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#223: Calls spirit blade technique

Was the fire out? 火灭了? The lark observes Sect Master to ask: „Can the lake before Daoist temple also in?” 百灵观掌门问道:“道观前的湖可还在?” Reported reports Sect Master, that fire only burnt one time in the mountainside, has not spread toward on, lake, Daoist temple also.” The disciples said. “禀报掌门,那火只在山腰烧了一遭,并未朝上蔓延,湖在,道观也在。”弟子道。 People great happiness. 众人大喜。 Elder said: Sect Master, you accept the good disciple today, when we return to the mountain instantly, holds to receive the disciple ceremony.” 一名长老道:“掌门,今日您收得佳徒,我们当即刻回山,举行收徒仪式。” Sect Master is asking Liu Ping: disciple, what matter do you have at present? If all things, along with me had then returned to the mountain.” 掌门笑着问柳平:“徒儿,你眼下还有什么事没有?若是诸事已了,便随我回山吧。” Liu Ping is just about to start talking, saw the candlelight on table to jump suddenly under. 柳平正要开口说话,忽见桌上的烛火跳了下。 This is the extremely common matter, the people have not paid attention, but Liu Ping actually knows this is some fire transmission and his suggestion. 这原本是极其寻常之事,众人都未多注意,但柳平却知晓这是火传递与他的某种暗示。 Yes. 是了。 At present fire already as feeble as pinnacle, but the person in this world actually does not know...... 眼下火已经衰弱到极致,而这个世界的人却不知道…… Liu Ping pondered, completes a ceremony submissively said: County was encircled by the cults, looks at the Master belt/bring person to solve this crisis.” 柳平想了想,拱手成礼道:“县城被邪教所围,望师父带人解此危局。” Sect Master said: This has sent the disciple to descend the mountain, gets the duty of mansion district, sent many experts in secret, only to preserve Fang Liming common people 掌门道:“本门已派弟子下山,领府县之职,更暗中派了许多好手,只为保住一方黎明百姓” Liu Ping said with a smile: Since this time by the disaster of forest fire in the mountains, Master were led sect everyone to come to this county, why not to accomplish the whole task at one stroke?” 柳平笑道:“既然这次遭了山火之灾,师父门派所有人都来了这县城,何不毕其功于一役?” Sect Master hesitates several breaths, the nod said: „, Like you said that came, why not to accomplish the whole task at one stroke?” 掌门沉吟数息,点头道:“也罢,就像你说的,来都来了,何不毕其功于一役?” He said with deep veneration: , Crane three Elder obey orders, assign/life you to lead hand/subordinate the disciple, divides southeastern and southwest two directions , helping officers helping hand, kills off the cults numerous.” 他肃然道:“梅、松、鹤三位长老听令,命你们带领手下弟子,分东南、西南两个方向,助官兵一臂之力,杀尽邪教众。” Respectfully follows the law aim.” Three Elder stand to say. “谨遵法旨。”三位长老站起来道。 „Others, along with me return to the mountain.” “其余人等,随我回山。” Yes!” “是!” The people tidy up thing, Sect Master beckon toward Liu Ping, leading him to walk toward out of the door together. 众人都去收拾东西,掌门柳平招招手,带着他一起朝门外走去。 Liu Ping then shoots a look at toward the table on. 柳平回头朝桌上瞥去。 Saw only that candlelight to jump jumping cheerfully, emitted a wee bit sparks in Void. 只见那烛火欢快的跳了跳,在虚空中冒出丁点火花。 At the same time, in Void emits one line of combustion small characters: 同一时刻,虚空中冒出一行燃烧小字: You changed the situation of war of this besieged city.” “你改变了本次围城之战的态势。” Corresponding historical already unlocking.” “相应历史已经解锁。” You may watch in the real history, historical event of this date and time.” “你可观看真实历史上,此段时日发生的历史事件。” Three,” “三,” Two,” “二,” One,” “一,” Starts!” “开始!” In a twinkling, the innumerable light shadow appear in Liu Ping at present. 霎时间,无数光影浮现在柳平眼前。 He sees in the original history, the lark gate has not sent out too many manpower from the beginning, the north side mountain range does not have him to disturb to kill the enemy, the entire county was sieged by the cults, then suddenly was opened the city gate by the traitor within. 