CLS :: Volume #26

#2580: Accident

All around person are getting more and more, many Yi Tianyun have not seen, has not entered the war. But they know Yi Tianyun, Yi Tianyun was really famous, everyone knew his score. 四周的人越来越多,有很多易天云都没有见过的,有更多都没有参战过的。可他们都认识易天云,易天云实在是太有名了,谁都知道他的战绩。 Regarding envying anything, some people envy undeniably, what are more is thought that Yi Tianyun can strive for here! Actually they own selfishness, the Yi Tianyun's ability was also too powerful, can let defend a city to fight little dying many people. 至于说嫉妒什么的,不可否认有人嫉妒,但更多的还是觉得易天云能为这里出一份力!其实他们也有一份自己的私心,易天云的能力太强悍了,能让守城战少死很多人。 Only is this, enough they detained Yi Tianyun. Their meanings are obvious, thought purely the Yi Tianyun's ability is very strong, if returns to native place, that is equal to wasting the ability! 光是这点,就足够他们挽留易天云了。他们的意思都非常明显,纯粹就是觉得易天云的能力很强,要是归隐的话,那就等于浪费才能! Therefore they do not hate Yi Tianyun to go back, after going back, again has to defend a city to fight anything, the mortality rate will continue. Everyone wants to win again one time, not only rises their morale, what are more is the sharp drop foreign country! 为此他们都不舍得易天云回去,回去之后,再次有守城战什么的,死亡率就会继续上去了。谁都想再赢一次,不光涨他们的士气,更多的还是重挫外域! Always by the enemy is pressing the time, was really enough many, making them feel very annoyedly. But there is no alternative, but after Yi Tianyun came, can change many patterns, making them feel that Yi Tianyun is worth detaining. 一直以来被对方压着的时间,实在是够多了,让他们感到十分恼火。可是别无他法,但易天云来了之后,能改变不少格局,让他们觉得易天云值得挽留下来。 Trades to make the words of others, they will not detain, where likes returning to return to where. 换做其他人的话,他们根本不会挽留下来,爱回哪里就回哪里。 Can see from here, Yi Tianyun some were to them important. 从这里可以见得,易天云对他们来讲有多重要了。 When facing detaining of people, Yi Tianyun is quite helpless, it seems like famous is not a good deed, so many people surround, making him embarrassed. 在面对众人的挽留时,易天云颇为无奈,看来有名并不是一件好事,那么多人围拢上来,让他都不好意思回去了。 Originally he can through Teleportation God Stone, with ease the region that returns to itself to be, but vanishes suddenly, can not bring to the attention of polar star emperors? 本来他是可以通过传送神石,轻松回到自己所在的区域,但忽然间消失,能不引起极星帝们的注意? God knows can some people stare at itself, disappearance suddenly, is very easy to cause the issue. 天知道会不会有人一直盯着自己,忽然间的消失,是很容易引起问题的。 That, I get down temporarily, quick will come back.” He knows what these people are worried is anything, his acquired meritorious military service are many, if exchanges, at least can stay several thousand years below, does not use. “那个,我就是暂时下去一趟,很快就会回来的。”他知道这些人担心的是什么,他这次获得的战功不少,要是兑换下来,至少可以在下面待个几千年时间,都不用上来。 This time regarding Cultivator(s), is not very long. But regarding here, that is the meeting is loss of life frequently, said how many years does not permit later, the defense war, this who will say? 这个时间对于修炼者来讲,并不是很长。可是对于这边来讲,那可是经常会死人的,说不准几年之后,就会有一场守城战,这点谁说得准? The people look at each other one, immediately relaxes, sounded them to feel relieved a point slightly. 众人对视一眼,顿时松了口气,听起来他们就稍微放心一点了。 Tianyun nine, do not know that what matter needs to handle? Needs to handle anything, although told us, we also get down together the help with you!” 天云九尊,不知下去需要做什么事情么?需要做什么事情,尽管跟我们说,我们也跟你一块下去帮忙!” Right! This time you help our so many, saved my younger brother, I also help!” “对!这次你帮助我们那么多,救了我弟弟,我也帮忙!” Yes, my younger sister participation, hugs must die the heart, benefits from you defends a city is all right. If there is any matter, although looks for me, I also help!” “是啊,我妹妹这次参展,也是抱着必死之心,却是得益于你守城才没事的。要是有什么事情,尽管来找我,我也帮忙!” They are positive, did not say that detains Yi Tianyun to settle simply, they volunteer to help Yi Tianyun. If Yi Tianyun makes them get down to be the thug together, they with got down without hesitation together. 他们一个个都非常积极,不是说简单地挽留易天云就了事,他们都自告奋勇来帮助易天云。要是易天云让他们一块下去做打手,他们毫不犹豫就跟着一块下去了。 Their cultivation base are not low, has ten star supreme levels, it seems like these thugs are really not weak. 他们的修为都不低,都有着十星至尊层次,看来这些打手还真是不弱。 Although does not have star emperor Rank, but ten stars also were very supremely intrepid. Really must draw in the star emperor, flows the polar star emperor they to be glad to help similarly, this Yi Tianyun help was too big. 虽说没有星帝级别,但十星至尊也很强悍了。真的要拉上星帝,流极星帝他们同样会非常乐意帮忙的,这次易天云帮忙太大了。 Looks that they are so warm, Yi Tianyun really somewhat is also hard to resist. Here really must unite were too many, undeniably some bad apples, but majority is fills warm-blooded, wants to resist foreign country Cultivator(s). 看着他们这般热情,易天云还真的有些难以抵挡。这里真的是要团结太多了,不可否认有些害群之马,但大部分都是充满热血,都想对抗外域修炼者 It can be said that is also foreign country Cultivator(s), will make them so unite. 