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#228: Receives does not stop

Since the cults have arrived. 自从邪教降临以来。 In several hundred years, the monster evil thing can always use all kinds of methods, either misleads the person to join the cults, either assassinates expert in secret, either parasitic in body of person of martial cultivation. 在数百年间,妖邪之物总能施展出各种各样的手段,要么蛊惑人加入邪教,要么暗中刺杀强者,要么寄生在修武之人的身上 The experience of innumerable blood and tears, makes human deep. 无数血和泪的经验,都让人类深深戒惧。 Therefore. 所以。 When Liu Ping displays the Qilin cuts, because cannot control the style, the hot Qilin swoops that consecrates to the ruined temple midpoint to wish the friendly idol. 柳平施展出麒麟斩之时,由于控制不住招式,以至于火麒麟飞扑向破庙正中央供奉的那座祝融神像。 Takes place accidentally, the idol could not bear. 事出意外,神像忍不住动了一下。 Is this —— 就是这一下—— In the main hall, Li Sect Master and Zhao sect from vanishes together with two sect five Elder same place. 大殿中,李掌门、赵宗门连同两个门派五位长老从原地消失。 They sphere to wish the friendly idol, extracts the weapon, exclaimed with one voice: 他们围住祝融神像,抽出兵器,齐声吼道: Kills!” “杀!” Under curtain of night. 夜幕下。 The entire temple explodes loudly, the roaring flame and cold ice change to the one after another chaotic dance the light shadow to disperse such as the star rain in the sudden downpour. 整座庙轰然爆开,烈焰与寒冰化作一缕缕乱舞的光影在骤雨中散如星雨。 Liu Ping rides the wind after retreats, the vision narrows the eyes. 柳平乘风朝后退去,目光微眯。 He sees that colossus besieges by two Sect Master and five Elder full power, was hit to be caught off guard. 他看见那个庞然大物被两位掌门和五位长老全力围攻,被打了个措手不及。 Very good. 很好。 Like this hits, evil thing certain death without doubt. 就这样打下去,邪物必死无疑。 Only what is feared is —— 唯一可虑的是—— Why will it wait for gains without pains in this? 它为何会在此守株待兔? Liu Ping has turned the head, in the mountain forest toward darkness, cliff, ravine stream and pitched slope one after another sweeps off. 柳平转过头,朝黑暗中的山林、悬崖、涧流、石坡一一扫去。 Suddenly. 忽然。 In a bamboo grove, floats the dense and numerous small characters quietly: 在一片竹林之中,悄然漂浮出密密麻麻的小字: Evil bone Lurker.” “邪骨潜伏者。” Evil bone Lurker.” “邪骨潜伏者。” „......” “……” Originally has the ambush, once in the temple goes well, Human Race was routed, outside bamboo grove will launch the surprise attack, annihilates everyone. 原来是有埋伏,一旦庙里面得手,人族被击溃,外面的竹林就会发动突袭,将所有人歼灭。 A Liu Ping figure show/unfolds, in the hand on the long blade all roaring flame completely extinguish. 柳平身形一展,手中长刀上所有的烈焰全然熄灭。 The long blade turns over to the sheath. 长刀归鞘。 His whole person integrates in the night rain, silent riding the wind falls toward the bamboo grove. 他整个人融入夜雨之中,无声无息的乘风朝竹林滑落过去。 Thump! 咚! He falls before the bamboo grove, pulls out to shake the long blade gently. 他落在竹林前,将长刀抽出来轻轻一抖。 Saw only bunch of flame to jump from the knife point. 只见一簇火苗从刀尖上跳了出来。 Can help cover up? I want to maintain the strength as far as possible, does not want to make others know a strength of 15-year-old little fellow, after all I just now enter sect.” “能帮忙遮掩一下吗?我想尽量保存实力,不想让别人知道一个15岁的小家伙的实力,毕竟我才刚进门派。” Liu Ping said. 柳平道。 That flame jumped jumping. 那火苗跳了跳。 —— —— Distant place. 远处。 In the temple hears the fierce violent whining noise, the flame rushes to the clouds, is shining upon the sudden downpour in nighttime sky. 