他看见在原本的历史中,百灵门一开始并未派出太多的人手,北边山脉也没有他去干扰杀敌,整个县城被邪教围困,然后突然被内奸开了城门。 The county was broken through. 县城被攻破。 Hundreds of thousands of people were slaughtered, some parts were only received by the cults, regards the sacrificial offering. 数十万人被屠戮一空,唯有少部分被邪教收了,当成祭品。 For a while scarlet thousand li (500 km), white bones whole city. 一时赤地千里,白骨满城。 The cult forces are stronger, but the element strength that numerous practicing martial art discovery oneself can induce is large scale, is almost impossible to be used defend. 邪教势力更加强大,而众习武者发现自己能感应到的元素力量大幅度衰弱,几乎无法用来御敌。 The situation in the whole world develops rapidly after a sudden turn. 整个世界的形势急转直下。 All light shadow flash before present in Liu Ping at the extremely quick speed. 所有光影以极快的速度在柳平眼前闪现完毕。 Liu Ping is a little slightly obscure. 柳平微微有点费解。 Now oneself already makes the history change, does not know that what change finally the result of this world will have. 如今自己已经让历史改变,也不知道最后这个世界的结局会发生什么样的变化。 But now already cannot give up. 但现在已经不能罢手了。 Awakens the ceremony to hold strangely, once the oneself failure, will be kept in this phase of history, perishes with it together. 奇诡唤醒仪式正在举行,一旦自己失败,就会被留在这段历史中,与之一同灭亡。 He looks toward all around. 他朝四周望去。 Sect Master only had more than ten people to return to the mountain together, left behind most manpower to annihilate the evil believer. 掌门只带了十几人一同回山,留下了大部分人手去歼灭邪教徒。 Hopes the result of this county can be different. 希望这次县城的结局能不一样吧。 ...... …… After three days . 三日后。 Caresses Yunshan, the lark view. 抚云山,百灵观。 Liu Ping is reading a Fist Arts in Room own. 柳平正在自己的里翻看一部拳法。 Suddenly, in Void jumps out of the small character of rows of combustion suddenly: 忽然,虚空中猛然跳出一行行燃烧的小字: County has solved sleepily.” “县城之困已解。” Lark view attacks full power, the assistance government authorities greatly broken cults numerous, annihilate the enemy more than 1300 people.” “百灵观全力出击,协助官府大破邪教众,歼灭敌人一千三百余人。” Cults pass on the law left to enable to flee.” “邪教传法左使已潜逃。” Found him, killed him, this county campaign was completely ended.” “找到他,杀了他,本次县城战役才算彻底结束。” When you complete this war, the strength of hot laws will regroup after a defeat.” “当你完成此战,火的法则之力将会重整旗鼓。” It grows stronger, you will stiffen.” “它变强,你就会变强。” Passes on the law left to cause? 传法左使? Liu Ping shakes the head, on the face reveals for several points, helpless color. 柳平不禁摇摇头,脸上露出几分无奈之色。 Now oneself already climbs mountains, studies cultivation technique in the Daoist temple, where has seeks for what biography law left to cause easily? 如今自己已经上山,在道观中修习功法,哪有那么容易去寻找什么传法左使? The huge crowd is boundless, the world is broad, who knows where he did run away to? 况且人海茫茫,天地广阔,谁知道他逃到什么地方去了? Sincere 笃笃笃 Suddenly some outside people knock on a door. 忽然外面有人敲门。 Comes.” Liu Ping said. “进来。”柳平道。 Silver-haired Elder walks, said with a smile: Junior Brother, along with me comes, Sect Master calls you.” 一名白发苍苍的长老走进来,笑道:“师弟,随我来,掌门唤你。” Yes.” Liu Ping puts down the book, walks with the old man together outward. “是。”柳平放下书,跟着老者一起朝外走去。 Meets some disciples along the way, holds the fist in the other hand to salute toward two people all: 沿途遇见一些弟子,无不是朝两人抱拳行礼: Has seen Elder Wang, sees too small Younger Uncle-Master.” “见过王长老,见过小师叔。” Liu Ping is the apprentice who Sect Master accepts, the rank is extremely high, are treated equally with numerous position Elder in sect, the Elder disciple saw him to shout small Younger Uncle-Master. 