AOP :: Volume #3

#229: laws of water regains consciousness

Capital City. 京城。 Jufulou. 聚福楼。 This building hollow, the private room theater box is surrounding a stage, in those days was used to perform the storytelling, now the person of practicing martial art gathers, then makes the arena temporarily sufficiently. 此楼中空,雅座包厢环绕着一座高台,往日用来唱戏说书,如今习武之人汇聚,便临时充做了擂台。 On the stage a man and a woman just paid in full the hand, holds the fist in the other hand respectively the retreat. 台上一男一女刚交完手,各自抱拳后退。 Your excellency gold/metal wind claw is truly effective, many thanks shows mercy!” The females receive Sword Dao. “阁下的金风爪确实威力不凡,多谢手下留情!”女子收剑道 Erroneous approved, the expensive/noble school of autumn waters swordsmanship lives up to reputation!” The men said. “谬赞了,贵派秋水剑法名不虚传!”男子道。 The females sighed: Pitifully I send the autumn waters swordsmanship latter three type already to be lost, otherwise I may use three moves, this time compares notes the victory and defeat unknown.” 女子叹道:“可惜我派秋水剑法的后三式已经失传,否则我可多用三招,此次切磋胜负未知。” Very much so, I once saw in the ancient book saying that the autumn waters swordsmanship latter three moves can make the Milky Way whereabouts, changes into the cold ice element sword to incur, is quite magnificent, what a pity already is lost in the flames of war.” The male also regret said. “正是如此,我曾见古书上说,秋水剑法后三招可以令天河下落,化为寒冰元素剑招,颇为壮观,可惜已经在战火中失传。”男子也遗憾道。 Two people silently went to the arena. 两人默默的下了擂台。 Liu Ping sits on the seat of corner, closed eyes to think the moment said in a low voice: 柳平坐在角落的座位上,闭目想了片刻低声道: With the true meaning of this set of swordsmanship, its all swords incurs is gathering the strength for the final three type upholstery, all lowers until the element, can each other collude, blooms at one fell swoop radiance.” “以此套剑法的真意,它所有的剑招都在为最后三式铺垫蓄力,直到元素全部降下,便可彼此勾连,一举绽放光华。” Must be such three moves......” “应当是这样三招……” He stretches out a finger, the point point gently under the table draws. 他伸出一根手指,在桌子下面轻轻的点点画画。 Moment. 须臾。 Zhao Pinghe suddenly walks, pats his shoulder saying: Brother Liu, some people must fight with you, how we urged not to listen.” 赵平河忽然走过来,拍着他肩膀道:“柳老弟,有人非要与你交手,我们怎么劝都不听。” Liu Ping received the finger, catches the eye to look. 柳平收了手指,抬眼望去。 Sees only fatty arms to hold the broadsword, the direct acting comes, shouts loudly: What cannot receive to incur? I do not believe that have the skill to clash me to come.” 只见一个胖子怀里抱着大刀,一路直行而来,大声嚷道:“什么叫收不住招?我不信,有本事就冲我来。” Liu Ping stands, holds the Fist Dao: Observes Liu Ping below lark, is your excellency?” 柳平站起来,抱拳道:“在下百灵观柳平,阁下是?” Crazy blade gate, Guo to rush!” The fat people said. “狂刀门,郭冲!”胖子道。 The people encircle, urged several, unsuccessful. 众人都围过来,劝了几句,未果。 Liu Ping smiles, said: My Qilin cutting causes unable to receive, but my another type, the named phoenix comes the meter, acts without authorization to move aside to organize, if you can catch up with me, then calculates you to win, how?” 柳平笑了笑,说道:“我的麒麟斩使出来收不住,但我另有一式,名为凤来仪,专擅躲闪腾挪,你若能赶上我,便算你赢,如何?” Good!” A fatty compliance. “好!”胖子一口应允。 