BDM :: Volume #15

#1467: Hesitant

Regarding not having maintaining life ability, itself frailly chaser and abyss, normal, that explosion enough had wanted their lives a moment ago. 对于没有保命能力,本身又脆弱的‘狩猎者’和‘深渊’而言,正常来讲,刚才那一下的爆炸已经足够要他们的命了。 However, since knows oneself are vulnerable, how also not to have prepared. 不过,既然知道自己脆弱,又怎么不会没有准备。 Yes, they goods that the ability that although has not maintained life, actually maintains life usefully. 是的,他们虽然没有保命的能力,却有用来保命的物品。 At this time in mao Wei hand light dust bracelet is gloomy, close to without the light, it almost used up inside the energy of storage, saved the life of master reluctantly ; Similarly, child raises on the neck a necklace gradually to turn into the ashes, it similarly is special goods, in exploded to make this abyss live fiercely, oneself actually replaced the master to be destroyed. 此时卯薇手上的‘光尘’手镯已经暗淡,接近无光,它几乎用光了里面储存的能量,才勉强保住了主人的性命;同样,子昂脖子上一条项链逐渐变成灰烬,它同样是件特殊的物品,在刚才的剧烈爆炸里让这个‘深渊’活了下来,自己却代替主人被毁灭。 Two people do not have to relax with enough time, then in respective heart one cold. 两人没来得及松口气,便各自心中一凛。 Child raised to rub curse person to throw rapidly occasionally toward the distant place, mao Wei made the figure glitter reluctantly, at the same time, a bullet that is twining the electric light, as well as a winding had the hot arrow of air current, from the different directions, shot toward two people electricity. 子昂迅速地搓了个‘诅咒人偶’往远处扔去,卯薇则勉强让身形闪烁了下,与此同时,一枚缠绕着电光的子弹,以及一根缠绕有气流的火矢,从不同的方向,朝两人电射而来。 Bullet that is twining the electric light the position that was at from mao Wei a moment ago has delimited, the twinkling goes far away, breaks open does not know many constructions, finally vanishes. 那枚缠绕着电光的子弹从卯薇刚才所在的位置划过,瞬息远去,一路破开不知道多少建筑,最终消失。 That has the air current to surround the hot arrow that flies to curse person occasionally the direction, sees here, child Ang Hemao Wei relax. Actually at this time, that arrow Yakami's air current erupted suddenly, in midway changed, speed-up, in the electric light flint, pulled out the red light, the nail enters the mao Wei's chest together, spent from her back. 那有气流环绕的火矢则飞向‘诅咒人偶’的方向,看到这里,子昂和卯薇都松了口气。却在这时,那箭矢上的气流突然爆发,中途变向、增速,在电光火石之间,拉出一道红光,钉进卯薇的胸口,从她的背后破出。 What's the matter ........ mao Wei stared in a big way the eye, at this time she knows, original two by the attack of wind, aimed at her! “怎么回事........”卯薇瞪大了眼睛,这时她才知道,原来两名逐风者的攻击,都指向了她! The blood of big mouth gushes out from the mouth, but, the powerhouse of day step, will basically exert the protection in the important organ. Mao Wei is no exception, although that arrow arrow pierced her body a moment ago, and rushes to her heart to go, fortunately was established the energy barrier on heart by her shoves open, does not have the direct hitting a target heart. 大口的鲜血从嘴里涌出,不过,天阶的强者,基本上都会在自己重要的器官施加保护。卯薇也不例外,尽管刚才那根箭矢洞穿了她的身体,并且是奔着她的心脏而去,所幸被她设置在心脏上的能量屏障推开,没有直接射中心脏。 But this to her, is the extremely serious wound. 可这对她来说,也是极为严重的创伤。 Moreover, now the energy barrier of organ had vanished, was hit again, really dies. 而且,现在器官的能量屏障已经消失了,再被击中,就真的没命。 Mao Wei who the mouth spurts the blood called out sad and shrill: Child raises, shields me!” 口喷鲜血的卯薇凄厉叫道:“子昂,掩护我!” Child raises without delay, release stellar profundity, lets the violent ape and negligent bear appears again, and lets envy the big snake to pick up mao Wei, just made all these, on the nighttime sky appears gorgeously, but fatal arrow rain. 子昂二话不说,释放星蕴,让暴猿和怠熊再次出现,并且让嫉妒大蛇托起卯薇,刚做出这一切,夜空上就出现绚丽但致命的箭雨。 Flutters about but below arrow rain, covers the block that two people were, quick that loses curse person occasionally on minute/share to more than ten stellar profundity arrow arrows, but more arrow arrows fall on two people, and arrow arrow number that obvious mao Wei attracts are more. 