CLS :: Volume #26

#2587: Embarrassed

Backer Yi Tianyun disdain smiles, that your backer, shouted them to get down, making me see “靠山”易天云不屑地一笑,“那你的靠山呢,喊他们下来,让我见一见” Yi Tianyun wants to have a look but actually, actually dark green leaps ten backers is, having a look at oneself to know. Also said the backer to him, he wants to have a look actually, these backers strong 易天云倒想看看,苍腾十尊的靠山究竟是哪一位,看看自己认不认识。还跟他说靠山,他倒是想看看,这些靠山有多强 Also wants to look, who these fellows are, when the time comes avoids these fellows well, will not cooperate with them. Since under the hand/subordinate so is rampant disgustingly, where also very to go 恰好也想看一看,这些家伙是谁,到时候好避开这些家伙,也不会跟他们合作。既然手下都那么嚣张恶心,那自己也好不到哪里去吧 In this case, was more impossible to cooperate. 在这种情况下,更是不可能合作了。 Dark green leaps ten to look at the Yi Tianyun's expression, knows that Yi Tianyun does not care about any backer, but he does not want to make the backer get down, can get down. Above gets down, is a consumption, words that usually is all right, will not be optional. 苍腾十尊看着易天云的表情,就知道易天云根本不在乎什么靠山,不过他也不是想让靠山下来,就能下来的。上面下来,也是一种消耗,平时没事的话,也不会随意下来。 Gets down one time, must consume the integral, who will be all right not to have the words of certain value, is impossible. 下来一次,就要消耗积分,谁会没事下来没有一定价值的话,根本不可能下来。 You think them to be able under to be able below may, if has gotten down, discovered that I do not exist, your influence must die dark green leaps ten to continue to threaten without doubt, is bullying the weak by relying on powerful connections. “你以为他们能下就能下的可要是下来了,发现我不存在了,那你的势力必死无疑”苍腾十尊继续威胁着,更是在狐假虎威。 Only by doing so, can maintain a livelihood. If surrenders, his not necessarily Yi Tianyun will also let off itself. 只有这样,才能够活命。要是投降的话,他也不见得易天云会放过自己。 I also really want to take a look, was actually, dares to be so rampant Yi Tianyun cold snort/hum, really compared with the backer, his backer have many. “那我还真是想瞧瞧,究竟是谁了,敢那么嚣张”易天云冷哼一声,真的要比靠山,他的靠山有不少。 Flows the polar star emperor they definitely to act, Emperor dragon Yanxing they, with his relations are great. Not to mention purple Emperor Yun Xing they, they were really the types of being within call. 流极星帝他们肯定会出面,还有龙炎星帝他们,跟他的关系更是不浅。更别提紫云星帝他们了,他们真的是随叫随到的类型。 Only if dark green leaps ten backers is above the polar star emperor, he was speechless actually. Polar star Imperial City made dark green leap ten such to do, he can also say anything 除非苍腾十尊的靠山是极星帝以上的,那他倒是无话可说了。极星帝都让苍腾十尊这么做了,那他还能说些什么 Words that however does this, he definitely to that polar star emperor, will not have any good complexion to look. 不过这样做的话,他肯定对那位极星帝,不会有什么好脸色看了。 At this time, divine light fell from above together, when dark green leapt ten saw, in the heart is wild with joy, simultaneously laughed: Ha, just said that got down you to wait, this time you died 在这个时候,一道神光从上面落下,苍腾十尊看到时,心中狂喜起来,同时大笑一声:“哈哈哈,刚说完就下来了你等着,这次你死定了” The mist gate nine original innermost feelings despair, when sees this together divine light, but also is really is wild with joy, looks at the Yi Tianyun's vision, fills ice-cold killing intent, is more like is looking at deceased person. 岚门九尊本来内心绝望的,看到这一道神光时,还真是狂喜起来,看着易天云的目光,充满冰冷的杀意,更像是在看着一个死人似的。 This divine light, gets down from the upper boundary together without a doubt, they have witnessed, has come up. Therefore knows that this divine light is representing any meaning, knows that some people got down. 