CLS :: Volume #29

#2888: Secondary attack

“dīng, successfully killed flies crazily Top Star Emperor, obtains 50 trillion Star Energy Value, 20,000 Slaughter Value. Obtains flies crazily Token, the gate of backdrop( Ultra Rare)! ” “叮,成功击杀狂飞极星帝,获得五十万亿点星能值,两万点杀戮值。获得狂飞令牌,天幕之门(超稀有)!” Is the gate of backdrop, gives back to me to explode?” “又是天幕之门,还给我爆?” Yi Tianyun feels somewhat speechless, this thing cannot say is bad, but the quantity were to him many enough, the place that now grasps were also many. Feared that has no need for so many? Rather explodes many flies similarly crazily Token and so on thing. 易天云觉得有些无语,这玩意不能说是差,但对他来讲数量够多了,现在掌握的地方也很多了。怕是用不着那么多吧?宁愿爆多一点类似狂飞令牌之类的东西。 This made with the wooden god almost, can change into Top Star Emperor Phantom Shadow to attack. Although cultivation base is not very high, but how to say that is the Top Star Emperor Rank strengths, can easily cause heavy losses to opponent! 这就跟木神令差不多,能化为极星帝虚影来进攻。修为虽然不是很高,但怎么说都是极星帝级别的战力,能够轻易重创对手 Especially after the quantity are many, that not to mention, formed a powerful team sufficiently. Therefore this thing, definitely is the more the better. 尤其是数量多起来之后,那就更不用说了,足以组成一支强大的队伍。因此这东西,肯定是多多益善。 Although can purchase with Star Energy Value, but the price also is really soaring, basically was equal to stone of Rank ancient times and so on price. This thing is not Ultra Rare, but how to say that will be the good strength, the price will promote to be very normal. 虽然可以用星能值购买,但价格还真是高昂,基本都等于远古之石级别之类的代价了。这玩意不是超稀有,但怎么说都是不错的战力,价格会提升很正常。 Enemy raids, the enemy raids!” “敌袭,敌袭!” Flies Top Star Emperor to be hit to explode crazily, they were frightened rapidly in the future will draw back. This is flies crazily Top Star Emperor, among them strongest existence! 狂飞极星帝被打爆,他们被吓得迅速往后退。这可是狂飞极星帝,他们之间最强的存在! But is so strongest existence, by move of instant kill, was actually frightened their courage entirely cracks. 可就是如此最强的存在,却是被一招秒杀,吓得他们肝胆俱裂。 Yi Tianyun may, no matter their cries, continue to sweep away toward the , directly soars toward another Top Star Emperor! Another Top Star Emperor, saw when Yi Tianyun toward oneself to/clashes, coldly said: Sneak attack, taking a mean advantage, is falls in the low grade......” 易天云可不管他们的呼叫声,继续往边上横扫过去,直奔往另外一位极星帝!另外一位极星帝,看到易天云往自己这边冲上来时,冷声道:“偷袭而已,乘人不备,乃落于下乘……” Bang!” “轰!” Yi Tianyun with this firepower full Top Star Emperor to bang in the same place, with this Top Star Emperor directly rumbled to become dregs! Even if strength full, under the Yi Tianyun Heaven Defying strength, in the same old way is a dregs! Especially oneself Top Star Emperor Intermediate Stage cultivation base, facing Yi Tianyun this existence close to Celestial Emperor Rank strength, is not anything. 易天云一把跟这火力全开的极星帝对轰在一块,跟着这位极星帝直接被轰成渣!哪怕战力全开,在易天云逆天的战力下,照样是个渣!尤其自身才不过极星帝中期修为,面对易天云这种接近天帝级别战力的存在,根本算不上什么。 Let alone resisted, just now touches, his attack was thoroughly destroyed! 别说抵挡了,才刚触碰到,他的攻击就被彻底摧毁! “dīng, successfully killed admires Feng Top Star Emperor, obtains 200,000 hundred million Star Energy Value, 8000 Slaughter Value. Admires Feng Token( Rare), the gate of backdrop( Ultra Rare)! ” “叮,成功击杀慕枫极星帝,获得二十万亿星能值,八千点杀戮值。