庙宇中传来剧烈的暴鸣声,火光冲上云霄,映照着夜空中的骤雨。 The scene was chaotic to the extreme immediately, the disciples could not take care of oneself, level high point hurrying rushed to sphere the temple, frequently prepares to participate in the attack. 场面顿时混乱到了极点,众弟子自顾不暇,水准高一点的赶忙冲上去围住庙宇,时刻准备参与进攻。 Boils the flame that wells up to rupture the sparkle unceasingly, flashes on and off erratically, shines upon the monster fierce form. 沸涌的火光不断爆裂闪耀,明灭不定,映照出怪物狰狞的身影。 expert walk randomly back and forth, often emits a stream of to kill to incur. 高手们来回游走,不时放出一道道杀招。 The evil thing is whooshing, wants to submerge the darkness again, but does not have the opportunity again. 邪物嘶吼着,想要再次潜入黑暗,但再也没有机会。 The people gather round the temple, lifts up high the flare. 众人围着庙宇,高举火把。 Everyone attention centralized in evil thing body, therefore then no one notices the Liu Ping situation. 所有人注意力都集中在邪物身上,于是便没有人注意到柳平的情况。 Does attractiveness.” Liu Ping approved one, receives the blade to walk into the bamboo grove. “干的漂亮。”柳平赞了一声,收刀走入竹林。 The wind long rain is anxious. 风长雨急。 Wooded mountain like big wave. 山林如涛。 Liu Ping in bamboo grove walks, while said: Come, since you want to play the ambush, we are good fun, what kind of?” 柳平在竹林中一边走,一边说道:“来啊,既然你们想玩伏击,我们就好好玩一场,怎么样?” The sound of rustling sound blows following the wind sound/rumor. 悉悉索索的声音顺着风声吹来。 The evil thing moved. 邪物们动了起来。 Liu Ping smiles, the figure flashes, submerges in the jungle, vanishes under the camouflage of dim light of night. 柳平笑了笑,身形一闪,没入密林中,消失在夜色的遮蔽之下。 Evil thing moves restlessly, scatters in all directions, is seeking for the Liu Ping trail. 邪物们一阵躁动,四散开来,寻找着柳平的踪迹。 A breath. 一息。 Two breaths. 两息。 Three breaths. 三息。 After —— enough dozens breaths . ——足足数十息后。 Liu Ping stands in bamboo grove depths, in the hand the long blade pricks in a head of evil thing. 柳平站在竹林深处,手中长刀刺入一个邪物的头颅中。 The knife shakes, the head of evil thing explodes immediately. 刀身一震,邪物的头颅顿时爆开。 The small character of two lines of combustion appears fast: 两行燃烧的小字飞快浮现: Fire of Destruction assignment is well underway.” 毁灭之火任务进展顺利。” „The death of evil thing by the flame incinerator, will be melted catches fire the laws mighty force.” “邪物的死亡将被火焰焚烧,化作火之法则的伟力。” Liu Ping sweeps, sighed: 柳平一眼扫完,叹口气道: Rarely meets to make an opponent normally, this feeling is really good.” “很少遇到能正常打一场的对手,这感觉实在是好。” In his. 在他脚下。 All monster had been cut the head, falls down, the headless corpse is flowing the bloody water. 所有怪物都已被切下了头颅,倒在地上,无头尸体汩汩流淌着血水。 The flame floats motionless in the knife point, such as the candle of night, 火光在刀尖漂浮不动,如夜之烛, Eye pupil that as if gazes at Liu Ping. Burns down the corpse, to discover, can achieve?” The Liu Ping urging said. 仿佛一只注视柳平的眼瞳。“把尸体烧光,不要让人发现,能做到吗?”柳平叮嘱道。 The flame jumped jumping. 火光跳了跳。 Good, good work.” “好,辛苦了。” Liu Ping received the blade, turns round to walk toward the bamboo grove outside. 柳平收了刀,回身朝竹林外走去。 In him behind, underground gushes out the flame red lotus that a does not have any strength fluctuates, binds all monster, gradually melting completely. 在他身后,地下涌出一朵没有任何力量波动的火焰红莲,将所有怪物裹住,渐渐融化殆尽。 All as if never happen. 一切仿佛从未发生。 Meanwhile. 与此同时。 Before the temple . 庙宇前。 Pretends to be to wish the friendly idol evil thing to fall to the ground loudly. 冒充祝融神像的邪物轰然倒地。 