这一道神光,毫无疑问就是从界上界下来的,他们都亲眼目睹过,更是上去过。为此知道这神光代表着什么含义,知道有人下来了。 Yi Tianyun looks at that together divine light similarly very with interest, wants to have a look is who so to be actually bold, dares to own make a move. 易天云同样十分有兴趣地看着那一道神光,想看看究竟是谁那么大胆,敢对自己出手 A moment later, then presents two forms, feels obviously quite intrepidly from this Aura / breath. When appears thoroughly, the Yi Tianyun vision has swept the eye, discovered that cultivation base is really not weak, is ten star supreme Late Stage cultivation base, Late Stage cultivation base, Intermediate Stage cultivation base, but also is not really weak. 片刻之后,便是出现两道身影,从这气息上明显感觉到相当强悍。待彻底出现时,易天云目光扫了眼,发现修为还真是不弱,都是十星至尊中后期修为,一位后期修为,一位中期修为,还真是不弱。 If hits, Yi Tianyun is hard to win basically, but escapes or does not have what issue. Has super Teleportation God Stone in the hand, wants to run away to where is not good 要是真的打起来,易天云基本是难以打赢,不过逃跑还是没有什么问题的。有超级传送神石在手,想逃到哪里不行 When the time comes really compared with moving reinforcement, his Altair and Vega Imperial City can move 到时候真的要比搬救兵,他连星帝都能搬下来 However Shi Xueyun their complexion was not quite attractive, they can look obviously, getting down is not the simple character, Aura / breath that transmits, compared with dark green leapt ten to constrain too, at all was not in a level. 不过诗雪云她们脸色就不太好看了,她们明显看得出来,下来的并不是简单的人物,传递过来的气息,比起苍腾十尊要压抑太多了,根本不是一个层面上的。 Thinks of this, they worried that looked at Yi Tianyun, was worried that can have the accident. 想到这,她们不由担心地看了眼易天云,担心会有变故。 Yi Tianyun gives them a relieved expression, making them should not be so anxious. 易天云给予她们一个安心的表情,让她们不要那么紧张。 as if made by Heaven Deacon, you have gotten down finally, rescues our day to open the door dark green leaps ten to overrun to pray for rescue rapidly, from the spoken language, is knows that the status of opposite party is Deacon. “天成执事,您总算下来了,救救我们天启门”苍腾十尊迅速冲过去求救,从言语中,便是知道对方的身份是个执事 Generally speaking, ten star supreme Late Stage levels, so long as the success is too bad, can become Deacon. 一般来说,十星至尊后期层次,只要战绩太差,都能成为执事了。 What's the matter as if made by Heaven Deacon vision one cold, thought that here does not suit, when his Raise(s) the eyes sweeps, the vision then falls on Yi Tianyun, is staring at Yi Tianyun stubbornly, thinks very inconceivable. “怎么回事”天成执事目光一冷,觉得这里不太对劲,等他抬眼一扫时,目光便是落在易天云身上,然后死死盯着易天云,觉得很不可思议。 He wants to destroy completely our day to open the door, but also made into such as if made by Heaven Deacon me, gave to kill him him quickly my under the hand/subordinate, gave to kill a none remaining, must revenge for me dark green leaps a ten face to employ professional mourners, for wants to let as if made by Heaven Deacon, Yi Tianyun suppressing. “他想灭掉我们天启门,还把我打成这样天成执事,快把他给杀了他把我的手下,都给杀个精光了,一定要为我报仇啊”苍腾十尊一脸哭丧,为的就是想让天成执事,把易天云给镇压了。 „, Good to revenge for you. When you sends for destroying completely my influence, not necessarily is always tenderhearted Yi Tianyun cold snort/hum, looks at as if made by Heaven Deacon, he does not know that as if made by Heaven Deacon did know itself, he has not seen as if made by Heaven Deacon in any case. “哦,好一个为你报仇。你派人来灭掉我的势力时,总不见得心软”易天云冷哼一声,也是看着天成执事,他不知道天成执事知不知道自己,反正他是没有见过天成执事的。 