CTTW :: Volume #1

#15: Mr. Lu Xun does not bully me honestly

Other World. 异世界 Outside cave. 山洞之外。 The weather is late, because Princess insists on waiting here, the captain and Head Maid but, have to lead the person to move in various types of tent commodities, the preparation pitched camp here simply. 天色已晚,因为公主殿下执意在此等候,船长和侍女长无奈之下,只好带人搬来了各种营帐物资,准备在这里简单地安营扎寨。 The princess bows saying: Because of my willful, made laborious.” 公主躬身道:“因为我的任性,让诸位辛苦了。” The captain beckons with the hand saying: „, It is not laborious, moreover this also for......” 船长摆了摆手道:“不不不,不辛苦,而且这也是为了……” At this point, he looks to be awkward and subtle color, looked to the direction of cave entrance. 说到这里,他面露尴尬与微妙之色,看向了洞口的方向。 Therefore......” Captain Oswald asked that how should we call that...... Chinese?” “所以……”奥斯瓦尔德船长问道,“我们应该怎么称呼那位……震旦人?” Diana sincere say/way: „ Kang De, his name was Kang De, only needed to scrupulously follow the Goethian formality and conduct, called him for Mr. Kang De, acted according to its strength and wealth in following being together 蒂娜正色道:“康德,他的名字叫康德,诸位只需要恪守歌德人的礼节与品行,称呼他为康德先生,在接下来的相处中根据其力量、财 Rich, knowledge and personal character give the corresponding courteous reception and respect, so enough. ” 富、学识与品德给予相应的礼遇和尊重,如此就够了。” Head Maid knits the brows: That is all? But after the ceremony becomes effective, by the Goethe law, he is......” 侍女长皱眉道:“仅此而已吗?但仪式生效之后,以歌德的法律而言,他就已经是……” The princess sighed, interrupted the speech of Head Maid. 公主叹了口气,打断了侍女长的发言。 I read the history book, this in society's conflict and hatred, part came from the irreconcilable demand and greedy, but another part stems from the small dispute and misunderstanding, originates from the arrogance of thinking oneself infallible “我看史书,这世间的争端与仇恨,一部分来自不可调和的诉求和贪婪,而另一部分只是起源于小小的纠纷和误会,来源于自以为是的傲 Demanding that slow and one-sided wishes , the truly friendly exchange is not the art of language is not grand of etiquette, but ponders the issue from the point of view of the other. ” 慢和一厢情愿的强求,诸位,真正友好的交流不是语言的艺术也不是礼仪的隆重,而是站在对方的角度思考问题。” She looked at managers on Head Maid and ship, said in a soft voice: „ In looks like, I truly put in the big sacrifice, favors letting Mr. Kang De shoulders the corresponding power and righteousness 她看了看侍女长与船上的管理者们,轻声道:“在诸位看来,我确实是付出了偌大的牺牲,诸位也倾向于让康德先生背负相应的权力和义 Service, this indisputable, but looks like in Mr. Kang De, on the outcomer in our suddenly island, moreover underwent a series of conflicts, even evolves for the life and death wrestles, even the hostility has not reduced and solved. ” 务,这无可厚非,但在康德先生看来,我们只是突然上岛的外来者,而且经过了一系列冲突,甚至演化为生死相搏,连敌意都没有化解。” In this case, defers to thought directly, installs some title to him, forces to install some status to him, and wishfully requests him to fulfill in his opinion the bewildered righteousness “在这种情况下,直接按照诸位的思维,给他安上某个头衔,给他强制安上某个身份,并且一厢情愿地要求他履行在他看来莫名其妙的义 The service, conducts various suggestions and requests to him, will only bring in his resistance and repugnance. ” 务,对他进行各种建议和要求,只会引来他的抗拒和反感。” The truth is this truth, but gets over an emotion is actually not able easily to get over an emotion. 道理是这个道理,但释怀却无法轻易释怀。 The captain spits to exhale slowly: The advantage that he takes, was really big, if matter spread, Goethe even Empire does not know that many young fellows must be jealous crazily such as......” 船长缓缓吐出了一口气:“他占的这个便宜,实在是太大了,事情要是传扬出去,歌德甚至帝国的不知多少小伙子要妒忌如狂……” Your Excellency Captain , my expression somewhat is possibly disrespectful.” 