CLS :: Volume #29

#2823: In peak

Yi Tianyun after solving these mouth inexpensive fellows, is goes to a recent main city, inquiry latest news. Burns writing little? Said??.?? A', although before him, what obtains is the Top Star Emperor news, but the non- delegates'conference knows the latest news. 易天云在解决掉这些嘴贱的家伙之后,便是前往最近的一个主城之中,打探最新消息。燃文小?说??.??a`虽说他之前获得的是极星帝的消息,但不代表会知道最新消息。 Now is unpredictable, particularly after a war, after dying many people, to here influence big, needs to come to investigate carefully. 现在变化莫测,尤其是经过一场大战,死了不少人之后,对这边的影响有多大,都是需要过来仔细探查一下的。 He comes up is mainly tried to find out that was clear the above news, then completes the next plan. 他上来主要就是摸索清楚上面的消息,然后再做好下一步计划。 “dīng, completes Side Quest to improve the Sea Monster clan to relate, becomes the friend of Sea Monster clan, obtains 20 trillion Star Energy Value, 1 million good and evil value Draw a prize (lottery) opportunity one times, 20 point system evolution points! ” “叮,完成支线任务‘改善海妖族关系,成为海妖族的朋友’,获得二十万亿点星能值,一百万点善恶值抽奖机会一次,二十点系统进化点!” At this time, shot this Mission Completion news, making Yi Tianyun at present one bright. 在这个时候,弹出来这个完成任务消息,让易天云眼前一亮。 It seems like Quest completed, represented the relations to turn for the better thoroughly.” Yi Tianyun is extremely pleased, is representing this cooperation, both sides are pleased. “看来任务完成了,代表着关系彻底转好了。”易天云对此感到非常满意,代表着这次合作,双方都感到很满意。 As the matter stands, he obtains a system evolution point again, in addition some system evolution points, making his present system evolution reach about hundred points all of a sudden! 这样一来,他再次获得一笔系统进化点,加上原来有的系统进化点,让他现在的系统进化点一下子就多达将近百点! This means him to be able Level Up many Divine Ability, for example Crazy Mode can Level Up, but he not anxiously Level Up. 这就意味着他能够升级不少神技了,例如疯狂模式就能够升级,但他并不急着升级 Is Divine Ability are too mainly many, some serve a need temporarily, somewhat has no need. For example Crazy Mode is good, but continues Level Up to come up, he thought that will not promote many time of Damage, the promotion of Damage is quite limited. 主要是神技太多,有些暂时用得着,有些用不着。例如疯狂模式是不错,但继续升级上去,他觉得不会提升多少倍伤害,伤害的提升还是比较有限的。 Crazy Mode is actually not good, but is consumes evolution is too many, that must certainly keep at crucial moment to use. 倒不是疯狂模式不行,而是消耗进化点太多,那肯定是要留着关键时候使用了。 After confirming, he does not pay attention to these temporarily, but is one enters in the front main city. 在确认完之后,他暂时不理会这些,而是一把进入前面的主城之中。 This main city from here recently, guarding was not actually stern, after the inspection of most outer layer, they do not need is so stern. 这座主城距离这边最近,守卫倒是不怎么森严,经过最外层的检查,他们也没有必要那么森严了。 Therefore Yi Tianyun went in ease, this main city compared in the following main city, scale again rising several times. However underground mineral lode, on the contrary without following main city so many. 为此易天云轻轻松松就进去了,这一座主城比起在下面的主城,规模再次翻上数倍。不过地下的矿脉,反倒没有下面的主城那么多了。 This is inferior to below actually not, but is here crazy mining, does not know that was mined many, the remaining natures were inferior to below. 这倒不是不如下面,而是这边疯狂开采,都不知被开采多少了,剩下的自然不如下面了。 Generally speaking, the main city size, constructs according to the place bottom following mineral lode area. Is the bottom following mineral lode area is big, the city will establish in a big way, will not establish a point absolutely. 