慕枫令牌(稀有),天幕之门(超稀有)!” The delightful nice sound, resounds in his ear. Cuts to kill Top Star Emperor again, helping him obtain Star Energy Value, the gate of backdrop may explode again, making his big. 悦耳动听的声音,在他耳边响起。再次斩杀一位极星帝,让他获得一笔星能值,可再次爆出来的天幕之门,让他头都大。 At once he has not stopped the footsteps , to continue to sweep away toward the , everywhere one visit cuts to kill a big piece of person with ease. 旋即他没有停下脚步,继续往边上横扫过去,所到之处轻松斩杀一大片人。 This scene frightens all around person in the future in abundance to evacuate, both leaders were struck to kill, they can also make anything, can only run away. 这场景吓得四周的人纷纷往后撤离,两位首领都被击杀了,他们还能做什么,只能逃了。 Quickly, removes quickly! This fellow was too strong, at all is not existence in level!” “快,快撤!这家伙太强了,根本不是一个层次上的存在!” What strength this is, is Top Star Emperor Late Stage? But is not right, why can only from him, inducing to is the Star Emperor Rank strength?” “这是什么战力,是极星帝后期吗?可是不对啊,为何只能从他身上,感应到是星帝级别战力?” This, this feared that is Celestial Emperor! Help!” “这,这怕是天帝吧!救命啊!” They frighten scared shitless, takes to one's heels to run away toward outside, does not dare to stop. 他们吓得屁滚尿流,撒腿就往外面逃去,根本不敢停下来。 Can facing the Yi Tianyun strong strength, they be able to run away? 可面对易天云强大的战力,他们能逃? Sweeps away crazily, less than a small meeting time, was also living, now falls from the sky all, no living witness stays here. 一路疯狂横扫,不到一小会功夫,本来还活着的,现在尽数陨落,没有一个活口留在这里。 Finished.” Yi Tianyun breathes a sigh of relief, destroying completely these people are not actually difficult, does not have Celestial Emperor fortunately, otherwise is really not good to cope. “结束了。”易天云舒了口气,灭掉这些人倒是不难,还好没有天帝,不然还真是不好对付。 At once he looks to the palace, bright sound said: Outside enemy, had been cut to kill by me all, you are safe!” 旋即他看向宫殿里面,朗声道:“外面的敌人,已经尽数被我所斩杀,你们已经安全了!” The people in palace, one group of people are dumbfounded, look that Yi Tianyun does not know said anything are good. 在宫殿里面的众人,一群人目瞪口呆,看着易天云都不知说些什么才好。 This, does this seem like our people on one's own side?” “这,这好像是我们自己人?” „Are our people on one's own side so strong? I have not seen!” “我们自己人有那么强的?我可从来没见过!” I meant, this seems like the upper boundary person......” “我是说,这好像是界上界的人……” …… …… They recognized quickly are the upper boundary person, foreign country Cultivator(s) was very good to recognize, furthermore was cuts to kill so many Expert, even doesn't ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself, need to achieve this situation? In other words, isn't this idiot behavior? Loses so many, to direct them comes out, thinks to think that is unlikely. 他们很快就认出来是界上界的人了,外域修炼者很好认的,再则就是斩杀那么多强者,就算是苦肉计,也没必要做到这种地步吧?换句话来说,这不是白痴行为吗?损失那么多,就为了引他们出来,想想都觉得不太可能。 At once they look at each other one, then flew from the palace, sees above Yi Tianyun, does not know that said anything are good. 旋即他们对视一眼,然后便是从宫殿里面飞了出来,看到上空的易天云,都不知说些什么才好。 Yi Tianyun falls with smile on the face, visits them to say with a smile: You now is what situation, is injured quite seriously, or is scarce Medicinal Pill Recovery?” 