CPID :: Volume #29

#2835: 9 cauldron God King

Fang Bai and appearance/allow appearance/allow, great power God King these three big powerhouses ride the wind vulture, when rushes to the main star Heavenly Dao star of Heavenly Dao galaxy, is accepting the challenge of another God King boundary powerhouse on nine tripods God King. 方白、容容、大威神王这三大强者乘坐风雕,赶到天道星系的主星天道星时,正逢九鼎神王在接受另一名神王境强者的挑战。 Outside two big God King boundary powerhouses' in the middle of Heavenly Dao star starry skies, hit intense, the surrounding area ten thousand li (0.5 km), do not dare to have the powerhouse to approach. 两大神王境强者在天道星外的星空当中,打的激烈至极,方圆万里,不敢有强者靠近。 Fang Bai this is the first time that saw nine tripods God King in great power God King mouth. 方白这是第一次见到大威神王口中的九鼎神王 He just started not to understand why nine tripods God King this honorific titles come, at this time was clear, originally this nine tripods God King, but also really has nine cauldron shape divine tools. 他刚开始还不明白九鼎神王这个尊号因何而来,这时才明白,原来这九鼎神王,还真的拥有九件鼎状神器。 That nine big cauldron, plain heavy/thick, fills with the vicissitudes aura, surrounded in his body week, formed a strict defense, how whatever the opponent attacked swiftly and fiercely, is unable to break open the defense that his body week nine big cauldrons formed. 那九尊大鼎,古朴厚重,充满沧桑气息,在他身周环绕,结成了一道严密的防御,任凭对手攻击如何凌厉,都无法破开他身周九尊大鼎结成的防御。 When he attacks, that nine big cauldron like will dislodge loudly, the hit opponent finds it hard to cope with, cannot attend to one thing without losing track of another thing. 而在他进攻之时,那九尊大鼎会如连珠炮般轰然撞出,打的对手应接不暇,顾此失彼。 Fang Bai also has five groups of mothers air/Qi the cauldron, therefore saw that the cauldron shape divine tool will pay attention especially, is air/Qi the cauldron to compare in secret mutually with five groups of mothers. 方白也拥有一件五行母气鼎,因此看到鼎状神器都会格外关注,然后暗中与自己的五行母气鼎相互比较一番。 He discovered, although that nine tripods God King nine god cauldrons seem like oneself five groups of mothers air/Qi the cauldron to be honored, but actually lacked a plain vigorous say/way rhyme. 他发现,虽然那九鼎神王的九尊神鼎看起来比自己的五行母气鼎尊贵华丽,但却缺少了一种古朴雄浑的道韵。 But that rhyme, is five groups of mothers air/Qi the true might of cauldron to be. 而那股道韵,才是五行母气鼎的真正威力所在。 „The Fang Bai boy, rests goes ahead and guesses, whom this does fight to win?” 方白小子,休猜猜看,这一战谁能赢?” great power God King has a mind to test to teach Fang Bai, asking of maintaining composure. 大威神王有心考教一下方白,不露声色的问道。 Nine tripods God King can win!” “九鼎神王能赢!” Fang Bai almost then has not replied hesitant. 方白几乎没怎么犹豫便答道。 great power God King said: So is why assured?” 大威神王道:“为什么这么笃定?” Fang Bai is saying with a smile: That nine tripods God King is your life-and-death friendship, he and that powerhouse war, but you have no tense anxious color, this had not proven he can win? Your solemn God King boundary middle rank cultivate/repair are, won't always be mistaken?” 方白笑着道:“那九鼎神王是你的生死之交,他与那强者大战,而你却没有任何紧张焦虑之色,这不是已经证明了他能赢吗?你堂堂神王境中阶修为,总不会看走眼吧?” great power God King taps the head, hehe is saying with a smile: Your this boy is astute enough, unexpectedly was looked by you! Right, this fights if as expected, nine tripods God King won!” 大威神王一拍脑袋,“嘿嘿”笑着道:“你这小子够精明的,居然被你看出来了!没错,这一战如果不出意外,九鼎神王赢定了!” He finishes speaking, the nine tripods God King opponent then offered a sacrifice to another divine tool. 他话音刚落,九鼎神王的对手便又祭出了另一件神器。 That is a five chi (0.33 m) blade divine tool, passes the purple glow all over the body, the knife has the electricity snake to coil around, sends out to incite sound, unexpectedly is a thunder and lightning attribute divine tool. 那是一把五尺长的刀型神器,通体透着紫芒,刀身有电蛇盘绕,发出“滋滋”声响,竟是一把雷电属性的神器。 