Li Sect Master is grasping the blade, cuts the monster severed head, looks at carefully to say carefully: This is a very rare evil thing, had killed our many people.” 掌门握着刀,将怪物的首级割下,仔细端详道:“这是一种很少见的邪物,曾经杀过我们很多人。” Ha! Heard that this thing excels at the mimicry, is very scarce, kills one few one, is really lucky! Lucky!” Zhao Zongzhu is leaning on an iron rod, laughs to say. “哈哈哈!听说这东西擅拟态,很稀少,杀一个少一个,真是侥幸!侥幸啊!”赵宗主拄着一根铁棍,大笑道。 Some people wounds, the recuperation, takes inventory the manpower somewhat at this time immediately. 众人多多少少都有些伤,此时便就地休整,清点人手。 Liu Ping disappears!” 柳平不见了!” stretch/open Pinghe called out suddenly. 张平河突然叫道。 Li Sect Master facial expression concentrates, fierce stands, will start talking, actually hears the sound to transmit from the night rain together distantly: 掌门神情一凝,猛的站起来,正要开口说话,却听一道声音从夜雨中遥遥传来: Who said that I disappear.” “谁说我不见了。” Liu Ping. 柳平 In front of his arriving people lamely, the forced smile said: Teacher, that move has not really controlled, please punish.” 他一瘸一拐的走到众人面前,苦笑道:“师尊,那一招实在没控制,请您责罚。” People one static, suddenly simultaneously laughs. 众人一静,突然同时哈哈大笑起来。 Zhao Zongzhu went forward to pat his shoulder, said with a smile: No one will punish you, this time you brave dozen of rude luckily, dashed that evil thing one's manner while in office and in retirement at one fell swoop, otherwise we are out is not wonderful.” 赵宗主上前拍了拍他的肩膀,笑道:“没人会责罚你,这次幸好你冒打冒撞,一举撞破了那邪物的行藏,否则我们下场都不妙啊。” Li Sect Master swept his one eyes, sees his body and has no injury, then ill-humored say/way: On the following road, you cut the Qilin every day to me practice 100.” 掌门扫了他一眼,见他身上并无什么伤势,便没好气的道:“接下来的路上,你每天把麒麟斩给我练一百遍。” „! Too many, Master!” Liu Ping the face was saying painstakingly. “啊!太多了啊,师父!”柳平苦着脸道。 This time is your luck, if next time will not pay attention to injure the oneself person, I thought how you must report on accomplishments, 100 did —— remember?” “这次是你运气,下次若是不注意伤了自己人,我看你要怎么交差,一百遍——记住了吗?” „...... Is.” “……是。” Although the temple already ruins, but the most place can take shelter from the rain. 庙宇虽然已经毁掉,但还有大半的地方可以避雨。 The people then also no longer spoke anything to compare notes, hurry to light a fire to prepare food, eat the later arranged manpower to go on patrol, take turn the rest. 众人便也不再讲什么切磋,赶紧生火做饭,吃过之后安排人手巡逻,交替休息。 A night does not have the words. 一夜无话。 Day just slightly bright, two palms teach to order to leave immediately. 天刚微微亮,两位掌教立刻下令动身。 The people tidy up fast, shortly after then starts completely, direction racing line/traverse toward Capital City goes. 众人飞快收拾,没多久便全部上了马,朝着京城的方向奔行而去。 After they leave . 他们离开之后。 Also passed two double-hour. 又过了两个时辰。 A python found out the head from the temple, spits the wick, all around is looking. 一头巨蟒从庙宇下方探出了头,吐着信子,四下寻摸。 Ambush failure.” “伏击失败。” „...... Strange, arranged one team to be responsible for ambushing obviously, how not to have the trace that they fought?” “……奇怪,明明安排了一队负责伏击,怎么没有它们战斗的痕迹?” The python walks randomly to go toward the bamboo grove. 巨蟒朝竹林游走而去。 It suddenly discovered a footprint, but next instant —— 它忽然发现了一个脚印,但下一瞬—— That footprint was been as if same by the hot fusing, instantaneous gets down hollowly, cannot see the original appearance. 那脚印仿佛被火熔烧了一样,瞬间凹陷下去,看不出原本的模样。 