My make a move truly cannot receive, likely the utensil of damage this building, you must be responsible for losing money.” Liu Ping said. “我出招确实收不住,很可能损毁此楼的器物,你要负责赔钱。”柳平道。 Said so many, where looks like the person of our practicing martial art.” The fatty faint smile said. “说这么多,哪像我们习武之人。”胖子似笑非笑道。 You lose money, my make a move.” Liu Ping persists in saying. “你赔钱,我就出手。”柳平坚持道。 Ok, all damage I to compensate! Comes to fight with me quickly, looked that I break your lark to observe blade technique!” The fat people called out. “行,一切损毁我来赔!快来与我交手,看我破你百灵观刀法!”胖子叫道。 Might as well obey orders respectfully.” Liu Ping said. “恭敬不如从命。”柳平道。 Two people figure one vertical, falls in the arena. 两人身形一纵,落在擂台上。 Come, how I must have a look at you to withdraw but actually!” The fat people exhibit to brunt, as if wants over a thousand to hold Liu Ping momentarily. “来吧,我倒要看看你怎么脱身!”胖子摆出冲势,仿佛随时都要上千抓住柳平 Liu Ping grips the long blade, extracts slowly, the whole person disappears suddenly. 柳平握住长刀,缓缓抽出,整个人忽然消失。 The fat people are startled. 胖子一怔。 Sees the entire arena to change to the sea of fire suddenly, a loud sound breaks entire restaurant all chinawares. 忽见整个擂台化作火海,一声巨响震碎整个酒楼所有瓷器。 Stop, Liu Ping!” “住手啊,柳平!” Receives the hand quickly!” “快收手!” The people shout with one voice. 众人齐声喊道。 The fat people, clenched teeth saying: Mediocre, when my —— 胖子顿了顿,咬牙道:“不过如此,待我—— His sound stops suddenly. 他的声音戛然而止。 But sees a figure to have dozens meters fierce fireworks phoenix to drill fully from Void, is opening a pair of blazing double pupil, the observing closely fatty of occupying a commanding position. 但见一只身形足有数十米的烈焰火凤从虚空钻出来,睁着一双炽烈双眸,居高临下的盯住胖子。 Entire restaurant starts to burn. 整个酒楼都开始燃烧。 The Liu Ping sound resounds from the hot phoenix suddenly: 柳平的声音突然从火凤中响起: Pursues me —— other to remember that loses money to restaurant, can not repudiate a debt.” “来追我吧——另外记得给酒楼赔钱,不得赖账。” Bang!!! 轰!!! The hot phoenix soars, rushes to the top of restaurant, hits large cave/hole, with the wind above rising typhoon. 火凤腾空而起,冲上酒楼之顶,撞开大洞,随风扶摇之上。 The fat people just about to jump the leap, received the movement. 胖子刚要腾身飞跃,又收住了动作。 —— that hot phoenix soars to go above Azure Nether, only leaves behind one long, drags the flame that entrains. ——那火凤在青冥之上腾飞而去,只留下一条长长的、拖拽的火光。 Such technique, is wonderful, how can catch up? 如此之技,已是神乎其神,如何能追得上? In restaurant, a silence. 酒楼之中,一片寂静。 The storekeepers run suddenly, bringing the weeping voice saying: everyone, fire fighting, fire fighting!” 掌柜突然跑出来,带着哭腔道:“各位,救火啊,救火!” The people seem awakening from a dream, hurry to summon the Water of Five Elements fire fighting. 众人如梦方醒,赶紧召唤五行之水灭火。 The youth of several named heads jump onto the arena, surrounding the fatty saying: Settled a moment ago, the loss of this restaurant you must compensate!” 几名为首的青年跃上擂台,围住胖子道:“刚才说定了的,这酒楼的损失你要赔!” The fat people one looked toward all around, see only entire restaurant almost already to burn. 胖子朝四周一望,只见整个酒楼几乎都已经燃了起来。 