纷飞而下的箭雨,覆盖了两人所在的街区,很快那个丢出去的‘诅咒人偶’就分到十几根星蕴箭矢,但更多的箭矢则落在两人身上,并且明显卯薇吸引到的箭矢数量更多一些。 Meanwhile, charged bullets from come in all directions, across the protection of suddenly/violently Yuanhe negligent bear, pursues the mao Wei monkey to shoot. 与此同时,一颗颗带电子弹从四面八方呼啸而来,穿过暴猿和怠熊的保护,追着卯薇狙射。 Envies the big snake plate to have snake, is protecting mao Wei, was rumbled black by these ambushes air/Qi tumbles, the body is tattered and torn. 嫉妒大蛇盘起蛇阵,保护着卯薇,被这些狙击轰得黑气翻滚,身体千疮百孔。 Mao Wei is covering the chest, at this time her the heart shook the wound, the body shooting to putting on, has been incapable of attacking again, can only rely on reluctantly to the judgment small scope movement body of trajectory. 卯薇捂着胸口,此时她心脏震伤,身体给射了个对穿,已经无力再攻击,只能够勉强凭借对弹道的判断小幅度地移动身体。 Even if there is a protection that the child raises, even oneself help oneself unceasingly diligently, but these wrong bodies, but the bullet, the plow on her makes a debut as before the covered with blood wound. 即使有子昂的保护,即使自己不断努力自救,但那些错身而过的子弹,依旧在她身上犁出道道血肉模糊的伤口。 Child raises is avoiding the arrow rain at the same time, often turned into one flock of ravens to move by oneself, but he raised the head each time, will see that two ‚the eye of hunting and killing is staring at two people. 子昂一边躲避着箭雨,不时让自己化成一群渡鸦移动,但每次他抬起头,都会看到两颗‘猎杀之眼’正盯着自己两人。 He looked at next mao Wei, in the heart appeared a thought: I should drop out her to retreat! 他看了下卯薇,心中浮现一个念头:我应该抛下她撤退! This thought once were reappeared, is unable to suppress again it, after all now seems like, opposite party two by the main objective of wind are mao Wei, if gives up her, oneself should have a big probability to escape from fierce Yang Bao. 这个念头一经浮现,就无法再将其抑制下去,毕竟现在看起来,对方两个逐风者的主要目标是卯薇,如果放弃她的话,自己应该有不小机率逃出烈阳堡。 Fierce Yang Bao was really terrifying! 烈阳堡真是太恐怖了! They think, the true resistance of this assassination should be forest Jianping, has not thought, the fierce Yang Bao strength is so unexpectedly fierce. 原本他们以为,这次刺杀的真正阻力应该是林剑屏本人,可没想到,烈阳堡的战力竟然如此凶猛。 Oneself comes enough six day steps! 自己这边可是来来足足六位天阶啊! Unexpectedly this was also analyzed, is hard to shield with the coordination mutually. 居然这样还被拆分开来,难以互相掩护跟配合。 Child pledged, if can escape, later kills him not to enter the fierce Yang Bao half step again. 子昂发誓,如果能够逃得出去,以后打死他也不会再走进烈阳堡半步。 his here, fierce Yang Bao with the restricted area of brilliance fort same degree! 在他这里,烈阳堡就是跟光辉堡同等程度的禁地! Also is round of arrow rain bombing. 又是一轮箭雨轰炸。 In the arrow rain, charged bullets do not have the limit the same as raid probably to mao Wei. 在箭雨中,一颗颗带电子弹像是没有止境一样地袭向卯薇。 Suddenly, in child Ang heart has the police trillion, he knew the machine curse person to lose prepared well occasionally, a charged bullet hits immediately that person occasionally. 突然,子昂心中生出警兆,他知机地将一个准备好的‘诅咒人偶’丢了出去,一枚带电子弹立刻命中那人偶。 Looks own curse person vanishes into thin air occasionally. 看着自己的‘诅咒人偶’烟消云散。 Child raises remembers a matter suddenly, he is patronizing protection mao Wei, actually put in the unshielded condition by oneself. At this time, if two killed itself by wind full power ........ 子昂突然想起一件事,他光顾着保护卯薇,却让自己置于无保护的状态里。这个时候,如果两个逐风者全力袭杀自己........ He looks toward mao Wei. 他不由朝卯薇看去。 On envying the head of big snake rolls, mao Wei cannot bear and gushes out a blood, at this time, she saw the child to raise towards oneself looks like, that dark pouche obvious man, on the face appeared hesitant. 在嫉妒大蛇的脑袋上一滚,卯薇忍不住又涌出一口鲜血来,这时,她看见子昂朝自己看来,那个黑眼圈明显的男人,脸上浮现犹豫。 Mao Wei guesses correctly immediately the thoughts of child raising, called out immediately: No, do not give up me!” 