Python silent a breath, said in a low voice: Damn laws.” 巨蟒沉默了一息,低声道:“该死的法则。” It reverses the body, returns in the temple quickly, drills into underground vanishes does not see. 它扭转身躯,很快退回庙宇之中,钻入地下消失不见。 ...... …… After several days . 数日后。 Capital City. 京城。 Magic Mountain sect big disciple stretch/open Pinghe has the Liu Ping same place, is meeting with several other core disciples. 魔山宗大弟子张平河带着柳平一起,正跟其他几宗的核心弟子们见面。 Fortunate meeting, in the next Pinghe.” “幸会,在下张平河。” This is —— “这位是—— Observes the Sect Master disciple below lark, Liu Ping.” “在下百灵观掌门弟子,柳平。” „, Very good, has heard the given name of Magic Mountain sect fists and feet, blade technique of lark view, is resounding, was inferior that we do compare notes 12?” “哦,很好,早就听闻魔山宗拳脚的大名,还有百灵观的刀法,也是响当当的,不如我们来切磋一二?” Haha, come, opened Pinghe to compare notes then with me, do not fight Junior Brother willow.” “哈哈,来,跟我张平河切磋即可,就不要跟柳师弟打了。” Why is this?” “这是为何?” „Shortly after he just crossed the threshold, but also cannot receive to incur, days before a move then called getting angry Qilin, in temple burnt the evil thing of ambush, if even I do not have Master to rescue, was burnt at the scene.” “他刚入门不久,还收不住招,前几日一招便唤出火麒麟,把潜伏在庙宇中的邪物烧了出来,连我若是没有师父救,也当场被烧死了。” „Can't you really receive to incur?” Some people asked. “你真收不住招?”有人问。 Ashamed, ashamed, make a move is too frequently fierce, Master ordered me to train hard blade technique, in order to avoid added the casualties again.” “惭愧,惭愧,经常出招太猛,师父责令我苦练刀法,以免再添伤亡。” The Liu Ping for fear that people do not believe that draw a sword sheath —— 柳平生怕众人不信,拔刀出鞘—— Bang!!! 轰!!! The roaring flame direct engine knock makes noise, almost must all around household furniture combustion completely. 烈焰直接爆震出声,几乎要把四周的桌椅板凳燃烧殆尽。 Receives hand —— to receive the hand quickly!” “收手——快收手!” The people said repeatedly. 众人连声道。 The Liu Ping also blade sheathes. 柳平还刀入鞘。 In a twinkling, all phenomenon completely all vanish. 霎时间,一切异象尽皆消失。 The people then exhale long, believed his view. 众人这才长出了一口气,同时也相信了他的说法。 —— such natural talent, whose his mother fights him. ——这样的天资,谁他妈跟他打啊。 Dies does not know how dead, is undeserved! 死都不知道怎么死的,多冤枉啊! A humanity: 一人道: —— I know you, heard that your friend was parasited by monster, your blade killed.” “哦——我知道你,听说你朋友被怪物寄生,你一刀就杀了。” Another humanity: It seems like at that time was agitated, in addition could not receive to incur —— this actually to understand.” 另一人道:“看来当时是情绪激动,再加上收不住招——这倒是可以理解。” Also there is a humanity: Oh, practices well, your school of blade technique are too fierce, if cannot receive to incur, cannot compare notes at will.” 又有一人道:“唉,好好练啊,你们那一派的刀法太猛,如果收不住招,可不能随意跟人切磋。” Yes, remembered below.” Liu Ping sincerely said toward the people submissively. “是,在下记住了。”柳平诚心诚意的朝众人拱手道。 Ok, the idle talk did not speak, opens Pinghe to come with me to hit.” “好了,闲话休说,张平河来跟我打一场。” Why not?” “有何不可?” The people give two people the making way place. 众人给两人让开地方。 Liu Ping leisurely and carefree sitting in one side, the mouth is chewing the sugar, narrows the eye to observe. 柳平悠闲的坐在一边,嘴里嚼着糖,眯眼观战起来。 Likes Artist Purgatory asking everyone to collect:() Artist Purgatory the refresh rate is fastest. 喜欢炼狱艺术家请大家收藏:()炼狱艺术家更新速度最快。
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