AS :: Volume #113

#11297: Arrogance of West Tyrant

Just started everyone to think, this Ancient Fire Phoenix will not speak the logical expression, even if wanted with the human communication, still with imposing manner direct communication, but this Ancient Fire Phoenix unexpectedly straight connection spits the criticism/human language now. 刚开始大家都以为,这头上古火凤凰并不会说人话,就算是想要和人类沟通,也是用气势直接沟通,可现在这头上古火凤凰居然直接口吐人言。 Although some cultivation immortal beast clans, can the mouth spit the criticism/human language slightly. 虽然稍微修炼一些的仙兽一族,都可以口吐人言。 But actually. 但其实。 Stronger immortal beast. 越强的仙兽。 More disdains in the mouth spits the criticism/human language. 就越不屑于口吐人言。 Finally. 最后。 They rather communicate with Divine Soul and human, will not say the criticism/human language. 他们宁可用神魂与人类沟通,也不会开口说人言。 Will say logical expression Ah!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. “会说人话啊!!”夏天微微一笑。 Snort! 哼! In your three same places, I did not care kill two people!!!” Ancient Fire Phoenix very aggressive saying. “你们三个一起上好了,我不在乎多杀两个人!!!”上古火凤凰非常霸气的说道。 . 要知道。 Three people before him. 在他面前的三个人。 One is divine land most peak West Tyrant, one is the day of clan priest, just cut to kill the day of clan fight priest, repels Kunming Mingdong hole main Xia Tian. 一个是神州最顶峰的西霸天,一个是天族祭司,还有一个是刚刚斩杀天族战斗祭司,击退昆明洞洞主的夏天 Three people. 三个人。 Is divine land peak Expert. 都是神州最顶尖的高手 Even the sky faces them simultaneously. 就算是昊天同时面对他们三个人。 Also will not be relaxed. 也不会太轻松的。 But now. 可现在。 Front Ancient Fire Phoenix has not actually paid attention to their three. 面前的上古火凤凰却并没有把他们三个放在眼里。 Do not be too wild!!!” West Tyrant very uncomfortable, Ancient Fire Phoenix unexpectedly dares so to look down upon him. “你不要太猖狂了!!!”西霸天非常的不爽,上古火凤凰居然敢如此的看不起他。 In divine land for these years. 在神州这么多年来。 Even sky. 就算是昊天。 Does not dare to come with such attitude to him. 都不敢用这样的态度来对他。 In divine land vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered so many years. 在神州纵横这么多年。 He had forgotten was looked down upon is what taste, but now, this Ancient Fire Phoenix, is challenging his authority. 他已经忘记了被人看不起是什么滋味,可现在,这头上古火凤凰,正在挑战他的权威。 bo! 啵! The endless flame erupts from his body. 无尽的火焰从他的身体之中爆发出来。 „Does he want to resist Ancient Fire Phoenix with the flame?” Xia Tian stares, West Tyrant strongest is his Kinomoto source, but he also discovered, probably usually West Tyrant most likes using is the hot department. “他想要用火焰来对抗上古火凤凰?”夏天一愣,西霸天最强的就是他的木之本源,可他也发现了,平时西霸天好像最喜欢使用的就是火系。 From first sees right in front of one him to start. 从第一面见他开始。 He usually fights time. 他平时战斗的时候。 The hot department has followed. 火系就一直伴随着。 If not know that he is the Kinomoto source owner, will suspect, he is the owner of source of fire. 如果不知道他是木之本源拥有者的话,甚至会怀疑,他是火之本源的拥有者。 He before obtaining the Kinomoto source, is the fire is the cultivation person, he is the talent in aspect is high in the fire, but sometimes the chance is so, what he most likes is the hot department, but he obtains by the fire is the wooden department that restrains.” The seductive women say with emotion. “他在获得木之本源之前,就是火系修炼的人,他在火系方面的天赋非常高,不过有时候机缘就是如此,他最喜欢的是火系,可他偏偏获得的就是被火系所克制的木系。”妖姬感慨道。 Un! 