卯薇立刻猜到了子昂的心思,当下叫道:“不,不要放弃我!” Child raises as if awakening from a dream, clenches teeth fiercely, suddenly/violently Yuanhe the negligent bear removed, envies the big snake to raise under his foot, three black foreign matters escort him to depart fast. 子昂如梦初醒,猛地咬牙,暴猿和怠熊撤了回来,嫉妒大蛇在他脚底下升起,三只黑色异物护送着他快速离去。 But in child raises throws down the mao Wei's instance, arrow arrows, bullets, as if have the foresight early, all aims at mao Wei. Mao Wei evades several arrow vector sum bullets reluctantly, was hit the arm, hit the thigh, finally the chest and head also blossom, the huge impulse made her look like a cloth doll to flutter, then fell the ground. 而在子昂丢下卯薇的瞬间,一根根箭矢,一颗颗子弹,仿佛早有预见般,全都指向卯薇。卯薇勉强躲过几根箭矢和子弹,就被击中了手臂,击中了大腿,最后胸口和脑袋同时开花,巨大的冲击力让她像一个布娃娃般飘了起来,接着又摔到了地上。 Her chest fluctuates fiercely, then cuts the frequency slowly, finally stopped the breath. 她胸膛剧烈起伏,接着缓缓降低频率,最后停止了呼吸。 Even if a day of step, under the heavy losses has not shielded, cannot escape two absolutely by killing of wind! 纵使是天阶,重创之下没有掩护,也绝对逃不过两名逐风者的狙杀! However, to kill mao Wei, Luo Du and thousand rainbows can only let off that abyss, wants to leave behind these two simultaneously, basically is very difficult to achieve. 不过,为了狙杀卯薇,罗度和千虹就只能放过那名深渊,想要同时留下这两人,基本上很难做到。 Even, if child agrees goes all out, perhaps the opportunity leads mao Wei to leave together. 甚至,如果子昂肯拼命的话,说不定还有机会带着卯薇一起离开。 What a pity, 12 the member is only because the common goal and same benefit walk in the same place, child raised is willing to shield the companion a moment ago, could have been called has conscience. 可惜,‘十二支’的成员仅是因为共同目标和相同利益走在一起,子昂刚才肯掩护同伴,已经称得上有‘良心’了。 ........ ........ Honk toot toot. 嘟嘟嘟。 The eyeglasses of twelfth branch uncle dragon exude the weak warning sound, on the lens, one group of data appears. 亥伯龙的眼镜发出微弱的报警声,在镜片上,一组数据浮现出来。 This air of scholarly refinement very thick man complexion slightly changes, he noticed that represents the mao Wei's life characteristics to enull. 这个书卷气很浓的男子脸色微微一变,他看到代表着卯薇的生命特征已经归零。 But before then, he has known, Chen tiger is at the losing contact condition suddenly, ugly good and child raised escaped from the fortress. 而在此之前,他已经知道,辰虎突然处于失联状态,丑良和子昂则先后逃出了堡垒。 Now still in the fortress, is only left over him and at midnight. 现在仍在堡垒里的,就只剩下他和午夜。 Misjudged seriously...” He lifted under the eyeglasses on bridge of the nose, looks the front that throws over the red cape selects the female high, how, my proposition do you consider how?” “严重失算了...”他抬了下鼻梁上的眼镜,看着前面那披红色斗篷的高挑女子,“怎么样,我的提议你考虑如何?” Surrender .... “投降....” Scarlet brave said with the incoherent commonly used language off and on: Master ........ the agreement surrenders ........., but, has the condition ........ to lose the consciousness ......... 赤英用拗口的通用语断断续续地说道:“主人........同意投降.........不过,有条件........丧失意识.........” The twelfth branch uncle dragon knits the brows: Your meaning is, if I want to surrender, can give up resisting, making you knock down?” 亥伯龙皱眉道:“你的意思是,如果我想投降,就得放弃抵抗,让你打晕?” Scarlet brave puts out a character from the mouth unemotionally: Is...” 赤英面无表情地从嘴里吐出一个字:“是...” Before this is Tian Yang acts tonight, in advance explains her, the ancient human body has not realized, but the counter fungus of her within the body under the management of minute/share brain, will carry out all instructions that Tian Yang issues. 这是天阳今晚行动前预先交待她,古尸没有意识,但她体内的逆界真菌会在分脑的管理下,执行天阳下达的一切指令。 The twelfth branch uncle dragon looks again to a groups of data that on the eyeglasses demonstrates: If revolts, the massacred probability is very high. Without the army, my strength fell short greatly, the thing that was used to withdraw also used up ........ 亥伯龙再次看向眼镜上显示的一组组数据:“如果反抗的话,被杀掉的机率很高啊。