易天云面带微笑地落下去,看着他们笑道:“你们现在是什么情况了,有没有受伤比较严重的,或者是紧缺丹药恢复的?” He is definitely better regarding their attitudes, the god secondary attack of in addition foreign country Cultivator(s), he saves this group of people, that was very definitely easy to join itself. In this case, the attitude definitely was better a point. 他对于他们的态度肯定要好一点,外加外域修炼者的神助攻,他救下这批人,那肯定很容易加入自己了。在这种情况下,态度肯定要好一点了。 No, no, our situation also good...... you, are you upper boundary send?” They spoke some stutter, was Yi Tianyun was too mainly strong, obviously was Star Emperor, has that strong strength, they suspected that hid the strength intentionally. “没,没,我们情况还行……您,您是界上界派来的?”他们说话都有些结巴了,主要是易天云太强了,明明是星帝,却有着那么强战力,他们都怀疑是不是故意隐藏实力了。 Yes, I represent the upper boundary, meets everyone to go home. The present upper boundary situation is very stable, is dominant, wants to draw support from Power, does not know that whether(or not) is willing to go back with me together?” Yi Tianyun said with a smile temperately. “是的,我代表界上界,来接各位回家的。如今的界上界情况很稳定,更是占优势,想要借助各位的力量,不知各位是否愿意跟我一块回去?”易天云温和地笑道。 This...... I am willing to go back with you together!” “这……我愿意跟您一块回去!” I am also willing to go back with you together, my palace was damaged, hiding is not here relieved. Does not give to kill off foreign country Cultivator(s), we impossible relieved!” “我也愿意跟您一块回去,我的宫殿被损坏了,躲在这里都不安心。不把外域修炼者给杀光,我们都不可能安心!” Right! Originally thinks Hidden World to get up, rest some time. Now Hidden World gets up, not necessarily is safe!” “对!本来想隐世起来,休息一段时间。现在隐世起来,都不见得安全!” Foreign country Cultivator(s) does not die, we continuous!” “外域修炼者不死,我们不休!” Originally they also want to rest well do not want to participate in any war suddenly. Now foreign country Cultivator(s) actually asks itself to trouble, is forced to fight again. In this case, how can they not be annoyed? 本来他们还想好好地休息一下不想参与什么大战了。现在外域修炼者却来找自己麻烦,被迫再次战斗。在这种情况下,他们怎能不恼火? Therefore these foreign country Cultivator(s), make the matter on the contrary simple many, the relaxedness can regain them. 因此这些外域修炼者,反倒让事情变得简单起来很多,轻松就能收复他们了。 Before departure, this emperor level palace must eradicate, inside treasure taking. Otherwise, if foreign country Cultivator(s) comes, that will take away inside treasure.” “可是在离开之前,这帝级宫殿必须要破除,把里面的宝物给取走。否则,要是外域修炼者过来的话,那就会拿走里面的宝物了。” Right, therefore the Sir...... you need to look for a Sir Celestial Emperor, eradicates here palace, taking away to say treasure again, in order to avoid took by foreign country Cultivator(s).” “对,所以大人……您需要找来一位天帝大人,来破除这里的宫殿,把宝物给拿走再说,以免被外域修炼者拿了。” They thought that this Celestial Emperor will not come back, regardless of comes back not to come back, if they walked, no one is defending this palace. Means whatever foreign country Cultivator(s) destroys, is completely the issue in time. 他们觉得这位天帝是不会回来了,无论回来还是不回来,他们要是走了,就没人守着这个宫殿了。意味着任由外域修炼者来破坏,完全是时间上的问题罢了。 In this case, their rather Yi Tianyun finds the person to eradicate, Fei Shui does not flow the bystander field. 在这种情况下,他们宁愿易天云找人过来破除掉,肥水不流外人田。 No need, I can eradicate.” Yi Tianyun at present one bright, then the good opportunity, how may miss? “不必,我自己就可以破除。”易天云眼前一亮,那么好的机会,怎么可能会错过?
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