After this divine tool offers a sacrifice, well-matched both sides, presented the potential of strong and weak immediately. 这神器祭出之后,原本旗鼓相当的双方,顿时呈现强弱之势。 A weak side, naturally is nine tripods God King. 弱的一方,自然是九鼎神王 Originally nine tripods God King has nine god cauldrons to protect, has to attack to defend, does not drop the wind, after the opponent offers a sacrifice to that thunder and lightning divine tool, then be was suppressed the condition. 本来九鼎神王有九尊神鼎相护,有攻有守,丝毫不落下风,不过在对手祭出那件雷电神器后,便处于被压制状态。 Nine tripods old, tries harder, do not defeat!” “九鼎老儿,加把劲,可别败了啊!” great power God King voices to shout outside the thousand li (500 km). 大威神王在千里之外发声喝道。 Two big God King boundary powerhouse showdowns, the pressure divergence ten thousand li (0.5 km), the shock-wave is astonishing, other powerhouses hid beyond ten thousand li (0.5 km), had the ability self-preservation. 两大神王境强者对决,威压幅散万里,冲击波更是惊人,其他强者都躲到了万里之外,才有能力自保。 But great power God King as the God King boundary powerhouse, the nature fearless, Fang Bai and appearance/allow appearance/allow under his asylum, close to two big God King boundary powerhouse showdown battlefields surrounding area thousand li (500 km) about. 而大威神王身为神王境强者,自然无惧,方白和容容在他的庇护之下,也靠近到了两大神王境强者对决战场的方圆千里左右。 Hears great power God King drinking sound, the nine tripods God King spirit inspires, haha laughs saying: I consider anyone, originally was great power old you comes! However, the father is busy now, may have no free time to entertain you!” 听到大威神王的喝声,九鼎神王精神一振,“哈哈”大笑道:“我当是谁,原来是大威老儿你来了!不过,老子现在正忙,可没空招待你!” Their old the mutual name, is actually not angry angrily, obviously good of relations. 他们两个一口一个“老儿”的相互称呼,却都不生气恼怒,可见关系之好。 great power God King said: You first have to have no free time to entertain the father leave alone, saved own poor life to say again.” 大威神王道:“你先别管有没空招待老子,保住自己的小命再说。” Nine tripods God King said: David old, you full mouth talk nonsense! Can't speak an auspicious speech? Do you become the father to be silly? Really must not can be victorious, at the worst father surrenders to admit defeat!” 九鼎神王道:“大卫老儿,你满口放屁!就不能说句吉利话?你当老子傻啊?真要打不过,大不了老子投降认输!” In the middle of God World, under normal conditions, a powerhouse initiates the challenge to another powerhouse, if the opposite party admits defeat, Challenger then must give up attacking. 神界当中,通常情况下,一名强者向另一名强者发起挑战,对方若是认输,挑战者便要放弃攻击。 If did not admit defeat by Challenger, even if that falls from the sky finally, still can only take as bad luck, Challenger does not need to shoulder any responsibility. 若是被挑战者绝不认输,那么就算最后陨落,也只能自认倒霉,挑战者无须担负任何责任。 Why he said with a smile: You, if admits defeat, but could not make inferiorly small is lord, could not enjoy the continuous cultivation resources to consecrate. Do you really give up?” 他为什么笑道:“你若认输,可就做不成下等小系主了,也享受不到源源不断的修炼资源供奉了。你真舍得?” Nine tripods God King said: Nonsense! Although the father clings to inferiorly this small is the position of lord, but cares about own life!” 九鼎神王道:“废话!老子虽然贪恋这下等小系主之位,但更在乎自己的性命!” He is speaking, dazzling purple glow flashes through the starry sky, an opponent blade cuts, brings thousand zhang (3.33 m) fearsome blade glow, carries the astonishing thunder and lightning supernatural power. 他正说着话,一道耀眼紫芒闪过星空,对手一刀斩来,带起千丈长的可怖刀芒,携着惊人的雷电神力。 Nine tripods God King sees that knows that the opposite party uses the full power, wanting complete(ly) Qigong in this to strike, therefore calls out one, double is sharp-eyed the glow to jump shoots, the nine tripods combine into one, keep off in oneself top of the head starry sky. 九鼎神王见状,知道对方倾尽全力,想要毕其功于这一击,于是暴喝一声,双眼精芒迸射,九鼎合而为一,挡在自己头顶上方的星空中。 „!” “嗵!” A deafening sound, the starry sky shivers, mixes the severe impact wave of thunder and lightning supernatural power to disperse violently, in ten thousand li (0.5 km) besides great power God King and Fang Bai and allows to sweep away the surrounding area. 一声震响,星空颤动,混合着雷电神力的强烈冲击波激散而出,将方圆万里之内除了大威神王方白和容容之外的一切横扫一空。 great power God King offers a sacrifice to own divine tool, defused the influence of shock-wave, protecting Fang Bai and allowed to be impassible. 大威神王祭出自己的神器,化解了冲击波的影响,保护了方白和容容不受伤害。 But nine tripods God King was miserable, nine god cauldrons that he combines into one, pinch the long blade of thunder and lightning supernatural power to divide to cut in that collapses, changes into the nine tripods again, immediately was raised by his opponent single-handed, puts in the bag. 而九鼎神王就惨了,他合而为一的九尊神鼎,在那挟着雷电神力的长刀劈斩下,崩溃开来,再次化为九鼎,随即被他的对手单手一扬,收入囊中。 You...... also my cauldron!” “你……还我鼎来!” That nine god cauldrons, are the divine tools that nine tripods God King obtains laboriously, after the sacrifice refining up becomes the personal divine tool. 那九尊神鼎,是九鼎神王辛辛苦苦得到的神器,经过祭炼之后又成为贴身神器。 The personal divine tool with his master is usually closely linked, once the divine tool were damaged or is destroyed, his master will be affected somewhat, even causes heavy losses has the possibility. 贴身神器通常与其主人息息相关一旦神器受损或被毁去,其主人多多少少都会受到影响,甚至重创都有可能。 The nine tripods God King nine god cauldrons were confiscated by the opponent, was equal to that the Achilles'heel was grasped by the enemy, if the opposite party wants to harm him, only need ruin that nine god cauldrons can. 九鼎神王的九尊神鼎被对手没收,等于命门被对方拿住,倘若对方想要伤害他,只需将那九尊神鼎毁掉便可。 Therefore, saw that nine god cauldrons were received, nine tripods God King is greatly anxious, the eyeball immediately becomes scarlet, bellows to throw to the opposite party, wants to recapture own Venerable God. 因此,看到九尊神鼎被收,九鼎神王大急,眼珠子顿时变得赤红,大吼着向对方扑去,想要夺回自己的神尊 Nine tripods old, is not crude!” “九鼎老儿,莫要鲁莽!” great power God King sees that is startled, thought nine tripods God King had the divine tool a moment ago in situation, in addition is not the opponent, so throws empty-handed, certainly will suffer a loss. 大威神王见状,不由大吃一惊,心想九鼎神王刚才有神器在的情况下,尚且不是对手,这般空手扑过去,一定会吃大亏。 At that moment, he does not think anxiously, before the figure illness/quick rushes, blocked the nine tripods God King way. 当下,他不急多想,身形疾冲上前,挡住了九鼎神王的去路。 great power old, you go away!” “大威老儿,你滚开!” Nine tripods God King is red the eye to shout. 九鼎神王红着眼睛喝道。 great power God King sees his so appearance, then knows that this matter was hard to be friendly, the forced smile said: Nine tripods old, you calm is one first good? You felt, by your present condition, can recapture the divine tool?” 大威神王见他如此模样,便知道此事难以善了,苦笑道:“九鼎老儿,你先冷静一下好不好?你觉得,以你现在的状态,能夺回神器吗?” Nine tripods God King deeply breathed several, restored some reason finally, but the anger is still full, points at the opponent saying: I look that helplessly the divine tool was won by him?” 九鼎神王深深呼吸了几下,总算是恢复了一些理智,但依然怒气满满,指着对手道:“难道我就眼睁睁看着神器被他夺走?” great power God King said: But you now at all were not his opponent, continued to hit, with losing one's life not different!”. 大威神王道:“可你现在根本不是他的对手了,继续打下去,与送命无异啊!”。 Nine tripods God King said: My personal divine tool, if did not have, with dying and having what difference? great power old, be not keeping off me, let me and he spells!” 九鼎神王道:“我的贴身神器若没了,与死又有何区别?大威老儿,你别挡着我,让我和他拼了!” Their two, want to go all out to recapture oneself divine tool, does not let, refused to compromise. 他们两个,一个想要拼命夺回自己的神器,一个坚决不让,就这么僵持了起来。
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