Law of the jungle, you do not understand this truth so long as, moreover obediently pledges allegiance to our day to open the door, we will treat unjustly you dark green to leap ten cold snort/hum one, thought oneself ninety percent sure. “弱肉强食,你不懂这个道理么而且只要乖乖归顺我们天启门,我们会亏待你”苍腾十尊冷哼一声,觉得自己十拿九稳了。 Had as if made by Heaven Deacon they to get down, oneself also feared anything 有天成执事他们下来,自己还怕什么 Joke, my influence, if turns over to you to control, that is my influence Yi Tianyun sneers, that you pledge allegiance to my influence, I will not treat unjustly you, you am willing “笑话,我的势力真的要是归你们掌控,那还是我的势力吗”易天云冷笑不已,“那你归顺我的势力,我也不会亏待你,你肯吗” This is the biggest joke, our day opens the door that strongly, but also has the upper boundary to look upon as one's support, fears you “这才是最大的笑话,我们天启门那么强,还有着界上界作为靠山,难道还怕你” „” “啪” At this time a Palestinian long-handled fan came, dark green leapt ten pulling out flies. 这时候一巴掌扇过来,把苍腾十尊给抽飞了。 Dark green leaps ten to feel own head, was almost patted has exploded, old tall who the face swells immediately, he looks that as if made by Heaven Deacon vision filled inconceivable, does not know why oneself were hit, was handles matters supremely disadvantageously bullying to the end got up by nine stars, but also really accomplished to mess things up insufficient. 苍腾十尊感觉自己脑袋,差点就被拍爆了,脸顿时肿的老高,他看着天成执事的目光充满不可思议,不知道自己为何被打,难道是自己办事不利被一个九星至尊给欺负到头上了,还真是成事不足败事有余。 as if made by Heaven Deacon, how “天成执事,怎么” You dare to begin to Tianyun nine, you made huge mistake as if made by Heaven Deacon to say really fierce: Your present obediently kowtowed to admit mistakes to Tianyun nine in the past, making him let off you, if the opposite party he is not willing to let off you, I do not have the means.” “你竟敢对天云九尊动手,你真是犯了大错”天成执事厉声道:“你现在乖乖过去给天云九尊磕头认错,让他放过你吧要是对方他不肯放过你,那我也没办法。” What makes me kowtow to admit mistakes to him dark green leaps ten to suspect oneself misunderstood, own was kowtowed to nine stars unexpectedly in the past supremely “什么让我给他磕头认错”苍腾十尊怀疑自己是不是听错了,竟然让自己过去给九星至尊磕头 Yi Tianyun knows immediately, the opposite party is knows own status, it seems like own reputation has fired, but also is really good. 易天云顿时知道,对方是知道自己身份的,看来自己的名头打响了,还真是不错。 Has not rolled a as if made by Heaven Deacon palm of the hand pulling out to fly him, expression that expecting too much, this is rescuing dark green leaps ten. “还不滚过去”天成执事一巴掌把他给抽飞过去,一副恨铁不成钢的表情,他这是在救苍腾十尊。 Also felt that is very difficult, but Yi Tianyun now Very popular person, that many people are staring. He can begin, does not dare to begin at will, if above Star Venerable looked up, how he died does not know 同时也感觉到很是艰难,易天云现在可是大红人,在下来时,那么多人盯着。他就算能动手,也不敢随意动手,要是上面的星尊查下来了,他怎么死都不知道 The Yi Tianyun present status, is equal to the star emperor simply, he is Deacon right, were too many compared with Yi Tianyun or the difference . The Yi Tianyun's potential was too strong, simply is the god of defense 易天云现在的地位,简直等于星帝,他是执事没错,比起易天云还是差上太多了。易天云的潜力太强了,简直就是守城之神啊 To this, as if made by Heaven Deacon killed dark green has leapt ten, was not overrated 冲着这点,天成执事就算杀了苍腾十尊,也不为过 He also wants to become friends with relate with Yi Tianyun, now dark green leapt ten such to mess around, does all not to be good to end. 本来他还想跟易天云结交好关系,现在苍腾十尊这么瞎闹,搞得一切都不好收场了。 Watches zui to be new 观看zui新 Chapter Festival Welcome to-- cell phone address. 请到——手机地址.
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