AOP :: Volume #3

#225: The secret of Heroic Spirit operation interface!

Daoist temple. 道观。 Discussing official business main hall ; 议事大殿; The muddy flesh that group scorches places the ground. 那团烧焦的肉泥就放在地上。 Completely silent. 鸦雀无声。 Sect Master sits on head, other Elder are placed both sides, the vision is staring at that group of muddy fleshes completely. 掌门坐在上首,其他长老分列两旁,目光全部盯着那团肉泥。 Receives and instructs in the people mouth that the disciple, hurries to from Liu Ping and Daoist temple, whole thing already was said back and forth more than 20. 柳平、道观接引弟子、赶去的众人口中,整件事情已经被来回说了不下二十遍。 The fact is clear, the evidence is solid. 事实清楚,证据确凿。 In that situation, the Liu Ping make a move murder reality is the best choice. 在那种情形下,柳平出手杀人实乃最佳的选择。 However —— 但是—— Such without hesitation best the friend side oneself killed...... this many character of letting the person to Liu Ping had some suspicions. 就这么毫不犹豫的把自己身边最好的朋友杀了……这多少让人对柳平的性格有了些许怀疑。 According to the one side receives and instructs the view of disciple, acknowledged including Liu Ping oneself, at that time detected right, does not begin immediately, not slightly hesitant. 按照一旁接引弟子的说法,包括柳平自己也承认,当时察觉不对,立刻就动了手,没有丝毫犹豫。 This is also he can kill an opposite party being caught off guard reason at one fell swoop. 这也是他能一举杀对方个措手不及的原因。 However —— 但是—— Always makes in the person heart some uncomfortable. 总让人心中有些不舒服。 In numerous position Elder behind, these disciples silent sometimes by the vision exchange, often looks to Liu Ping, in the vision is passing feel alienated. 在众位长老身后,那些弟子们无声的以目光交流,时不时望向柳平,目光中透着一股疏离。 Sect Master opens eyes finally, said: Matter already understands, wears plum Elder to report martial Meng instantly, making them send people to nose this monster evil real status.” 掌门终于睁开眼,说道:“事情已经明了,着梅长老即刻上报武盟,令他们派人来查探此妖邪真实身份。” Yes!” Elder toward Sect Master good a ritual, turned around then to have the main hall. “是!”一名长老掌门行了一礼,转身便出了大殿。 Sect Master looks all around, sees only the disciples to stare at Liu Ping to look, sighed the one breath secretly. 掌门环顾四周,只见众弟子都盯着柳平看,不由暗叹一口气。 Dispersed.” He said. “都散了吧。”他说道。 People silent left the main hall, diverges respectively. 人们无声的离开了大殿,各自散去。 Moment. 须臾。 The main hall becomes spacious, was only left over Sect Master and Liu Ping two people. 大殿变得空旷,只剩下了掌门柳平二人。 Killed him, what guilt in the heart can have?” Sect Master asked. “杀了他,心中可有什么愧疚?”掌门问。 No.” Liu Ping said. “没有。”柳平道。 What hesitant place starting to have?” “下手可有什么犹豫之处?” No.” “没有。” Recalls, may think has any making the mistake place?” “回想起来,可觉得有任何做错的地方?” No.” “没有。” If one day, your Master I by parasitic —— “如果有一天,你师父我被寄生—— Relax, I can the earliest possible time kill you.” “放心,我会第一时间杀了你。” Sect Master stands up, before arriving at that booth to fire the black salt the muddy flesh, said: Parasitism is a irreversible process, by parasitic must Agony, the whole body like withstand the punishment of being cut to pieces , can only look helplessly the parasitic evil thing does evil with the own body.” 掌门站起身,走到那摊烧成黑灰的肉泥前,说道:“寄生是一个不可逆的过程,被寄生者务必痛苦,全身就像在承受千刀万剐之刑,偏偏还只能眼睁睁看着寄生邪物用自己的身躯去作恶。” Liu Ping calmly is listening. 柳平静静听着。 Sect Master continues saying: You do right, perhaps but will have a big censure in the future, like innumerable fly sound.” 