CPID :: Volume #29

#2850: First later Jin dynasty step

Fang Bai with raising the Yuan pill master leaves the day of Qilin city, flies to raises the Yuan gate. 方白随着养元丹师离开天麟城,飞往养元门。 great power God King and allows naturally to travel together with them. 大威神王和容容自然是与他们同行。 Raises the Yuan gate series xian surrounding area 100,000 li (0.5 km), the region that is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream, is refreshingly quiet and comfortable, the supernatural power fills the air, and is planting a lot of wonder drugs, is an extremely good cultivation sacred place. 养元门统衘方圆十万里,所在的地域依山傍水,环境清幽,神力弥漫,且种植着大量神药,是一处极佳的修炼圣地。 Raises the Yuan pill master to return to the first matter in gate, then convenes various group of disciples, announced joining of Fang Bai to them. 养元丹师回到门中的第一件事,便是招集各路弟子,向他们宣布了方白的加入。 Then he is in front of tens of thousands of disciple, receives Fang Bai for officially own passes on the disciple. 然后他又当着成千上万弟子的面,正式收方白为自己的亲传弟子。 Before raising the Yuan pill master, has received several aptitude good passes on the disciple, but has no to pass on the disciple to receive the treatment like Fang Bai. 养元丹师之前也收过几个资质不俗的亲传弟子,不过却没有哪个亲传弟子受到过像方白这样的待遇。 Raises the Yuan pill master to know before own several will pass on the disciple to refuse to accept, therefore made Fang Bai reveal technique of the refine the pill of immortality at the scene. 养元丹师知道自己之前的几个亲传弟子会心生不服,于是当场让方白显露了一番炼丹之术。 Raises Yuan pill that several to pass on the disciple, each one aptitude are good, has the achievements on the say/way of refine the pill of immortality, therefore is supercilious. 养元丹师的那几名亲传弟子,个个资质不俗,在炼丹之道上颇有建树,因此心高气傲。 Saw that the teacher brings back to a Junior Brother from outside, moreover gave the unprecedented treatment to this Junior Brother, although on their mouths did not say, but at heart definitely is not happy. 看到师尊从外面带回一名师弟,而且对这个师弟给予了前所未有的待遇,他们嘴上虽然不说,但心里肯定是不痛快的。 However after as Fang Bai exposes surpassed the techniques of their many refine the pills of immortality, they are then sincerely convinced. 不过随着方白展露出了超出他们许多的炼丹之术后,他们便心服口服了。 They have not thought, this young young Junior Brother, the technique of refine the pill of immortality is so unexpectedly extraordinary, sees what one never saw before simply, hears something never heard of before, if given time, surpasses the teacher also possibly to have. 他们没想到,这个年纪轻轻的小师弟,炼丹之术竟如此非凡,简直就是见所未见,闻所未闻,假以时日,赶超师尊也不是没有可能。 After official apprentice ceremony, Fang Bai then becomes one of the disciples raising the Yuan gate. 经过正式的拜师仪式后,方白便成为了养元门的弟子之一。 But raises the Yuan pill master also to defer to the commitment, closes up after that some time, fused God King boundary good fortune pill of blood of chaos for great power God King refinement. 而养元丹师也依照承诺,在其后的一段时间里闭关,为大威神王炼制融合了混沌之血的神王境造化丹。 Facts showed, God King boundary good fortune pill refines is not really easy, even if raises Yuan pill master grade of God King boundary senior refine the pill of immortality master, still consumed in January/one month fully the time as well as five five face human form grass, this refines a God King boundary good fortune pill. 事实证明,神王境造化丹炼制果真不易,即便是养元丹师这等神王境高阶炼丹师,也整整耗费了一月时间以及五株五颜人形草,这才炼制出一颗神王境造化丹来。 After raising the Yuan pill master goes out, attains that God King boundary good fortune pill's great power God King, exciting tears. 当养元丹师出关之后,拿到那颗神王境造化丹的大威神王,激动的老泪纵横。 great power God King, you this compounded drug clothing/taking, close up to cultivate! Good luck!” “大威神王,你把这颗丹药服下,闭关修炼去吧!祝你好运!” Raises God King boundary good fortune pill who the Yuan pill master will refine to give great power God King, said with a smile. 养元丹师将炼制出的神王境造化丹交给大威神王,笑着说道。 