一般来说,主城规模大小,都是按照地底下面的矿脉覆盖面积来建造的。即是地底下面的矿脉覆盖面积多大,城市就会建立多大,绝对不会多建立一分。 After all only then this, can let each corner of city, will obtain the package of this mineral lode energy, were many a distance the words, the effect are too many on the difference. 毕竟只有这样,才能让城市的每一个角落,都会得到这矿脉能量的包裹,再多一点距离的话,效果就差上太多了。 Therefore above lord city was so giant, is representing once the quantity of mineral lode, similarly was the astonishing incomparable type. 为此上面这主城如此巨大,代表着曾经矿脉的数量,同样是惊人无比的类型。 However now the mineral lode large scale shrinkage, the main city will not overthrow the shrinkage actually, this actually nothing necessity. 然而现在矿脉大幅度缩水,主城倒是不会推倒缩水,这点倒是没有什么必要。 Naturally Yi Tianyun will not choose to explode this main city, just arrived here, even if must explode, must give the fumble to be clear here, will choose to explode the main city. 当然易天云不会选择炸这座主城,才刚刚来到这里,就算要炸,也是要把这里给摸索清楚,才会选择炸主城。 He did not fear actually here becomes stern, so long as he comes up here, sets the Coordinate, can pass Teleportation God Stone to come up, a difficulty does not have. 他倒是不怕这里变得森严起来,只要他上来这里,定下坐标,就能通过传送神石上来,一点难度都没有。 Therefore how he explodes did not fear, so long as arrives at a region, can arrive at will. 为此他怎么炸都不怕,只要到达一个区域,就能随意抵达了。 He attempted a moment ago slightly, can transmit, for this reason was not worried that will be caught. Has saying that this Teleportation God Stone was really easy-to-use. 他刚才稍微尝试一下,是能够传送下去的,为此并不担心会被卡住。不得不说,这传送神石实在是太好用了。 „The strength in this lord city, but also is really the following several times......” Yi Tianyun vision twinkle, examines all around situation, discovered that here has many foreign country Cultivator(s) to pace up and down, cultivation base wants on a high level compared with below. “这主城里的战力,还真是下面的数倍……”易天云目光闪烁,查看四周的情况,发现这里有着不少外域修炼者来回走动,修为都是比下面要高上一个层次。 It seems like following Expert, to comparing to above, is in the difference many. 看来下面的强者,对比起上面,还是差上不少的。 Are quite many here universal Expert, within this expects actually, what is main is the situation has the enormous difference. Here has many people back and forth, gathers the past toward front hurriedly, probably front what happened. 在这边普遍强者比较多,这倒是预料之内,最主要的还是情况有着极大的不同。在这里有着不少人来来回回,急匆匆地往前面聚集过去,好像前面发生什么事情了。 Yi Tianyun follows is passing together, discovered that one group of people gather at front, is bustling and filled with people, does not know that is making anything. 易天云跟随着一块过去,发现一群人聚集在前面,人头攒动,不知在做什么。 This brothers, what happened, how to gather here? I just came up from below, has not known that here what happened.” Yi Tianyun grasps at will inquires personally. “这位兄弟,发生什么事情了,怎么都聚集在这里?我刚刚从下面上来,还不知道这边发生什么事情。”易天云随意抓个人询问道。 Actually I do not know, was convened by Sir Celestial Emperor.” This foreign country Cultivator(s) does not know similarly. “其实我也不知道,就是被位天帝大人召集过来的。”这位外域修炼者同样不知道。 What matter can have, definitely was in that side the peak launched an attack, how otherwise to call us to pass?” “能有什么事情,肯定是内峰那边发难了,不然怎么会召集我们过去?” In peak? Also yes, besides these influence, but can also anyone. These fellows are not quiet, now also? Really can put together life and death?” “内峰?