掌门继续道:“你做的没错,但日后恐怕会有不小的非议,如同数不胜数的蝇声。” Fly is innumerable, but I do not have the time to go to to become the flyswatter.” Liu Ping said. “苍蝇数不胜数,但我并没有时间去成为蝇拍。”柳平道。 What will you become?” Sect Master asked. “那你会成为什么?”掌门问。 If one day, cults collapse to extinguish, I hopes that is the self- hand.” Liu Ping said. “如果有一天,邪教崩灭,我希望那是出自我手。”柳平道。 „Is this you consoles the The Dead way?” Sect Master asked. “这是你告慰亡者的方式么?”掌门问。 Yes.” Liu Ping said. “是的。”柳平道。 He also sighed, exhibited the Chinese boxing in the main hall, played one set of Fist Arts, among the facial expressions somewhat was gradually elegant. 他又叹了口气,在大殿中摆开拳架,打了一套拳法,神情间渐有些郁郁。 What Fist Arts is this?” Sect Master asked. “这是什么拳法?”掌门问。 „The Fist Arts of slow Sheng Master that lineage/vein, I comply with him to this Fist Arts pass around, raise his Master lineage/vein martial learn/study.” “徐胜师门那一脉的拳法,我答应他要把这门拳法传下去,扬他师门一脉武学。” „...... Truly difficult, this Fist Arts only then strong and healthy body the effect.” Sect Master said. “……确实难,这拳法只有强身健体之功效。”掌门道。 Ok, I try to find the solution slowly.” Say/Way that Liu Ping looks distressed. “算了,我慢慢想办法。”柳平愁眉苦脸的道。 Sect Master smiles, extracts light paper page from the bosom, gives Liu Ping. 掌门笑了笑,从怀中抽出薄薄一张纸页,递给柳平 „Is this?” Liu Ping asked. “这是?”柳平问。 Calls the spirit blade technique second type.” Sect Master said. “唤灵刀法第二式。”掌门道。 Master aren't you are not willing to teach me?” Liu Ping is surprised the different way. 师父您不是不愿意教我吗?”柳平诧异道。 Snort,” Sect Master cold sound said: Also wants to raise his Master martial learn/study for the friend? Has to hit beforehand the oneself Master reputation!” “哼,”掌门冷声道:“还想替朋友扬他师门武学?有本事先把自己师门的名声打出去!” Many thanks Master.” “多谢师父。” Liu Ping hurries to salute, then the eye winks is staring at that page of paper that does not wink. 柳平赶紧行礼,然后眼睛眨也不眨的盯着那页纸张。 Sect Master opens the mouth to say in the one side: This move difficult the number to plan compared with the first type, perhaps your Master I studied in the past painstakingly for three years, can display reluctantly.” 掌门在一旁开口道:“此招比第一式难了数筹,你师父我当年也许苦学三年,才勉强可以施展出来。” Is so difficult?” Liu Ping raised the brows. “这么难?”柳平眉头一挑 Naturally, you need to abstain to be hot-tempered the abstention to be hot-tempered, sink the heart, ponders over quite, only then comprehension essence.” Sect Master said. “当然,你需要戒躁戒躁,沉下心,好生琢磨,方可领悟其中精髓。”掌门道。 Yes.” Liu Ping continues to read the blade spectrum. “是。”柳平继续读着刀谱。 A breath. 一息。 Two breaths. 两息。 Three breaths. 三息。 He opens the mouth to say suddenly: —— that so that's how it is, the second type uses like this 他忽然开口道:“原来如此,第二式是这样用的—— Was saying must touch wearing a sword of waist. 说着就要去摸腰间的佩刀。 The Sect Master eye hides jumps, suddenly shouted: Exercises martial arts does not look at the place, returns to your place to sleep to ponder over slowly!” 掌门眼皮子一跳,突然喝道:“练功也不看地方,回你寝处慢慢琢磨去!” Liu Ping recovers, thought that oneself has possessed too to blade technique, holds the Fist Dao with a smile: Yes!” 柳平回过神来,也觉得自己刀法有着太魔怔了,笑着抱拳道:“是!” He held that page of paper quickly then. 他捧着那页纸张很快便去了。 After he walks, in the main hall was only left over Sect Master one person. 他走后,大殿内只剩下了掌门一人。 