His one soft, sits on the ground, muttered low voice: 他脚下一软,一屁股坐在地上,小声喃喃道: How to receive again does not stop...... is also insufficient this......” “再怎么收不住手……也不至于这样啊……” Zhao Pinghe cold snort/hum, disdains saying: If a moment ago the Qilin cut, your already died, few idle talk, drew cash!” 赵平河冷哼一声,不屑道:“刚才若是麒麟斩,你已经死了,少废话,拿钱来!” City east. 城东。 auspicious clouds Daoist temple. 祥云道观。 Liu Ping received the flame of colorful phoenix, falls gently light, enters the view gate. 柳平收了彩凤之焰,轻飘飘落下来,走进观门。 Two disciples go forward to give regards: 两名弟子上前问好: Small Younger Uncle-Master you came back.” “小师叔你回来了。” Small Younger Uncle-Master, Sect Master in you.” “小师叔,掌门在等你。” The Liu Ping nod said: Good, my goes.” 柳平点头道:“好,我这就去。” wait a moment, small Younger Uncle-Master.” 等一下,小师叔。” Un?” “嗯?” When you have free time, whether to advise our, we induce five elements always to have something go wrong.” “您什么时候有空,可否指教我们一番,我们感应五行总是出岔子。” Liu Ping looks at the facial expression that two people worship, said with a smile: Good, waited to have free time I to come to compare notes with you.” 柳平看着两人崇拜的神情,笑道:“好,等有空了我就来与你们切磋切磋。” Two disciples have a scare, said repeatedly: Comparing notes does not dare to compare notes, you had a look for us in the one side on the line.” 两名弟子吓了一跳,连声道:“切磋是不敢切磋的,您在一旁替我们看看就行了。” Good, good.” “好,好。” Liu Ping turns around to walk toward the view, crosses several main halls and side halls along the rock road, crossed a bridge, has walked along the winding corridor back and forth in the lake surface, pavilion until center of the lake place. 柳平转身朝观内走去,沿着石路越过几处大殿、偏殿,又过了一座桥,在湖面上沿着曲折来回的长廊一直走,直至湖心处的凉亭。 Master, I came back.” 师父,我回来了。” Liu Ping holds the fist in the other hand to salute to say. 柳平抱拳行礼道。 In the pavilion, the lark observes Sect Master Li Ganyang to discuss official business with several Elder, at this time matter already said, Elder stood then to walk. 凉亭中,百灵观掌门李乾阳正在与几位长老议事,此时事情已经说完,长老们站起来便走了。 Liu Ping, you sit.” Li Gan way of yang. 柳平,你过来坐。”李乾阳道。 Yes.” “是。” Liu Ping walks, sits on the Master side chair, first poured out one cup of tea to Master, to oneself a large bowl, gurgle gurgle the one breath drank up. 柳平走过去,坐在师父身边椅子上,先给师父斟了一杯茶,又给自己倒了一海碗,咕嘟咕嘟一口气喝光。 Has seen various sect youth talents?” Li Gan way of yang. “见过诸门派的青年才俊了?”李乾阳道。 Yes.” Liu Ping said. “是。”柳平道。 But compares notes?” Li Gan Yangguan heart said. “可有切磋?”李乾阳关心道。 stretch/open Pinghe said that I fight to receive do not stop, moreover my blade pulls out to have roaring flame suddenly/violently Ming, numerous Elder Brother elder sister looks at this situation, then teaches me to watch in the one side, cannot be out.” Liu Ping said truthfully. “张平河说我打架收不住手,况且我刀一拔出来就有烈焰暴鸣,众位哥哥姐姐一看这情况,便教我在一旁观看,不许下场。”柳平如实说道。 Li Ganyang laughs. 李乾阳大笑起来。 Some little time, he claps hands saying: Had declined since past five elements, the general strength division only remains three classes: Inward flow, expert and grandmaster.” 