船长阁下,诸位,可能我的言辞有些失礼。” The princess deeply inspires, sincere say/way: „ Invited understanding, but please allow me to stress again- please must do not have such idea and mood and Mr. Kang De exchanges, said coarse 公主深吸了一口气,正色道:“请诸位谅解,但请容我再强调一点-请务必不要带着这样的想法和心情与康德先生交流,说句难听的 The words, this small advantage, is I delivers, others have not asked me to give. ” 话,这种便宜,是我自己送上去的,人家也没求着我给。” This saying to be right. 这话是对的。 Princess's resolute behavior, did not protect life of both sides, but saves the life of one's own side. 公主果决的行为,不是保护了双方的性命,而是拯救己方的性命。 Because she does not do that came by then aspect, Kang De will still kill off those present with his animal partners completely, and depended on benefits the advantage, slowly socialized, The Penguin 因为就算她不这么做,以当时的局面而来,康德与他的动物伙伴们也会将在场的人全部杀光,并且依托地利优势,慢慢周旋,将企鹅人号 Everyone kills cleanly- by him with the battle efficiency that these animals display, this matter is not too difficult. 的所有人杀个干净-以他和那些动物表现出的战斗力而言,这事儿不算太难。 Others could not need Princess to sacrifice from me. 人家根本用不上公主殿下来自我牺牲。 Therefore Diana has not spoken incorrectly. 所以蒂娜没有说错。 But...... this saying truly was too coarse. 但……这话确实是太难听了。 The gauze on Cleveland Knight head starts outward the oozing of blood. 克利夫兰骑士脑袋上的纱布又开始往外渗血。 Regarding him who pledging protects the princess, today is in the life is simply gloomiest most shame one day. 对于发誓守护公主的他来说,今天简直是人生中最灰暗最耻辱的一天。 He is protected princess's sword and shield, this time was actually protected by your highness. 他本来是保护公主的剑与盾,这次却被殿下所保护。 Cleveland Knight, be please calm.” 克利夫兰骑士,请冷静。” Princess said: „ I know in heart indignant, knows that actually this matter's cause is anything, but matter has happened, investigated that to does not have the significance mistakenly, I know the conflict 公主殿下说道:“我知道各位心中愤愤不平,也知道此事的起因究竟是什么,可事情已经发生,追究对错已经毫无意义,我知道冲突的起 Because was that several animals abducted me, but this world, was not the reasonable world. ” 因是那几只动物掳走了我,但这个世界,本来就不是讲道理的世界。” Has the strength, reasonable.” “有力量的,才有道理。” She sighed lightly: Will not reason with us like Empire, they will only use us, will not reason with us like Elf, they will only invade us......, because they have the strength.” 她轻叹道:“就像帝国不会跟我们讲理,他们只会利用我们,就像精灵不会跟我们讲理,他们只会侵略我们……因为他们更有力量。” The people are silent. 众人默然不语。 The view of your highness, really to making person , but angry. 殿下的说法,真实到令人无奈与愤怒。 May have no alternative. 可却无可奈何。 If Goethe has the strength, they do not need to wander about destitute here, how dare side Elf violates. 如果歌德有力量的话,他们根本就不必流落在此,精灵又岂敢犯边。 Ok, do not look distressed, had that big conflict, actually prevented all these promptly, has not led to the divergent conflict that is unable to close, in my opinion, is very good result. “好了,不要这么愁眉苦脸啦,发生了那么大的冲突,却及时阻止了这一切,没有酿成无法弥合的分歧冲突,依我看,已经是非常好的结果了。 The princess sees everyone mood to be low, hits the gas channel/angrily said with a smile: „A good news, after my observation, Mr. Kang De to seem like one to be able the reasonable person, this is also a good deed.” 