恩! Even if he uses the hot department, is impossible to resist this Ancient Fire Phoenix.” Xia Tian does not think that West Tyrant discards the strongest method. “不过就算是他用火系,也不可能对抗这头上古火凤凰的。”夏天不认为西霸天舍弃自己最强的手段。 Can contend with Ancient Fire Phoenix. 就可以抗衡上古火凤凰了。 „Haven't you discovered? Although he now has been using the fire is the fight, but the Kinomoto source in addition has been holding his whole body, his entire stamina quantity is expanding unceasingly, solely is not the striking power, even the defensive power is stiffening!!” The seductive women answered. “你难道没发现吗?他现在虽然一直在使用火系战斗,可木之本源却一直在加持他的全身,他的整体力量正在不断的扩大,不单单是攻击力,连防御力都在变强!!”妖姬解释道。 She is not common in the experience of divine land. 她在神州的见识可是不一般的。 She most likes also studies others' ability. 她最喜欢的也就是研究别人的能力。 With her fearful power of observation, pierces all. 用她那可怕的观察力,去洞穿一切。 I understood, he divides the work very explicitly, the Kinomoto source is in charge at home, the fire is the principle is in charge in the office, but words like this, his cultivation distance, compared with others difficult many Ah!!!” Xia Tian are people of cultivation many ability. “我明白了,他分工很明确,木之本源在主内,火系法则在主外,可这样的话,他的修炼路程,就要比别人困难很多啊!!!”夏天自己就是一个修炼很多能力的人。 Simultaneously cultivation many abilities. 同时修炼多种能力。 Solely do not divert attention. 不单单是要分心。 Moreover energy, resources wait/etc. 而且精力,资源等等。 Very deficient. 都是非常匮乏的。 Even if there is a support of day of clan, but day clan impossible infinite obtains these top resources. 就算是有天族的支持,但天族也不可能无限的获得那些顶级资源啊。 He is in four tyrant days, most diligent , he always in cultivation, normal, to the person of his rank, in knowing oneself break through in the opportunity very uncertain situation, few people will have gone to the initiative wish promotion oneself strength, but he unceasing cultivation, is actually using all kinds of methods to promote itself every day, even tries double principle cultivation, although the tortuous path are many, but he walks step by step.” The seductive women's appraisal to West Tyrant very high. “他可是四霸天里面,最勤奋的一个啊,他这个人,无时无刻不在修炼,正常来说,到了他这个级别的人,在知道自己突破机会非常渺茫的情况下,已经很少有人会去主动意愿的提升自己的实力了,但他却每天都在不断的修炼,利用各种各样的方法提升自己,甚至去尝试双法则修炼,虽然弯路很多,但他都是一步一步走出来的。”妖姬对西霸天的评价非常的高。 Talent. 天赋。 Opportunity type of thing. 机遇这种东西。 Every so often has no way to change. 很多时候是没法改变的。 But diligently. 但努力。 Not everyone can achieve. 并不是所有人都可以做到的。 Perhaps. 也许。 In this world, person diligently are many. 这个世界上,努力的人很多。 But to this rank, this Realm person, but can also diligently, that be not so uncommon. 但到了这个级别,这个境界的人,还能这么努力,那就不常见了。 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! Of West Tyrant is getting bigger and bigger, he started to fight hand-to-hand with Ancient Fire Phoenix directly. 西霸天的个头越来越大,他直接开始和上古火凤凰肉搏了起来。 Their two hit several hundred rounds to get down. 他们两个打了几百个回合下来。 West Tyrant fiercely competes and successfully competes. 西霸天越战越勇。 His fight skill not general Ah!!” Xia Tian says with emotion. “他的战斗技巧不一般啊!!”夏天感慨道。 Therefore I said that he very diligently, the strength of owner normal source, usually fought to depend on the strength of source to suppress the opposite party to be OK, does not need to go all out went to the cultivation fight instinct, but he actually went to the ancient times battlefield, spelled with these insect clan blood, continually promoted itself, was the entire aspect promotes!!” The seductive women say with emotion. “所以我才说他很努力,正常的本源之力拥有者,平时战斗靠着本源之力去压制对方就可以了,没必要那么拼命的去修炼战斗本能,但他却去了远古战场,和那些虫族血拼,不断的提升自己,是全方面提升!!”