Sect Master relaxes finally, muttered low voice: Will not make you hit the face for the master face to face......” 掌门终于松了口气,小声喃喃道:“为师才不会让你当面打脸……” After two quarters . 两刻钟后。 In the bedroom room, Liu Ping puts down the page. 寝房之中,柳平放下书页。 Calls spirit blade technique —— 唤灵刀法—— The first type, the Qilin cuts ; 第一式,麒麟斩; The second type, the phoenix comes the meter. 第二式,凤来仪。 Is oneself has not thought the move, inspires very in a big way. 都是自己从不曾想过的招法,启发很大。 The mentality of obvious person is limited, but entire civilization is infinite. 可见一个人的思路是有限的,而整个文明是无限的。 At this time, saw the candlelight on table to jump jumping suddenly. 这时,忽见桌上的烛火跳了跳。 —— fire technique came. ——火法则来了。 Liu Ping smiles, asks: What matter this time also has?” 柳平一笑,问道:“这次又有什么事?” Sees only that candlelight unexpectedly light flies, falls in his palm. 只见那烛火竟然轻飘飘的飞起来,落在他的手心中。 Small character of one line of combustion appears fast: 一行燃烧的小字飞快浮现: World primitive laws: The fire, has gone up steps to initially burns stage.” “世界原始法则:火,已升阶至‘初燃’阶段。” It has with this Heroic Spirit operation interface connection strength.” “它已具备与本英灵操作界面接驳的力量。” This connection time-consuming five double-hour.” “本次接驳耗时五个时辰。” Has completed.” “现已完成。” this Sequence obtained the natural approval of Current World primitive laws.” 本序列得到了当前世界原始法则的天然认可。” Presently the place of placing was era of real world.” “当前身处之地为真实世界的上古时代。” Presently places awakens the ceremony strangely.” “当前身处奇诡唤醒仪式。” Experiences the innumerable years, presently the situation is your only awakening opportunity.” “历尽无数岁月,当前形势是你唯一的觉醒机会。” Starts to issue Heroic Spirit destiny assignment:” “开始发布英灵的命运任务:” Only truth.” “唯一真相。” All small characters receive to go. 所有小字一收而去。 Liu Ping responded suddenly, was busy at asking: Wait! Why is Heroic Spirit destiny assignment?” 柳平突然反应过来,忙问道:“等等!为什么是英灵的命运任务?” The rows of combustion small character appears again: 一行行燃烧小字再次浮现: At this moment.” “此刻。” You have obtained the town/subdues prison blade.” “你已获得镇狱刀。” Subdue prison blade with the sheaths of four Saint columns, although temporary seal, but a prestige can still be able to display to affect —— “镇狱刀与四圣柱之鞘虽然暂时封印,但其中一种威能依然可以发挥作用—— Silent, in the strange ceremony, this operation interface can recount the only truth with you:” “‘缄默’之下,奇诡仪式之中,本操作界面可以与你述说唯一真相:” You are Heroic Spirit that needs to awaken.” “你即是需要觉醒的英灵。” This operation interface is your only Sequence.” “本操作界面即是你的唯一序列。” You are reincarnated time already that roams about is too long in the life and death, now welcomed the only opportunity.” “你在生死间转世流浪的时间已经太久,如今迎来了唯一机会。” All small characters receive fast. 所有小字飞快一收。 In the darkness, has three groups of rays also to shine gradually, regarding around the flame in Liu Ping palm. 黑暗中,渐渐有三团光芒随之亮起,围绕在柳平手掌中的火焰四周。 One group of dense/woods cold mist and a golden brilliant light, wipe the azure wind shadow. 一团森寒水雾、一朵金色耀光、一抹青色风影。 Also sees the rows of combustion small character to reappear: 又见一行行燃烧小字浮现: Four Saint elements start to move restlessly.” “四圣元素开始躁动。” Your strange awakening ceremony already straightens out.” “你的奇诡觉醒仪式已经步入正轨。” Secret will soon regain consciousness.” “秘密即将苏醒。” Maintenance already perfection of ceremony completed assignment, can start to rest.” “仪式的维系者已经圆满完成了任务,可以开始休息。” Does this refer to the water tree? 