柳平乃是掌门亲收的徒弟,辈分极高,在宗门里与众位长老平起平坐,长老们的弟子见了他都要喊一声小师叔 Several days get down, Liu Ping was also used. 几日下来,柳平倒也习惯了。 He arrives in the main hall with that Elder together, sees only Sect Master to sit on a side rush cushion, is sitting in repose with eyes closed. 他随着那位长老一起来到大殿之中,只见掌门坐在一方蒲团上,正在闭目养神。 Pays a visit Master.” Liu Ping said. “拜见师父。”柳平道。 Sect Master un, asked: I seizing the spirit book of illustrations dealing with boxing pass to you, at present has crossed on the 3rd, the place of what can you have not understanding?” 掌门“嗯”了一声,问道:“我已把擒灵拳谱传给你,眼下已过三日,你可有什么不懂之处?” Originally was asking the schoolwork to come. 原来是问功课来了。 Liu Ping smiles, said: This book of illustrations dealing with boxing the person of writing is really the great ability.” 柳平笑了笑,说道:“此拳谱的撰写之人真乃大才。” Sect Master is surprised the different way: What has this word?” 掌门诧异道:“何出此言?” Liu Ping said: This book of illustrations dealing with boxing each like the vernacular literature, read passing that read casually, the meaning was straightforward, I looked at several almost to understand.” 柳平道:“此拳谱每一句都像白话文一样,随便读都读的通,意思浅显易懂,我看过几遍就差不多全明白了。” Sect Master and that Elder look one. 掌门和那长老对望一眼。 You , and rehearsal Fist Arts I have a look.” Sect Master said. “你且试演拳法我看看。”掌门道。 Yes.” “是。” Liu Ping exhibits the Chinese boxing, makes one set of Fist Arts in the main hall. 柳平摆开拳架,在大殿内打出一套拳法。 Since is the military study Fist Arts, will have the things in common with the cultivation type system knowledge inevitably. 既然是武学拳法,势必与修行侧的体系知识多有相通之处。 Liu Ping then is extremely since birth easy to learn, this went to school world cultivation technique, went to study to pass six arts, experienced various sides knowledge and strengths in Evernight, now achieves mastery through a comprehensive study, has not been the past can compare. 柳平生来便极其好学,本就学遍了天下功法,又去学通了六艺,更在永夜中见识了各侧的知识和力量,如今融会贯通,早已不是昔日所能相比。 This set of Fist Arts he reads one to know fairly well, practiced one to result in casually true meaning 这套拳法他翻看一遍就已心中有数,随便练上一趟就已得了其中真意 He even also created several moves. 他甚至还多创出了几招。 At this time to avoid shocking everybody, that homemade several moves have not caused. 此时为了避免过于惊世骇俗,那自创的几招就没有使出来。 Moment. 须臾。 One set of Fist Arts fires off. 一套拳法打完。 In the main hall restored silent. 大殿里恢复了寂静。 Sect Master and Elder did not speak. 掌门长老都不说话。 Liu Ping must hold the Fist Dao: Asked Master to direct.” 柳平只得抱拳道:“请师父指点。” Sect Master looked at Elder one. 掌门看了长老一眼。 Elder reveals, helpless the color, shakes the head slightly. 长老露出无奈之色,微微摇头。 Fist Arts already of this boy can regard the textbook to direct the disciples, do I have something to direct? 这小子的拳法已经可以当成教科书来指点弟子们了,我还有什么可指点的? Elder did not speak. 长老不说话。 Sect Master coughs lightly, thinks while said: Liu Ping, your fist has not made wrong, is somewhat is jerky, later can practice, understands?” 掌门轻咳一声,边想边说道:“柳平啊,你的拳都没使错,就是还有几分生涩,以后要多加练习,懂了吗?” Yes.” Liu Ping said. “是。”柳平道。 Sect Master also said: Among your line of moves has the bearing, just like the bearing of school of grandmaster, the reality is the talent of rare practicing martial arts, but cannot be proud.” 掌门又道:“你行招间颇有气度,俨然有一派宗师的气度,实乃少见的练武之才,但不可自傲。” Actually is not my issue, is only this Fist Arts is somewhat simple, should be crosses the threshold class cultivation technique.” Liu Ping said with a smile. “其实不是我的问题,只是这部拳法有些简单,应该是入门类的功法。”柳平笑道。 Sect Master selected the eyebrow with no trace. 掌门不着痕迹的挑了挑眉毛。 This boy. 这小子。 