公主见大家都心情低落,笑着打气道:“还有一个好消息,经过我的观察,康德先生似乎是一个能讲道理的人,这也是一件好事。” She counts on the fingers saying: „ Therefore, present situation, according to doing business view, is we because of making a mistake to suffer a loss, the loss is serious, at this time, an outstanding merchant should not 她扳着指头说道:“所以,现在的情况,按照做生意的说法,就是我们因为失误而吃了大亏,损失惨重,这个时候,一个优秀的商人不应 This complained about the day for this reason especially, but must accept the reality fast, and stopped the loss diligently...... ” 该为此怨天尤地,而是要快速接受现实,并且努力止住损失……” With can let the way that the person accepts, friendly and gentle win-win.” “用更能让人接受的方式,友善而平和地双赢。” Therefore, please believe me, gives me, with standpoint and principle that Mr. Kang De is together, defers to does, please tell everyone who I just said that must comply with this point.” “所以,请相信我,都交给我吧,与康德先生相处的立场和原则,就按照我刚刚说的来做,请吩咐所有人,务必要遵从这一点。” The princess is striking one's chest, showed the beautiful smile: „Can I sell a good price?” 公主拍着胸脯,露出了明媚的笑容:“我总要卖个好价钱吧?” Urged by princess's smile, several people have the numerous concerns, does the respective matter. 在公主的笑容与催促下,几人带着重重心事,去做各自的事情。 Only the princess and knight have defended here, is gazing at cave entrance. 只有公主和骑士一直守在这里,注视着洞口。 Waits for that person to come out. 等待着那个人出来。 Night wind wū wū however. 夜风呜呜然。 Suddenly, the knight said in a soft voice: Your highness, you...... are very actually unwilling.” 突然,骑士轻声道:“殿下,您其实……也很不甘心吧。” Sculpture of princess as if solidification. 公主仿佛凝固的雕塑。 The knights have not gone to look at her face. 骑士没有去看她的脸。 Because is very disrespectful. 因为很失礼。 He heard the fluid bead to crash the sound on leave of grass. 他听到了液珠坠落在草叶上的声音。 A moment later, princess's voice resounds, already no longer previous openness. 片刻之后,公主的声音响起,已经不复先前的开朗。 She in pretend open, when everyone is indignant the mood to be low, she must restrain the mood in heart, must some people maintain calm and sane. 她只是在假装开朗,在所有人都愤愤不平都心情低落的时候,她必须要克制住心中的情绪,总要有人保持冷静和理智。 Naturally...... I am certainly unwilling.” “当然……我当然不甘心了。” Defended so many years, once had many fantasies, there are many dreams, has not thought to be able like this.” “守了这么多年,也曾经有很多幻想,有很多梦,没想到会这样。” But......” “可是……” The princess said in a low voice: „ For Goethe, for father sovereign, for elder brothers and elder sisters, people that for is fighting bravely with Elf, for people of this sacrifice...... are not I 公主低声道:“可是为了歌德,为了父皇,为了兄长与姐姐们,为了所有正在与精灵奋战的子民,为了这一路牺牲的人们……已经不是我 Dies by heartbreak or the uncombed hair temperament time, I am not a child. ” 伤心欲绝或者乱发脾气的时候了,我已经不是小孩子了。” The knights are standing and waiting for a long time speechless. 骑士无言地伫立着。 He as if made a decision. 他似乎做了一个决定。 Scrupulously follows the pledge, your happiness is my happiness, all your are all my. 恪守誓言,您的幸福就是我的幸福,您的一切就是我的一切。 Knights loyal with the dignity of knight, if both have the conflict, the latter must allow to pass through to the former. 骑士的忠诚与骑士的尊严,若两者产生冲突,后者要向前者让路。 Suddenly, defends an animals tumult in cave entrance. 突然,守在洞口的动物们一阵骚动。 Two people look inspires. 两人神色一振。 It seems like, we do not need to pass the night here.” “看来,我们不需要在这里过夜了。” The knights said. 骑士说道。 The orangutan they crashed in cave entrance together, then yelled, inside is flooding the shouts of various wild animals, what the parrot shouted was Chinese, two people could not understand. 猩猩他们一起冲进了洞口,然后嗷嗷大叫,里面充斥着各种野兽的喊声,其中鹦鹉喊的是震旦语,两人是听不懂的。 Then they heard the Kang De ridiculing sound. 而后他们听到了康德的笑骂声。 „It seems like, Mr. Kang De lived a long time...... princess to say in Sacred Sealed Archipelago in a soft voice, „, only then he alone?” “看起来,康德先生在圣印列岛生活了很长一段时间……”公主轻声道,“只有他一个人吗?” The knights said: I thought that does not look like, will Chinese, how appear in Sacred Sealed Archipelago? Moreover he uses with these weapons of fight...... is not the thing that a person can manufacture.” 