这是指水树? —— looks like her to maintain the entire ceremony in secret. ——看来她一直在暗中维持整个仪式。 Maintenance of ceremony needs to make the choice immediately, either leaves the stage, either keeps to become the witness of secret, and prepares forever to extinguish risk —— that withstands the secret to bring at any time “仪式的维系者需要立刻做出选择,要么退场,要么留下来成为秘密的见证者,并随时准备承受秘密带来的永灭风险—— You need to talk clearly this matter with her.” “你需要跟她说清楚这件事。” Liu Ping looks up suddenly. 柳平猛然抬头望去。 Sees only the float also to look in the water tree of midair. 只见漂浮在半空的水树也正望过来。 She falls side Liu Ping, is gazing at that three rays, opens the mouth saying: laws of your world is never so expected that primitive, only then the most basic place, water, fire and wind, really make one unable to think through......” 她落在柳平身边,注视着那三朵光芒,开口道:“没想到你们世界的法则如此原始,只有最根本的地、水、火、风,真是让人想不通啊……” Where can't think through?” Liu Ping asked. “什么地方想不通?”柳平问。 Primitive will so Human Race world, why cause that most troublesome strange life to come? They should disdain in completely conquering such world.” The water tree said. “如此原始的人族世界,为何会引起那种最麻烦的奇诡生命前来?它们应该完全不屑于征服这样的世界啊。”水树道。 Her whole face doubts said: They are so obviously powerful, actually emits the most basic strength to conquer this world...... is feared that causes attention that other have?” 她满脸疑惑的说下去:“它们明明那么强大,却只是放出最基本的力量来征服这个世界……难道是怕引起其他存在的注意?” The water tree looks suddenly to Liu Ping. 水树猛然望向柳平 Liu Ping is unemotional, is facing directly her eye of ecliptic: Therefore here has certainly the secret, you need to make the decision early.” 柳平面无表情,直面着她的目光道:“所以这里一定有秘密,你需要早做决定。” I? What makes to decide?” The water tree said with a smile. “我?做什么决定?”水树笑道。 If you want to spy on this secret, must be ready that the time will be wiped to extinguish, because the secret always follows the risk, especially is related to that powerful strange existence.” Liu Ping said. “如果你想窥探这种秘密,就要做好时刻会被抹灭的准备,因为秘密总是伴随着风险,特别是事关那种强大的奇诡存在。”柳平道。 The water tree collects the smile, falls into silent. 水树敛去笑容,陷入沉默。 The time passes gradually. 时间渐渐流逝。 She opens the mouth to say finally: Liu Ping, are actually you who?” 她终于开口道:“柳平,你究竟是什么人?” I am cultivator, for various reasons wakes up in Evernight, then explores the secret that the time passes, arrived at this moment.” Liu Ping said. “我是一名修行者,因为各种原因在永夜中醒来,然后一路探索时代过去的秘密,抵达了此刻。”柳平道。 No, this is only your, I want to know that what you once in strange were?” “不,这只是你这一世,我想知道你曾经在奇诡之中是什么?” I don't know either.” “我也不知道。” Liu Ping sighed, said: „The following matter is my private affair, if you want to visit me dead merely, then, you leave for safety.” 柳平叹了口气,说道:“后面的事都是我的私事,如果你仅仅是想看着我死,那么为了安全起见,你还是离开吧。” The water tree said: I must tell you, before laws of fire acknowledged you, I am supporting the entire strange ceremony full power, had no time to help you do anything.” 水树道:“我必须告诉你,在火之法则承认你之前,我都在全力支撑着整个奇诡仪式,无暇帮你做任何事。” I know completely, therefore?” Liu Ping asked. “我完全知道,所以呢?”柳平问。 