好一会儿,他抚掌道:“自昔日五行衰落以来,通用的实力划分只剩三个阶层:入流、高手、宗师。” By your five elements resonance talent, the flame might is counted the top standard in expert sufficiently, even can stain side of grandmaster ; But shortly after you cross the threshold, the heart law and style inward flow, cannot only be beginners, just like the young boy to control the hot horse, naturally no one dares to compare notes with you.” “以你的五行共鸣天赋,火焰威力足以算作高手中的顶格,甚至能沾上宗师的边儿;但你又才入门不久,心法与招式尚未入流,只能算是初学者,犹如幼童驾驭火马,自然无人敢与你切磋。” Liu Ping sighed: I practice 100 Qilins to cut every day, now already has the progress, but said that they do not believe.” 柳平叹气道:“我每天都练一百遍麒麟斩,如今已经颇有长进,但说出去他们都不信。” How called the spirit blade technique second type to practice?” Li Ganyang asked. “唤灵刀法第二式练得怎么样了?”李乾阳问。 „Does phoenix come the meter? I just caused to fly the sky, half double-hour falls, various sect Elder Brother elder sisters saw.” Liu Ping said. “凤来仪?我刚使出来就飞上天空,半个时辰才落下来,各门派的哥哥姐姐都看到了。”柳平道。 The phoenix comes the meter. 凤来仪。 This type calls spirit blade technique to cause, then in the shape of roaring flame manifestation to become Huofeng, will adhere to stick cohere behind the person, roams through Grand Void at will, round trip such as wind fire, may shout offending somebody. 这一式唤灵刀法使出来,便会以烈焰具现成火凤之形,附着在人背后,随意遨游太虚,来去如风似火,亦可呼之伤人。 Li Ganyang is one laughs, shakes the head saying: They dare to compare notes to be strange with you!” 李乾阳又是一阵大笑,摇头道:“他们敢跟你切磋才怪!” Liu Ping the look, held the Fist Dao: Matter that Master, my previous time said that how do you look?” 柳平正了神色,抱拳道:“师父,我上次说的事情,您看如何?” Li Gan way of yang: You must revive the school for the friend, this I do not have the opinion, but how do you plan to do?” 李乾阳道:“你要替朋友重振流派,这我没有意见,但你打算怎么做?” Gets down their Fist Arts inheritance.” “把他们的拳法传承下去。” How to accept the disciple?” “如何收徒?” Common people common people, everyone all may practice boxing, so everyone all strong and healthy body, expels sickness to cut down weakly, the farming from being popular, the fearless wild animal, with may draw back evilly, was not misled.” “黎民百姓,人人皆可练拳,如此人人皆强身健体,祛病伐弱,农事自兴,无惧野兽,遇邪可退,不受蛊惑。” Li Ganyang hesitates saying: Our major sect, must observe the disciple disposition virtue, after passing through completely, dares to award military study —— this is feared that transmitted incorrectly the person, instead becomes the disaster.” 李乾阳沉吟道:“我们各大门派,必观弟子心性才德,全部过关之后才敢授予武学——这是怕传错了人,反成祸患。” Liu Ping said: Fist wins lineage/vein, only has the blood to well up the fist to hand down from generation to generation, this fist does not have might, only may strong and healthy body.” 柳平道:“拳胜门一脉,唯有血涌拳传下来,此拳无甚威力,仅可强身健体。” Li Gan way of yang: Accepts the disciple with it specially, you so do would rather, one can bring honor to the fist to win lineage/vein, the two benefitting world, this is the greatly good matter.” 李乾阳道:“与其专门收徒,倒不如你这般做,一者可以弘扬拳胜门一脉,二者造福天下,此乃大善之事。” —— you from do, the demand in wealth manpower, directly from view.” ——你自去做吧,钱财人手方面的需求,直接从观内出。” Liu Ping is happy: Many thanks teacher!” 柳平喜道:“多谢师尊!” Li Ganyang said with a smile: Then, your named slow Sheng friend, under the dwelling place of the dead may also close one's eyes, no one may say that again your fickle widowed righteousness, this to you, to sect is also the good deed.” 李乾阳笑道:“如此一来,你那名为徐胜的朋友,九泉之下也可闭眼,再无人可说你薄情寡义,这对你,对门派也是好事。” Liu Ping nods, sets out good a ritual then. 