可以说也是外域修炼者,才会让他们如此团结。 Does not need, I to solve. If there is any matter to need help, I will certainly draw in your.” Yi Tianyun smiles, facing that warm words, he cannot decline. “不必了,我自己能解决。要是有什么事情需要各位帮忙,我一定会拉上你们的。”易天云一笑,面对那么热情的话,他也不能推辞。 The people then nod satisfied, has not continued anything. 众人这才满意地点了点头,没有继续说些什么。 Yi Tianyun turns head to look to that Deacon, said with a smile: I exchange for two years, does not know how many overalls needs?” 易天云扭头看向那执事,笑着说道:“那我兑换两年时间,不知需要多少积分呢?” He does not plan to exchange how much time, originally he wants to plan to exchange within five years, said that not accurate does not take five years, he exchanges purely. May facing be so warm, thinks that does not need to stay below is too long, if exchanges the time is too long, it is estimated that these people with detaining the vision is staring. 他不打算兑换多少时间,本来他是想打算兑换个五年以内的,说不准不需要五年,他就是纯粹兑换一下。可面对那么热情,想想也不需要在下面待太久,要是兑换时间太久,估计那些人又用挽留的目光盯着自己了。 Does not need the overall, this partial integration, I helped you leave!” This Deacon smiles, overall of exchange actually and many, but he is glad to help Yi Tianyun leave. “不需要积分,这部分积分,我帮你出了!”这位执事一笑,兑换的积分其实并不少,但他就乐意帮易天云出。 Not is only he, others want, moreover two years, confirm the Yi Tianyun's words, did not plan that stay below are too long. 不光是他,其他人都愿意,而且才两年时间,更是验证易天云的话,并不打算在下面待太久。 Good, I do not decline.” Yi Tianyun not wordy, declines again, was equal to looking down upon them. “那好,我就不推辞了。”易天云没啰嗦,再推辞,就等于看不起他们了。 At once after exchanging, Yi Tianyun was turns around to depart, others gazed after him to leave, but also really made him have several partial pressure feelings. 旋即在兑换完之后,易天云便是转身离去了,其他人都目送着他离开,还真是让他有几分压力感。 This anticipation feels, before that is, has never had. Also has had, his influence has many people, worships to him extremely, is hopeful. 这种期待感,那是以前从来没有过的。也不是没有过,他的势力有着不少人,都对他极为崇拜,更是充满希望。 Without thinking to come to here, in such a short time, presents that big influence. 没想到来这里,在那么短时间内,就出现那么大的影响力。 Meanwhile, in the region of exchange main hall, the young group of people uses the bad vision to look here. 与此同时,在兑换大殿的一个区域之中,有一小批人用着不善的目光看着这边。 This new boy also is really enough imposing, then in a short time, can do so many meritorious military service, the ability does not miss......” “这新来的小子还真是够威风的,那么短时间内,就能搞到那么多战功,能力也不差……” What's wrong, wants to suppress one this boy?” “怎么,想打压一番这小子?” Hehe, a little this meaning. What to do if he is too proud, how when the time comes dead does not know.” “嘿嘿,有点这个意思。要是他太骄傲怎么办,到时候怎么死都不知道。” This actually, does not know what you do have to plan?” “这点倒是,不知你有什么计划呢?” Plan definitely has, after a period of time, does not have the hunting competition, does not know that he does participate.” “计划肯定是有的,过段时间,不是有个狩猎大赛么,不知他参加不参加。” Hunting competition...... this actually interesting.” “狩猎大赛……这倒是有点意思。” They smile cloudy sadly, is conspiring the unknown plan. 他们阴恻恻地笑了笑,在密谋着不为人知的计划。 Yi Tianyun takes that exchange Token, then outside arrives at the spacious region, gives to use directly. The next quarter, has light beam together to give to deliver him. 易天云拿着那兑换的令牌,便是来到外面空旷的区域,直接就给使用出去。下一刻,就有着一道光柱把他给送下去了。 This Token can only the single use, many people be has no way to use, moreover irons on Yi Tianyun. Two years later, will have light of the receiving and instructing together to get down on time, gives to meet him, basically is compulsory, wants to revolt has no way to revolt. 这个令牌只能单人使用,多人是没法使用的,而且还烙在易天云身上。两年之后,准时会有一道接引之光下来,把他给接上去,基本是强制性,想反抗都没法反抗。 If wants to come back ahead of time, triggered that mark on the line. 要是想要提前回来,触发那个印记就行了。 Came back......” Yi Tianyun deeply to inspire, after a year was less than the time, he then got down from this upper boundary, when basically. “又回来了……”易天云深吸了口气,时隔个一年不到时间,他便是从这界上界下来了,基本不要什么时间。 At once his form flashes, is in influence that returns to itself to be. 旋即他身影一闪,便是回到自己所在的势力之中。 „Should one year, what matter not have to happen?” Yi Tianyun when returning to here, the complexion immediately changes, the vision one sweeps toward all around, is discovered unexpectedly here was surrounded! “一年时间,应该不会有什么事情发生吧?”易天云在回到这里时,脸色顿时一变,目光往四周一扫,竟是发现这边被包围了! By one crowd of garrison troops, in nearby Star Territory, was given to block firmly here, does not make anybody leave. 被一群守军,驻扎在边上的星域之中,牢牢地把这里给封锁住,不让任何人离开。 Without thinking of really occurrence accident, in such a short time! Watching zui is new 没想到真的发生变故了,就在那么短的时间内!观看zui新 Chapter Festival Welcome to- cell phone address. 请到-手机地址.
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