After great power God King thanks, then in the middle of raising the mystical place of Yuan gate closes up, attacks the new boundary. 大威神王一番感谢之后,便在养元门的一处秘境当中闭关,冲击新的境界。 If he attacks the God King boundary high rank success, then the life can lengthen for over a thousand years. 如果他冲击神王境高阶成功,那么寿元能够延长上千年。 If failed, his also dozens years may live. 如果失败,他也有数十年时间可活。 So long as he can attack the God King boundary high rank success in several years again, his life can still significantly lengthen. 只要他能在数十年时间内再次冲击神王境高阶成功,那他的寿元依然可以大大延长。 In the days that in great power God King closes up, Fang Bai is also accepting to raise Yuan pill direction training. 而在大威神王闭关的这段日子里,方白也在接受养元丹师的指点调教。 To train own successor Fang Bai, raises the Yuan pill master to spare no effort, poured into the painstaking care on Fang Bai. 为了将方白培养成自己的继承人,养元丹师不遗余力,在方白身上倾注了大量心血。 He also understands, must raise the Fang Bai refine the pill of immortality level, must first make the Fang Bai boundary cultivate/repair to promote. 他也明白,要提升方白的炼丹水平,首先要让方白的境界修为提升上来。 Therefore during the say/way of instruction refine the pill of immortality, raises the Yuan pill master also personally for the say/way of explanation cultivation, simultaneously will save many years of god pill to put out, takes to Fang Bai. 所以在传授炼丹之道的同时,养元丹师也亲自为方便讲解修炼之道,同时将自己积攒多年的神丹拿出,给方白服用。 Raising the Yuan pill master after all is the God King boundary senior powerhouse, not only the say/way of refine the pill of immortality is quite wise, but also the strength is also powerful, under he unretentive direction training, the Fang Bai the strength and refine the pill of immortality technique to be above raises the speed that the Yuan pill master expects to progress fast. 养元丹师毕竟是神王境高阶强者,不但炼丹之道极为高明,而且实力也非常强大,在他毫无保留的指点调教之下,方白的实力和炼丹之术都在以超乎养元丹师预料的速度飞快进步着。 As the Fang Bai say/way companion, raising the Yuan pill master when is the say/way of Fang Bai explanation cultivation, appearance/allow appearance/allow also audits fortunately. 作为方白的道侣,养元丹师在为方白讲解修炼之道时,容容也有幸旁听。 appearance/allow appearance/allow is the innate spirit root, perception strange tall, has followed the grandfather great power God King cultivation previously, the foundation is hitting extremely reliably, therefore her progress compared with Fang Bai also slowly many. 容容是先天灵根,悟性奇高,此前一直跟随着爷爷大威神王修炼,根基打得极为牢固,因此她的进步比方白也慢不了多少。 A year later, raises the Yuan gate three mystical places, had the intense aura to release, changes to the shock-wave to scatter in all directions. 一年之后,养元门三处秘境,先后有强烈气息释放出来,化作冲击波四散。 Fortunately several mystical places have the strategy fetter, therefore a shock-wave provisions Yuan gate has not caused anything to lose. 所幸几处秘境都有阵法束缚,因此冲击波并未给养元门造成什么损失。 Their three, this was the promote step!” “他们三个,这是都晋阶了啊!” Raises Yuan pill master spiritual conciousness to sweep that three mystical places, in the eye has revealed the exclamation joyful color. 养元丹师神识扫过那三处秘境,目中流露出惊叹欣喜之色。 He goes out raises the Yuan palace, stands before the palace, is waiting for Fang Bai and great power God King and appearance/allow appearance/allow the arrival. 他走出养元殿,站在殿前,等着方白、大威神王、容容的到来。 Shortly, three god of journeys rainbows, fly from three different directions, falls before raising the Yuan palace. 没多久,三道神虹,自三个不同方向飞来,落在养元殿前。 great power God King, congratulations!” “大威神王,恭喜!” Raised the Yuan pill master to hold holding the fist in the other hand to great power God King that first is flying, saying of whole face happy expression. 养元丹师对着第一个飞来的大威神王抱了抱拳,满脸笑意的说道。 great power God King at this moment, has been able with the God King boundary senior powerhouse who he are treated equally, he was unable to overlook the attitude and its dialogue of weak one with the powerhouse again. 此刻的大威神王,已经是能够与他平起平坐的神王境高阶强者,他已经无法再用强者俯视弱者的态度与其对话。 