也是,除了那些势力之外,还能有谁。这些家伙就是不消停,现在还来?真的要拼个你死我活吗?” What means can have, who makes us seize the resources? Moreover is very special section, is more impossible to give up.” “能有什么办法,谁让我们都在抢占资源呢?而且还是很特殊的地段,更是不可能放弃。” They are chitchatting at will, in the spoken language is helpless, is the anger. 他们在随意攀谈起来,言语中又是无奈,又是愤怒。 In peak. 内峰。 A Yi Tianyun brow wrinkle, he knows in this peak is anything. 易天云眉头一皱,他知道这个内峰是什么。 In the peak is actually the region of god land region, has the innumerable mountain peaks in that side. Because mountain peak, mountain peak, therefore in being called peak. 内峰其实就是神陆区域的一片区域,在那边有着无数座山峰。由于山峰内部,还有山峰,所以称为内峰。 In this peak similarly is influence is called, the god land area was divided into three plates, one is the day city of this region, in the peak and Temple of Heaven. 这个内峰同样是一个势力的统称,神陆地区被分为三个板块,一个是这片区域的天城、内峰和天坛。 So-called over a hundred Celestial Emperor, distribute in these influence. Three influence to do not glance mutually, does not have any compromise meaning jointly, resists completely mutually. 所谓的上百天帝,就是分布在这些势力之中。三个势力互相对不上眼,都没有任何妥协联手的意思,完全就是互相对抗。 However generally speaking, will not fight mutually, after all hits thoroughly, is no good to anyone. 不过一般来讲,都不会互相战斗,毕竟彻底打起来,对谁都没有什么好处。 Why this is the upper boundary, by their few Celestial Emperor, can actually keep in balance their reasons. The mutual battle, all parties dreaded, was naturally impossible to say hit hits, did not pay attention slightly is mutually wounded. 这就是为何界上界,以他们少的天帝,却能制衡他们的原因。互相争斗,各方忌惮,自然不可能说打就打,稍不留神就是两败俱伤。 Now in the peak is up to mischief again, no wonder many foreign country Cultivator(s) come back in abundance. 如今内峰再次搞鬼,难怪不少外域修炼者都纷纷回来。 Although the enemy of enemy is a friend, but to be honest in this peak influence, but also really does not act bashful certainly. Feared that is also to does not glance with the upper boundary, has the possibility very much. 虽说敌人的敌人就是朋友,但说实话这个内峰的势力,还真是拿捏不准。怕是同样跟界上界对不上眼,也是很有可能的。 A moment later, Celestial Emperor rips open to fall void, the upper air is overlooking the people bright sound said: Idle talk were not many said, this time called you to come, was makes you be ready. Quick, we must conduct a war in peak, this fights will not be difficult, therefore you do not need too to be worried. This time, we in peak killing wiped out to the last man, making them know with our for enemy fate!” 片刻之后,一位天帝撕开虚空落下来,高空俯视着众人朗声道:“废话不多说,这次召集你们过来,就是让你们做好准备。很快,我们就要跟内峰进行一战,这一战不会太难,所以你们不必太担心。这一次,我们会把内峰给杀个片甲不留,让他们知道与我们为敌的下场!” After the people listened, calls out in alarm in abundance, is so confident? 众人听了之后,纷纷惊呼不已,这么有信心? Always, they keep in balance mutually, now listens to this Celestial Emperor tone, seems like all -around steamroll? 一直以来,他们都是互相制衡的,如今听这位天帝的语气,似乎是全方位碾压? Now you go to that side the treasure house, receives the corresponding resources, immediately awaits orders to the border region!” After this Celestial Emperor said that flying left, has not continued to stay. “现在你们都去宝库那边,领取相应的资源,马上就前往边境区域待命!”这位天帝说完之后,飞身就离开了,没有继续停留。 Inadequate, what killing move do they have?” Yi Tianyun felt that has doubts very much. “难道不成,他们有什么杀招?”易天云感到很疑惑。
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