没有军队,我的战力大打折扣,用来脱身的东西也用完了........” He sighed, the nod said: Good, I accept this condition, hopes that you can also keep the commitment.” 他叹了口气,点头道:“好吧,我接受这个条件,希望你们也能够遵守承诺。” In any event, a day step vanquisher, believes to your master, to that city lord should also many uses.” “无论如何,一位天阶的‘征服者’,相信对你的主人,对那位城主应该还有不少用处。” Scarlet brave has not said a word again, carries the golden light bright big sword to walk step by step. 赤英没再言语,扛着金光灿烂的大剑一步步走来。 Although on the mouth complies, but in fact, twelfth branch uncle dragon at heart also in hesitant, but also is struggling. 虽然嘴上答应,但实际上,亥伯龙的心里还在犹豫,还在挣扎。 When scarlet brave from the also three steps distances, the twelfth branch uncle dragon understands suddenly, at the speed of scarlet brave, clearly can but instantaneously. But she actually steps on at a moderate pace step to walk, this is clearly testing him, looked whether he will renege on a promise. 等赤英距离自己还有三步的距离时,亥伯龙突然明白,以赤英的速度,分明可以瞬间而至。但她却踩着不紧不慢的步伐走过来,这分明是在考验他,看他是否会反悔。 In other words, others do not fear him to renege on a promise! 也就是说,人家根本不惧他反悔! Thinks of this, the fist that the twelfth branch uncle dragon gets hold of slightly loosens little, the stellar profundity entire contraction to within the body, will expose by the passive condition in front of scarlet brave. 想到这,亥伯龙微微握紧的拳头一点点地松开,将星蕴全收缩至体内,以无抵抗的状态将自己暴露在赤英面前。 Scarlet brave lifted the hand, chops fiercely. 赤英抬起了手,猛地劈下。 The twelfth branch uncle dragon lost the consciousness all of a sudden. 亥伯龙一下子丧失了意识。 ........ ........ In crevice. 里夹缝。 The grayish white mist surges and revolve all of a sudden, and spurts toward all around, the mist that but should be blown off, and end vanishes, they stay in all around tenaciously, but is unable to be close to that battle qi the eruption place. 灰白的雾气一下子涌动、旋转、并朝四周喷开,但原本应该被吹散的雾气,并末就这么消失,它们顽强地停留在四周,只是无法接近那斗气爆发的地方。 There, the whole body is the Chen tiger of blood stimulates to mump, is releasing own meteorology. 那里,满身是血的辰虎激发所有斗气,正释放自己的气象。 His present image is distressed, in the fight, his nose destroying, the right hand small arm bone fracture, the rib did not know several. 他现在形象狼狈悲惨,在刚才的战斗里,他的鼻子给打碎了,右手小臂骨折,肋骨更是不知道断了几根。 Had not dropped down , because he used the strength of muscle to live in the bone fixedly, this is supporting reluctantly. 仍没有倒下,是因为他用肌肉的力量固定住骨头,这才勉强支撑着。 With the release of his meteorology, all around white fog gradually caught blood red, in him behind, huge ominous beast that then presents hill, this ominous beast empty shadow all over the body blood red, as if had just soaked the blood plasma. Its mouth half, reveals sharp sharp white tooth, on that tooth is also dropping not the real blood, as if sticks the meat scraps/condescend. 随着他气象的释放,四周的白雾逐渐染上了一层血红,在他身后,则出现一头小山似的庞大凶兽,这凶兽虚影通体血红,仿佛刚浸泡过血浆。它嘴巴半张,露出一根根尖利锋锐的白牙,那牙齿上还滴着不真实的血液,并似乎粘有肉屑。 Its several are staring at Peter like the magma eye. Dyce Munk, ominous beast each breath, its body surface these mysterious patterns will send out the red light slightly. 它几颗如同岩浆般的眼睛正盯着彼德.戴斯蒙克,凶兽每一次呼吸,它体表那些神秘的花纹都会微微散发红光。 This time Chen tiger, murderous aura to the extreme richly, his both hands opened, on lifted slightly, in the ground then raised blood-color sword light. 此时的辰虎,一身杀气浓郁到了极点,他双手张开,微微上抬,地面上便升起了一道道血色剑光。 Another side, has ‚the strongest fist Peter. Dyce Munk has not actually shown his meteorology, this makes Chen tiger have to plant by the feeling of contempt. 另一边,有‘最强之拳’的彼德.戴斯蒙克却没有展现他的气象,这让辰虎有种被轻视之感。 However in fact, Chen tiger misunderstood, at present this Peter. Dyce Munk only projects, because Tian Yang is not very familiar with him, therefore is unable to reappear his meteorology final weapon. 不过事实上,辰虎误会了,眼前这个彼德.戴斯蒙克仅是投影,由于天阳对他不够熟悉,因此无法再现他的气象‘最终兵器’。
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