只有十八年前……” The Yuan Shouqing vision flashes. 袁守清目光一闪。 18 years ago how?” The old men have doubts looks. “十八年前怎么了?”老者疑惑的看过来。 No! Some matters, what you do not know is good......” to shake the head, the Yuan Shouqing eyebrow raises, said: Comes the Slow Wild Goose belt/bring, I must go to Deep Sea Kingdom personally!” “没什么!有些事,你还是不知道的为好……”摇了摇头,袁守清眉毛一扬,道:“将雁迟带过来,我要亲自去一趟渊海王国!” „Does Palace Master pass personally?” Old men one dull, after the moment, nods: Yes!” 殿主亲自过去?”老者一呆,片刻后,点了点头:“是!” This matter, must suppress the news, no one can divulge!” “这件事,一定要压住消息,谁都不能泄露!” A big hand swayed, Yuan Shouqing walks hurriedly outward. 大手一摆,袁守清急匆匆向外走去。 Knows that involves this forbidden occupation, divulging the news disaster is enormous, the old man does not dare saying that nods, follows close on. 知道牵扯这种被禁止的职业,泄露消息灾祸极大,老者不敢多说,点了点头,紧跟出去。 The time is not long, nearby a giant swan goose arrives beast, the wing opens, fully more than ten meters, just like hanging a day of cloud. 时间不长,一头巨大的鸿雁蛮兽来到跟前,翅膀张开,足有十多米长,宛如垂天之云。 Central Kingdom Mantra Palace Grade 6 flying beast, Slow Wild Goose! 中央王国真言殿六品飞行蛮兽,雁迟 The Yuan Shouqing jumping up beast back, a swan goose long cry, flies fast rapidly to the Deep Sea Kingdom direction. 袁守清跳上兽背,鸿雁一声长鸣,快速向渊海王国的方向急速飞去。 Over ten thousand li (0.5 km) distance, normal cultivator walks, without several years time, is very difficult to complete, but rides this tall Pinjie flying beast, a day can arrive, does not delay the time slightly. 上万里的距离,正常修炼者步行,没有数年功夫,很难完成,但乘坐这种高品阶的飞行蛮兽,一天就可以到达,丝毫都不耽误功夫。 Deep Sea Kingdom. 渊海王国 Palace Master Yuan came personally......” 袁殿主亲自来了……” Lets loose the crystal ball in hand, Emperor Xiao Jin relaxes, said. 放开手中的水晶球,萧晋陛下松了口气,道。 That side decision, has edited the news, transmits. 那边的决定,已经编辑成消息,传送过来。 Palace Master Yuan, controlled Central Kingdom Mantra Palace, cultivation base should achieve Grade 7 Magical Arts Master realm!” 袁殿主,掌控中央王国真言殿,修为应该达到了七品术法师境界!” Xiao Yurou then relaxes, goes out of the room, looked reaches to the sky Brambles Mountain that to the distant place, pair of show, was worried completely: Shen Zhe...... you now how?” 萧雨柔这才松了口气,走出房间,看向远处高耸入云的荆棘山,一双秀目,满是担心:“沈哲……你现在到底怎么样了?”
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