柳平点点头,起身行了一礼便去了。 Li Ganyang sat a meeting, hesitates saying: This matter has bright prospects, my lark view reputation will reveal.” 李乾阳又坐了一会,沉吟道:“此事大有可为,我百灵观名声将显。” ...... …… Liu Ping spent one all day, sought place in the lively streets and alleys. 柳平花了一整天,在繁华街巷寻了一处地。 So-called can make the ghost turn a millstone richly. 所谓有钱能使鬼推磨。 The lark view supports behind him, greatly caused money, the entire dojo establishes quickly. 百灵观在他背后撑腰,又大把的使了钱,整个武馆很快建立起来。 Liu Ping stands in the dojo, grasps a pen, wells up Fist Arts the blood the draw fist shape, labelled in the one side transported the law of merit. 柳平站在武馆中,手持一杆笔,将血涌拳法一式一式的画出拳形,又在一旁标注了运功之法。 Quick. 很快。 The entire blood wells up the Fist Arts to appear on the wall of dojo. 整部血涌拳法出现在武馆的墙上。 Has followed the lark view disciple who he handles matters saying: Small Younger Uncle-Master, your dojo constructs, must cause a stir in the entire Capital City.” 一直跟随他办事的百灵观弟子道:“小师叔,你这座武馆一建,恐怕要轰动整个京城。” Makes one think so?” Liu Ping said. “何以见得?”柳平道。 martial arts is the extremely precious knowledge, various factions are always value the broom as one's own, does not have to study to the average person like this publicly.” The disciple said. “武功是极其宝贵的知识,各门各派从来都是敝帚自珍,从没有这样公开给普通人修习。”那弟子道。 Liu Ping said: high-level martial learn/study truly cannot to the disposition bad person study, otherwise damages certainly a side, this blood wells up the Fist Arts actually not to fear.” 柳平道:“高等武学确实不能给心性差的人学,否则一定为害一方,这门血涌拳法却不怕。” He gets to the entrance of dojo, writes down fist to win gate on the doorway tablet three large characters. 他走到武馆的门口,在门匾上写下“拳胜门”三个大字。 Three flying of dragons and dancing of phoenixes large characters fall decide. 三个龙飞凤舞的大字落定。 Liu Ping received the pen, sighed: slow Sheng, I complied with your matter already to achieve.” 柳平收了笔,叹口气道:“徐胜,我答应你的事已经做到了。” But I raise your fist to win lineage/vein military study incessantly for you, for the world person.” “但我扬你拳胜门一脉武学不止为你,也为天下人。” Starting today, everyone can study the fist!” “从今天起,所有人都能学拳!” He crosses the hands behind the back toward the numerous who out of the door surrounds sends the disciple to say. 他负手朝门外围观的众派弟子道。 In a twinkling. 霎时间。 The small character of rows of combustion appears fast in Void: 一行行燃烧的小字飞快浮现在虚空中: Your already made up the Fist Arts: The blood wells up, and publicizing widely.” “你已经补完了拳法:血涌,并将之广为宣扬。” assignment: The water of outset starts to obtain the progress, the laws of water strength starts to regain consciousness.” 任务:起始之水开始获得进度,水之法则的力量开始苏醒。” laws of water is stronger, you are then stronger, one such as laws of fire.” “水之法则越强,你便越强,一如火之法则。” Attention:” “注意:” laws of you obtained water manifestation thing.” 你获得了水之法则具现物。” Please continue to make up all the knowledge and inheritance of being lost, made its rallying system, enlightened world all living things.” “请继续补完所有失传的知识和传承,令其重整体系,教化天下众生。” Liu Ping thought suddenly the bosom were many a thing. 柳平忽然觉得怀里多了一物。 —— seems like a book. ——好像是一本书。
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