CLS :: Volume #26

#2579: Misunderstanding

This effect also is really good, the simple two materials, can break through surely......” “这效果还真是不错,就简单的两份材料,就能必定突破……” When Yi Tianyun sees this effect, but also was really is shocked. Normally, many Cultivator(s) take over 34 materials, may the breakthrough, but in this case, can actually affirm successfully! The effect was improved all of a sudden, the efficiency has also promoted, was insufficient to waste any material. 易天云看到这效果时,还真是被震撼到了。正常情况下,不少修炼者服用34份以上的材料,才有可能突破,而在这个情况下,却是能肯定成功!效果一下子就提升上去了,效率也提升了,不至于浪费什么材料。 Undeniably some Cultivator(s), a material can break through successfully, but throughout was too few. The majority needs over three materials, serious needs 45 to have the possibility. 不可否认有些修炼者,一份材料就能突破成功,但始终还是太少了。大部分都是需要三份以上的材料,严重者则是需要45份都是有可能的。 Therefore this Fusion system, corresponding, very much saved the material. 为此这个融合系统,相应来说,就很省材料了。 Does not know that other Level can promote?” “不知其他等级会不会有所提升呢?” The Yi Tianyun vision shifts to breaking through to the supreme law quickly on Divine Medicine, just he has the goods, but because can only squeeze in five item, both cannot fill including two materials. 易天云目光很快就转移到突破到至尊法相的神药上面,刚好他有货,可由于只能塞入五种物品,连两份材料都塞不进去。 In this case, Yi Tianyun has attempted, can only put in a material. 在这种情况下,易天云还是尝试了,只能放入一份材料。 Spends 100 million Star Energy Value......” “花费100000000点星能值……” After spending 100 million Star Energy Value, then rapid Fusion gets up, a moment later, takes shape immediately Medicinal Pill. 在花费100000000点星能值之后,便是迅速融合起来,片刻之后,立即成型一颗丹药 Broken reveres Divine Pill: Has 50% probabilities, lets the god star law successfully the promoted to supreme method. 破尊神丹:拥有五成的几率,成功让神星法相提升到至尊法相。 50% probabilities......” the Yi Tianyun vision narrows the eyes, this merely is a material, can 50% probabilities, be quite good. “五成几率……”易天云目光一眯,这仅仅是一份材料,就能够有五成几率,还是相当不错的。 How can only put in five types of things, if can put, that effect was obviously different. He believes that two materials get down, does not dare to say 100% to succeed, at least has 70-80% probabilities to succeed, this has been enough proud. 奈何只能放入五种东西,要是能多放一点,那效果显然不同了。他相信两份材料下去,不敢说百分百成功,至少有着七八成几率成功了,这已经足以傲人了。 At once he continues to try other Medicinal Pill, without doubt has the large scale promotion, so long as does not mix at will randomly, the effect will have the astonishing promotion. 旋即他继续尝试其他丹药,无疑都有着大幅度提升,只要不是随意乱混合,效果都会有着惊人的提升。 Besides Medicinal Pill, he also tries Fusion Weapon, is several grade quite low Weapon, gets up to Fusion forcefully. Finally also really can promote Level, from Lower Grade promoted to Middle Grade! 除了丹药之外,他还尝试融合武器,即是好几把品级比较低的武器,给硬生生融合起来。结果还真的能提升等级,从下品提升到中品 This made him be convinced thoroughly, thought that Level Up Fusion system, gave his help is really too big. Should say, gives own influence help to be very big! 这让他彻底服气了,觉得升级融合系统,给他的帮助实在是太大了。应该说,给自己的势力帮助很大! Lot help is very big, although does not have Crazy Mode to be so wild, the influence that but brings is integrity. 很多东西帮助性很大,虽说没有疯狂模式那么狂暴,但带来的影响是全面性的。 This was equal to simply Blacksmithing and Pill Refining function, where also needs my Pill Refining and Blacksmithing?” Yi Tianyun has smiled, gets up Weapon Fusion of low grade, is easy to present the high grade Weapon \; After general Medicinal Pill Fusion, there is a promotion, does not need his again Pill Refining. “这简直等于个锻造炼丹功能了,哪里还需要我炼丹锻造?”