Perhaps you do not believe that but I departure, is being feared the matter that from the beginning anxiously I resurrect brought in the attention of mortal enemy, but I said that wants to visit you dead, is already is fettered by the contract, can only remain, therefore thinks that is repaying your favor —— finally “也许你不信,但一开始我之所以急着离去,是怕我复活的事引来了死敌的关注,而我说想看着你死,是已经被契约束缚,只能留下来,所以想在最后偿还你的人情—— The water tree seems very anxious. 水树显得很焦躁。 Liu Ping actually nods gently. 柳平却轻轻点了点头。 At that time after saved her, she not to oneself make a move, but must depart immediately. 在当时救下她后,她没有对自己出手,而是立刻就要离去。 Only listened to the water tree to continue: 只听水树继续说了下去: Now the entire ceremony moves toward steadily, normally my already completed the contract, truly can depart.” “现在整个仪式走向平稳,按说我已经完成了契约,确实可以离去。” Yes.” Liu Ping said. “是的。”柳平道。 But I, if leaves here Divine Pillar, returns to above the strange boundary, should still face chasing down of mortal enemy, I cannot be victorious they.” The water tree said. “但是我若离开此处神柱,回到奇诡的界限之上,依然将面临死敌的追杀,我打不过他们。”水树道。 Here is also very dangerous.” Liu Ping said. “这里也很危险。”柳平道。 Right, my already saw these insects, they in strange, still have nothing to exist to dare even to annoy them.” The water tree said. “对,我已经看到了那些虫子,它们就算在奇诡之中,也没有什么存在敢惹它们。”水树道。 Liu Ping shuts up, but visits her. 柳平闭上嘴,只是看着她。 The present was she makes the time of final choice. 现在是她做出最后抉择的时刻了。 My —— in strange, no one has helped me, originally already fight until death, but you helped my —— “我——在奇诡之中,从来没有人帮过我,原本已经战斗至死,但你帮了我—— The water tree walked back and forth in the room, said resolutely: 水树在房间里来回走了一遍,毅然道: I go back not to have the means of livelihood, bets would rather!” “我回去也没有活路,倒不如赌一把!” Her body starts to send out a round of hazy light, these light/only gather the circular, becomes innumerable strange rune in her around the body manifestation. 她的身体开始散发出一轮迷蒙的光,这些光聚成圆形,在她身周具现成无数奇诡的符文 In the boundless wind and water glare, she said in a soft voice: 无边的风与水光之中,她轻声道: As the caster of ceremony, I do not have the means to participate in this world, but I still the law may execute, so long as you want, I can be your ally!” “作为仪式的发动者,我是没有办法参与到这个世界中来的,但我尚有一法可施,只要你愿意,我可以做你的战友!” Your condition.” Liu Ping asked. “你的条件。”柳平问。 Fights with me shoulder to shoulder, when can save me, rescues my life as far as possible.” The water tree said. “与我并肩战斗,能救我时,尽量救我一命。”水树道。 Does not have the issue.” Liu Ping said. “没问题。”柳平道。 Water tree both hands about in the same place, chant in a low voice saying: To high destiny laws, I submits to your, offers all my strange strength, please for my continued from above break the line of destiny, letting me stay in this world.” 水树双手合在一起,低吟道:“至高的命运法则,我臣服在你脚下,献上我所有的奇诡之力,请为我续上一条断裂的命运之线,让我栖身于此世界。” In Void drops the numerous light shadow like the painted screen, the grading shows in her front. 虚空中落下重重光影如画屏,次第展现在她的面前。 „Is this does do?” Liu Ping asked. “这是干什么?”柳平问。 I must abandon, became the person in this world.” “我要抛弃过去,成为这个世界的人了。” The water tree looks at Liu Ping, deeply inspires saying: As the matter stands, my enemy will unable to find past me again, but I will also become incomparably frail human.” 水树看着柳平,深吸了一口气道:“这样一来,我的敌人将再也找不到过去的我,但我也将成为无比脆弱的人类。” Like me.” Liu Ping said. “就像我。”柳平道。 Like you.” “就像你。” „, Hopes our good luck.” “那么,希望我们好运吧。”
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