Looks down upon sect cultivation technique? 看不起宗门功法 This book of illustrations dealing with boxing was very well fierce, prepared to teach you three years. 这拳谱很厉害了好吧,原本准备教你三年的。 It seems like must select the lesson to you, in order to avoid you have the meaning of despising about this gate. 也罢,看来要给你点教训,以免你对本门心生轻蔑之意。 Liu Ping, here has blade technique, you take away the thorough study to estimate, what have a look to realize.” 柳平啊,这里有一本刀法,你拿去研习揣摩,看看能练成什么样。” blade technique! 刀法 Liu Ping at present one bright. 柳平眼前一亮。 But blade technique own old profession, if can obtain some models from martial learn/study of this world, naturally is the matter of wishing for earnestly. 刀法可是自己的老本行,如果能从这个世界的武学中得到一些借鉴,自然是求之不得的事。 He received the blade spectrum impatiently on reads. 他接过刀谱就迫不及待的翻看起来。 Originally is calls the spirit class blade technique, is really rare.” He looked at several, immediately says. “原来是唤灵类的刀法,实在罕见。”他看了几眼,立刻称赞道。 Elder winks to Sect Master. 长老掌门递了个眼色。 This is the treasure of subduing faction, took? 这乃是镇派之宝,就这么拿出来了? Sect Master returned to a patient meaningful glance. 掌门回了个稍安勿躁的眼色。 The complete set blade technique altogether nine types, give him, only then the first type 全套刀法一共九式,给他的只有第一式 You could not learn in the past, but also fears him? 况且你们当年都学不会,还怕他? Elder relaxes, returned to a meaningful glance. 长老松了口气,又回了个眼色。 Sect Master is wise. 掌门英明。 Sect Master light snort/hum. 掌门轻哼了一声。 That also with saying? 那还用说? Two people are exchanging silently, listens to Liu Ping to open the mouth to say suddenly: „Does Master, how in this blade spectrum only have a type?” 两人正默默的交流着,忽听柳平开口道:“师父,这刀谱上怎么只有一式?” This set of blade technique has the interest, many places are oneself have not thought that really wants to look, who knows to put in order in this blade spectrum the short several chapters, but also broke in the essential place, let in the will of the people itchy. 这套刀法别有意趣,很多地方是自己没想过的,实在是想一口气看完,谁知整本刀谱上只有短短几章,还断在了关键的地方,让人心里痒痒的。 Haha, you first studied this type, following I am late teach you again, do not aim too high, understands?” Sect Master old god in say/way. “哈哈,你先学了这一式,后面的我晚点再教你,不要好高骛远,懂吗?”掌门老神在在的道。 Good, this blade should be this “好的,这一刀应该是这样的” Liu Ping arrives on nearby weapon frame, pulls out a long blade conveniently, the figure faces forward to leap floating. 柳平走到一旁的兵器架上,随手抽出一柄长刀,身形朝前飘然一跃。 But sees on the long blade to stick out suddenly a roaring flame Qilin, was wielded to fly by his blade, the Qilin flew high throws continuously struck three times, following opening wide the front door flew, slid just now to dissipate in the sky slowly. 但见长刀上暴起一只烈焰麒麟,被他一刀挥飞出去,麒麟凌空连续扑击了三次,顺着敞开的大门飞出去,在天空中滑行了一段方才徐徐消散。 Calls the spirit blade technique first type Qilin to cut! 唤灵刀法第一式麒麟斩! In main hall a deathly stillness. 大殿里一阵死寂。 But outside hears the intermittent loud noise gradually. 但外面渐渐传来阵阵喧闹声。 Who causes calls spirit blade technique!” “谁人使的唤灵刀法!” Is the Qilin! Qilin!” “是麒麟!麒麟啊!” In ancient book said......” “古书上说……” Sees the Qilin with own eyes, died also died content......” “亲眼见到麒麟,死也瞑目了……” „...... sect greatly rise.” “……宗门大兴。” Various sounds reach the main hall. 各种声音传进大殿来。 Elder as if just had awaked the god, astringent sound said: Originally really can the manifestation Qilin, Sect Master, this be possible to be fiercer than your past manifestation wild dog.” 长老仿佛刚刚醒过神,涩声道:“原来真的能具现麒麟,掌门,这可比你当年具现的野狗厉害多了。” Sect Master unemotional say/way: Shut up.” 掌门面无表情道:“闭嘴。”
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