易天云笑了,把低品级的武器融合起来,就容易出现高品级的武器\;一般的丹药融合之后,又有提升,都不需要他重新炼丹 Naturally, did not mean, did not need Pill Refining and Blacksmithing, better higher grade, needed Blacksmithing. He reduces effort, and some special effects. 当然,并不是说以后都不需要炼丹锻造了,更好更高品级的,还是需要自己锻造的。只是他省力很多,并且有很多特殊效果。 Most shocking, is actually Medicinal Pill. As for Fusion Stars Dharma Idol these, throughout about Unique Stars Technique, but can the major Stars Dharma Idol effects, to come to Fusion actually together, this saved a position to him actually. 最令人惊艳的,其实就是丹药。至于融合星辰法相那些,始终是合不出来独有星辰法相的,不过倒是能把各大星辰法相的效果,给融合到一块来,这倒是给他省下一个位置了。 His Stars Dharma Idol Level is higher, Stars Dharma Idol that can simultaneously erupt are more, but the position throughout is minority. After having the Fusion system, immediately saved many vacancies. 他的星辰法相等级越高,能同时爆发的星辰法相就越多,但位置始终是少数。有融合系统之后,立即就省下很多空位了。 He knew the Fusion system on the whole function, gave Fusion many things using the Fusion system, particularly in the Medicinal Pill aspect, was Fusion were more. 大体上他知道融合系统的功能了,也利用融合系统把不少东西给融合了,尤其是在丹药方面,更是融合了不少。 It can be said that Fusion one has promoted Stars Dharma Idol Level Medicinal Pill in large numbers, all prepare the ground to use for oneself influence. 可以说融合了一大批提升星辰法相等级丹药,一切都是为自己势力做铺垫所用。 Was similar, should go back one......” Yi Tianyun after Fusion ends, has not planned to make Quest with other members immediately, but is the plan goes back, these Medicinal Pill sending back. “差不多了,是该回去一趟了……”易天云融合完之后,并没有打算马上跟其他队员去做任务,而是打算回去一趟,把这些丹药给送回去。 Moreover they said to Shi Xueyun here situation, he will not announce to all people, but will tell one small some people, is worth trustworthy. 再则就是把这里的情况跟诗雪云她们说一下,他不会对所有人宣布,但会告诉一小部分人,也就是值得信得过的。 If told all people, said that does not permit to cause scared some. However he believes, all people know, that is also sooner or later matter. 要是告诉所有人,说不准会引起一些恐慌。不过他相信,所有人知道,那也是迟早的事情。 At once he comes out from the cultivation room, runs into an old acquaintance exactly, after the opposite party sees him, immediately has gawked , the vision is somewhat complex. 旋即他从修炼室中出来,恰好就遇到个老熟人,对方看到他之后,顿时愣了下,目光有几分复杂。 This person is not others, is his beforehand receiving and instructing Divine Envoy, sea rhyme Divine Envoy. 此人不是别人,正是他之前的接引神使,海韵神使 Before sea rhyme Divine Envoy, thought that Yi Tianyun is talking big, although obtains many successes below, but to her, similar talent really many. 海韵神使之前还觉得易天云就在说大话,虽说在下面获得不少的战绩,但对她来讲,类似的天才真的很多。 But Yi Tianyun is outstanding person, completes several perfect Quest really! How long time comes up, basically has attained a designated standard, was can exchange one with the integral. 易天云就是其中的佼佼者,真的完成好几个完美任务!上来才多久时间,就基本达标了,即是可以用积分兑换回去一趟了。 Especially the recent defense war, is makes the Yi Tianyun reputation broadcast, if converts perfect Quest, at least was equal to several many. 尤其是最近的守城战,更是让易天云名声远播,要是换算成完美任务,至少都等于十几个之多了。 Sea rhyme Divine Envoy, long time no see.” Yi Tianyun greeted with a smile. “海韵神使,好久不见了。”易天云笑着打声招呼道。 „A point...... sea rhyme Divine Envoy somewhat is speechless soon, this how much day of time, but is not how much year calculates, radically in a while. “一点都不久……”海韵神使有些无语,这才多少天时间,而不是多少年时间来算,根本就没过多久。 „, Not is quite long. I planned that one, does not know this time is brought to get down by you?” Yi Tianyun inquired. “嘛,是不太久。我打算回去一趟了,不知这次是不是由你来带下去呢?”易天云询问道。 Sea rhyme Divine Envoy is awkward, quite somewhat gets angry the quirk: This does not need me to lead you to get down, only needs to go to exchange that side the main hall, exchanged the corresponding thing on the line.” 海韵神使尴尬无比,颇有几分怒火道:“这不需要我带你下去,只需要前往兑换大殿那边,兑换相应的东西就行了。” She thought that Yi Tianyun in ridiculing the own initial words, initially she also thought that the Yi Tianyun a little wishful thinking, how possibly in several hundred years, can go back? 她觉得易天云就是在嘲笑自己当初的话,当初她还觉得易天云有点痴心妄想,怎么可能在几百年时间内,就能够回去? Before said that in 1000, Yi Tianyun thought was very long, over ten thousand years are impossible. Now looks, where need several hundred years, several years do not use, can go back. 之前说个1000年,易天云都觉得很久了,上万年更是不可能。如今一看,哪里需要几百年,几年时间都不用,就能回去了。 This time, but also really renovated records. 这个时间,还真是刷新纪录了。 Yi Tianyun looks the back that sea rhyme Divine Envoy departs angrily, feels somewhat strangely, this also is really bewildered, he has not gotten down, where knows under? 易天云看着海韵神使愤怒离去的背影,感到有些奇怪,这还真是莫名其妙的,他都没有下去过,哪里知道怎么下? He also thinks that lets receive and instruct Divine Envoy, oneself bringing. 他还以为又是让接引神使,把自己给带回去的。 At once he is arrives in exchange main hall, here has many treasure, can exchange. High to God Rank Martial Art(s), low Rank was some Recovery Medicinal Pill. 旋即他便是来到兑换大殿中,在这里有着不少宝物,都可以兑换。高到天帝级别武学,低的级别便是一些恢复丹药了。 Yi Tianyun has swept one, naturally has not seen the thing that anything exchanges, these need to inquire to the onstage. 易天云扫了一眼,自然是没有看到什么兑换下去的东西,这些需要到前台上询问的。 Hello, I plan to exchange to return to the Lower World number of days.” Yi Tianyun arrives at the nearby to inquire. “你好,我打算兑换回到下界的天数。”易天云来到边上就询问道。 Deacon that is responsible for registering, after hearing, stares at Yi Tianyun stubbornly a moment later, is then using the language gas channel/angrily said that was pleading: Tianyun nine, your ability is very helpful to us, has boundless prospects, we will not make you bring death, why do you also plan to leave here?” 负责登记的执事,听到之后,死死盯着易天云片刻之后,便是用着恳求的语气道:“天云九尊,你的能力对我们很有帮助,前途无量,我们也不会让你送死的,你为何还打算离开这里?” This does not have the sound is not very loud, but also made nearby Cultivator(s) hear. After they hear, wells up in abundance, Yi Tianyun surrounding watertight. 这把声音并没不是很大声,但也让旁边的修炼者听到了。他们听到之后,纷纷涌过来,把易天云给包围得水泄不通。 Tianyun nine, asking you not to get down to be good? Your ability is very helpful to here, this time many thanks to you, make many people not die.” 天云九尊,求求你别下去好不好?你的能力对这里很有帮助,这次多亏你,才让很多人没死。” Right, my younger brother hugged must die the heart, you defend the city, my younger brother affirmed!” “对啊,我的弟弟本来抱着必死之心,要不是你守住城市,我弟弟肯定死了!” I can protect you, even if I predecease, will not make you be injured!” “我可以保护你,就算我先死,都不会让你受伤!” They come to persuade Yi Tianyun, does not want to make him get down. Generally speaking, the choice exchanges the number of days, is equal to avoiding here! 他们一个个都过来劝说易天云,不想让他下去。一般来说,选择兑换下去天数的,就是等于躲避这里! Yi Tianyun quite feels reluctantly, these people feared that misunderstands anything. 易天云颇感无奈,这些人怕是误解些什么了。
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