great power God King just the promote step, thinks that own life lengthens from this millenniums, is filled with joy, haha laughs saying: Same to you! Same to you!” 大威神王刚刚晋阶,想到自己的寿元由此延长千年,满心欢喜,“哈哈”大笑道:“同喜!同喜!” He finishes speaking, second arrives at the god rainbow to fly. 他话音刚落,第二到神虹又已经飞到。 This god of journeys rainbow, is Fang Bai. 这道神虹,正是方白 Fang Bai this time is promoted by the Venerable God boundary to the Venerable God boundary middle rank preliminarily , after is many years of accumulation, the matter of successing when conditions are ripe. 方白这次由神尊境初阶晋级至神尊境中阶,也是多年积累之后,水到渠成之事。 He noticed that great power God King with raising the Yuan pill master stands, induces the powerful aura that on great power God King released, knows that he already success promote step, the life is extended significantly, is overjoyed. 他看到大威神王与养元丹师站在一起,感应到了大威神王身上释放出的强大气息,知道他已成功晋阶,寿元得以大大延长,不由大喜过望。 He first toward raising the Yuan pill master bows to salute slightly, then said to great power God King: great power God King, congratulated the promote step!” 他先是向着养元丹师微微躬身行礼,然后对大威神王道:“大威神王,恭喜晋阶!” Was lucky your priest and disciple help one another!” “多亏了你们师徒两人相助!” On great power God King face cannot conceal the happy expression. Fang Bai and raises the Yuan pill master, delivered him the blood of chaos, refined God King boundary good fortune pill for him, has the benevolence to him. 大威神王脸上掩饰不住笑意。方白和养元丹师,一个送了他混沌之血,一个替他炼制了神王境造化丹,对他都有恩情。 His vision sweeps obsolete from Fang Bai, said joyfully: Your also promote step! Rare rare!” 他的目光从方白身上扫过时,欣然道:“你也晋阶了啊!难得难得!” He knows that Fang Bai has extremely powerful jumping the ranks challenge ability, seems like that only a promote step small boundary, but the promotion in strength is unquantifiable. 他知道方白拥有着极其强悍的越级挑战能力,看似只晋阶一个小境界,但在战力上的提升却难以估量。 Can not say exaggeratingly, now has the Venerable God boundary middle rank are repairing for Fang Bai, in the Venerable God boundary is invincible existence. 可以毫不夸张的说,如今只是拥有着神尊境中阶修为的方白,在神尊境界已经是无敌的存在。 During speeches, already promote step Venerable God boundary senior appearance/allow appearance/allow, flies to fall before their bodies. 说话之间,已经晋阶神尊境高阶的容容,也飞落在他们身前。 Grandfather and Fang Bai, your promote step!” “爷爷、方白,你们都晋阶了啊!” Accommodated induces more powerful than many aura before from Fang Bai and grandfather, above the elegant face, was full of the happy expression immediately. 容容从方白和爷爷身上感应到了比之前强大了许多的气息,俏脸之上,顿时充满笑意。 I, although the promote step, was compared with you, was weak a small boundary!” “我虽然晋阶,可是和你相比,还是弱了一个小境界啊!” Fang Bai is sighing the say/way. 方白叹息着道。 I, although compared with you a small boundary, but our two, if hits, I can only candidly admit defeat!” “我虽然比你强了一个小境界,但咱们两个若是打起来,我只能甘拜下风!” After appearance/allow appearance/allow and Fang Bai become a companion, had the thorough understanding regarding Fang Bai, knows that his jumping the ranks challenge ability had the multi- evildoer/monstrous talent, let alone is present, was-and-a-half God King, feared that was hard to suppress Fang Bai. 容容和方白结为道侣后,对于方白算是有了彻底的了解,知道他的越级挑战能力有多妖孽,别说是现在的自己,便是一名半步神王,怕是都难以压制住方白 Your three first later Jin dynasty step, this was really matter of the great happiness. When I convene in the high level, arranges the banquet, we congratulate the congratulations quite!” “你们三个先后晋阶,这实在是件大喜之事。待我召集门中高层,摆下宴席,咱们好生庆贺庆贺!” Raises Yuan pill master saying of a laugh. 养元丹师笑呵呵的说道。 Disciple who although great power God King and appearance/allow appearance/allow do not raise the Yuan gate, but they and Fang Bai relate significantly, in the future can also become boost that raises the Yuan gate. 虽然大威神王和容容并非养元门的门人,但他们与方白关系匪浅,将来也能成为养元门的助力。
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