骑士说道:“我觉得不太像,一个震旦人,怎么会出现在圣印列岛?而且他用以战斗的那些武器……都不是一个人能制作出来的东西。” The princess as if thought of anything, turns the head to ask: Knight, you once studied in the tower of entire knowledge, had heard China has a flag- bottom color is red, on embroiders five-star?” 公主似乎想到了什么,转头问道:“骑士,您曾经在全识之塔修习,有没有听说过震旦有一种旗帜-底色为红,上绣五星?” Cleveland shakes the head saying: I experience limitedly, by me the understanding China, these Orientals is used to write the surname on the flag.” 克利夫兰摇头道:“恕我见识有限,以我对震旦的了解,那些东方人更习惯将姓氏写在旗帜上。” Diana nods gently: Yes.” 蒂娜轻轻点头:“是呢。” She previously was taken prisoner that mountain valley, saw mysterious utensil that she does not know, saw flag that flies upwards high, the design is succinct and transparent, contains an inexplicable strength faintly 她先前被掳到那个山谷,看到了很多她所不认识的神奇器物,也看到了那高高飞扬的旗帜,图案简洁而明了,却隐隐蕴含着一种莫名的力 Quantity. 量。 The mysterious animal, the mysterious altar, has never seen flag, Mr. Kang De. 神奇的动物,神秘的祭坛,从未见过的旗帜,还有康德先生。 This islands, were really full of the riddle. 这个岛屿,真是充满了谜团。 But starting today, in the future some time, she as if must deal with these riddles. 而从今天开始,在往后的一段时间内,她似乎要跟这些谜团打交道了。 She saw Kang De to walk. 她看到康德走了出来。 The body hung all over the animal. 身上挂满了动物。 On his face is the simple clean smile, and does not seem like first meeting to be like that holy, before not seeming like soon the fierceness, but has the aura of person, open beautiful, actually hidden 他的脸上是简单干净的笑容,并不像是初次见面那般圣洁,也不像是不久之前的狰狞,而是带着人的气息的,开朗明媚,却有一丝隐藏的 Sad. 忧伤。 It looks like one to have the concern actually to maintain the man of optimism. 就像是一个有心事却保持乐观的人。 I know that your background big...... the present does play the fool? I told you, I now am ignorant, where was here? What? To make me perform? Performance chicken feather, you “我就知道你们来头不小……现在装什么傻?我告诉你们,我现在还懵着呢,这里是什么地方?什么?想让我表演表演?表演个鸡毛,你 Is also hiding the truth from my anything matter, confessed a bit faster honestly, I said...... ” 们到底还瞒着我什么事儿,快点老实交代,我说……” Kang De talked endlessly toward his animal partners. 康德向着他的动物伙伴们喋喋不休。 When goes out of the cave, he then saw not far away is standing two people. 等到走出山洞,他便看到了不远处站着的两个人。 That two Different World people. 那两个异界人。 commander Bi, a beautiful woman. 一个帅逼,一个美人。 The life important matter, only kills with grass, Mr. Lu Xun does not bully me honestly. 人生大事,唯杀与艹,鲁迅先生诚不欺我。 These two fellows, almost by homicide, almost by his grass, really profound imaginary. 这两个家伙,一个差点被他杀了,一个差点被他艹了,真玄幻啊。 Kang De stands in same place, the expression is somewhat subtle. 康德站在原地,表情有些微妙。 Passed such a long time, experienced the gold/metal finger event, he has calmed down, must say that also wants to begin to kill people, that was really insufficient, the opposite seemed like does not want to continue to hit. 过了这么长时间,经历了金手指事件,他已经冷静下来了,要说还想动手杀人,那真不至于了,对面看起来也不想继续打了。 He felt like faintly, reason that oneself will awaken this gold/metal finger, not only cannot be inseparable from below that strange altar, certainly before Diana law that shines has the connection. 况且他心里隐隐觉得,自己之所以会觉醒这个金手指,不仅跟下面那个奇怪的祭坛脱不了干系,也一定跟蒂娜之前所亮起的法阵有关联。 The opposite party gave his such big present, begins to be not quite sincere again. 对方送了他这么一份大礼,再动手不太厚道。 But at heart is horizontally a thorn. 但心里还是横着一根刺。 After all soon previous life loathsome appearance wrestles. 毕竟不久之前生死相搏。 After all almost dies in these indigenous hands. 毕竟差点死在这些土著的手里。 