妖姬感慨道。 Insect clan also has such function!!” Xia Tian stares. “虫族还有这样的作用!!”夏天一愣。 Do not despise the insect clan, if the insect clan is so easy to solve, ancient times the battlefield did not exist, they not just have the ability of fission, moreover they have the ability of imitation, are many our human the ability, was imitated by them!!” The seductive women say with emotion. “可别小看虫族,如果虫族真的那么容易解决的话,远古战场就不存在了,它们不单单有分裂的能力,而且它们还有模仿的能力,很多我们人类的能力,都被他们模仿过去了!!”妖姬感慨道。 Then, some truly counter Heavens!!!” The Xia Tian vision looks West Tyrant and Ancient who Fire Phoenix front are fighting. “这么说来,确实有些逆天啊!!”夏天的目光看着面前正在战斗的西霸天和上古火凤凰。 The both sides fight is inextricably involved. 双方战斗难分难解。 „Not good Ah!!” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle: „The strength of sinkhole here world was extremely thin, although West Tyrant can also not drop the wind now, but such very intensive fight, soon, his consumption will be getting bigger and bigger, was unable to supplement!!!” “不行啊!!”夏天眉头一皱:“天坑这里的天地之力太过于稀薄了,虽然现在西霸天还能不落下风,可这么高强度的战斗,用不了多久,他的消耗就会越来越大,还不能补充!!!” Yes, gets down, is not the means that but he attached importance to face, now we want, he will definitely not agree.” The seductive women also understand. “是啊,这么下去,不是办法,不过他太好面子了,现在我们想要上去,他肯定不会同意。”妖姬也明白。 Expert has own arrogance. 强者都有属于自己的傲气。 You meddle others fights casually. 你随便去插手人家的战斗。 Is not polite. 是非常不礼貌的。 This Ancient Fire Phoenix survives here for a long time, has been able to absorb here strength, he is very intelligent, now is hitting the consumption with West Tyrant!!!” Xia Tian has discovered the Ancient Fire Phoenix's goal. “这头上古火凤凰在这里生存已久,已经可以吸收这里的力量,他很聪明,现在正在和西霸天打消耗!!!”夏天已经发现了上古火凤凰的目的。 Hateful! 可恶! West Tyrant scolded one: If outside, you possibly is not my opponent!!” 西霸天骂了一句:“如果是在外面,你不可能是我的对手!!” Human is so, is not the opponent, is actually bent on having to talk big, how don't you make me go to into the sea|nautical mile and you hit?” Ancient Fire Phoenix taunted. “人类就是如此,不是对手,却偏要说大话,你怎么不让我去海里和你打?”上古火凤凰嘲讽道。 Right. 没错。 Although he, also goes against heaven's will, but the overall strength will naturally fall short greatly. 虽然他在海里,也是非常逆天,但整体实力自然是会大打折扣。 Therefore. 所以。 He said that such words, are insulting West Tyrant. 他说这样的话,就是在侮辱西霸天。 Bang! 轰! Ancient Fire Phoenix held a neutral gear, hit to fly West Tyrant directly. 上古火凤凰抓住了一个空档,直接将西霸天撞飞了出去。 His body changed into the completely hot feather. 他的身体化为了完全火羽。 Like this pounded to West Tyrant. 就这样砸向了西霸天。 This strikes. 这一击。 Contained Ancient Fire Phoenix strongly strikes, time that for he this strikes, preparing to be very long, now kills invited the use the time. 蕴含了上古火凤凰最强的一击,他为了这一击的时机,准备了很久,现在正是杀招要使用的时候了。 Even if unable to cut to kill West Tyrant, can still let the West Tyrant severe wound. 就算是无法斩杀西霸天,也可以让西霸天重伤了。 Bang! 轰! At this moment. 就在这时。 The form kept off in the front of West Tyrant together. 一道身影挡在了西霸天的面前。 His left hand stretches out. 他的左手伸出。 Limitless, defends!!!】 【无极,防御!!!】
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