He does not know for a while said anything. 他一时不知道说点什么。 Diana and Cleveland also look at Kang De. 蒂娜克利夫兰也看着康德 The atmosphere is somewhat awkward. 气氛有些尴尬。 Because the Chinese good image plate a face, Diana is not knowing how to open the mouth. 因为震旦人好像板着一张脸,蒂娜也不知道如何开口。 Suddenly, Cleveland stride stand forth. 突然,克利夫兰大步向前走去。 Diana one startled: Knight......” 蒂娜一惊:“骑士……” Kang De sees the opposite party to walk, tightened the body, previously this fellow shouted loudly to him, intending is very heavy, he naturally must guard. 康德见到对方走过来,也绷紧了身体,先前这家伙对他大喊大叫的,出手也很重,他自然要防备。 Never expected that Cleveland arrives at the near, deep bow. 没想到克利夫兰走到近前,深深一躬。 Sorry.” “对不起。” His sinking sound said. 他沉声道。 Kang De has been able to understand his language. 康德已经能够听懂他的语言。 I had found out the cause and effect on Princess, you entertained her by the formality of most gentleman and ensure her security, has not done any forces her matter, I also saw you leave behind at the scene “我已经向公主殿下问明了前因后果,您以最绅士的礼节招待了她,确保她的安全,没有做任何强迫她的事情,我也看到了您遗留在现场 Gift. ” 的礼物。” He said slowly: „ You come with the good intentions, we did not ask that the reason gives the violence, stands your angle, our behaviors are disrespectful crudely, I was most sincere sorry here, 他缓缓道:“您怀着善意而来,我们却不问缘由地予以暴力,站在您的角度来看,我们的行为非常失礼粗暴,我在此表示最真挚的歉意, And requested that you forgave our then anxiety and hot tempered, after all we almost lost the master who gave loyalty to follow. ” 并请求您原谅我们当时的焦虑与暴躁,毕竟我们差点失去了所效忠追随的主人。” The language appropriate to the occasion of knight is melodious, the unusual aristocrat, Kang De just learned a foreign language, hears to use energy very much-, but understood, even the apology of opposite party also one and understood. 骑士的辞令抑扬顿挫,非常贵族,康德刚刚学会了一门外语,听得很费劲-但听懂了,连对方的歉意也一并听懂了。 Then, the cause of this matter is...... 说起来,这事儿的起因是…… He turned the head to look to the mysterious animals. 他转头看向了神奇动物们。 One side animals some arrive calmly, somewhat looked to the pigeon. 动物们有些若无其事地走到一边,有些看向了鸽子。 A handful law the avid follower headed by outside pigeon showed the chaotic evil extremes smile to him. 以鸽子为首的一小撮法外狂徒向他露出了混乱邪恶的狂狷笑容。 Kang De sighed. 康德叹了口气。 Said, is the pots of these evil livestock, they were used to the island lawlessly, daily bullies the small creature...... I also to apologize to you for them, do not lower oneself to the same level with them.” “说起来,是这几个孽畜的锅,它们在岛上无法无天惯了,天天欺负小动物……我也替它们向您道歉,别跟它们一般见识。” Kang De stopped the moment, said cautiously: That, does not do right by, I started a little heavily......” 康德停顿了片刻,小心翼翼道:“那个,对不住,我下手有点重了……” His such saying, the knight thought that own head pains. 他这么一说,骑士又觉得自己的脑袋隐隐作痛。 A little was truly heavy...... 确实有点重了…… He also can only say: All right, in that case, you do not need to show mercy.” 他也只能说:“没事,在那种情况下,您无需手下留情。” Therefore again awkward silence. 于是再度冷场。 Diana looks at these two men to look at each other speechless, suddenly feels somewhat interesting. 蒂娜望着这两个男人对视无言,突然觉得有些有趣。 Mood also good a point. 心情也好了一点。 She thinks with Kang De just met, Coca-Cola and happy event potato chips that his smile, his chastity, he takes, as well as other very delicious thing. 她不禁想到了与康德刚刚见面的时候,他的笑容,他的纯洁,还有他所拿出来的可口可乐与乐事薯片,以及其他很好吃的东西。 In cool night wind that in comes slowly, looks at present, Diana suddenly was feeling, matter that today has, as if not that bad...... 在徐徐而来的清凉夜风中,望着眼前的这一幕,蒂娜突然觉得,今天所发生的事情,似乎也没有那么糟糕……
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