AS :: Volume #113

#11296: Ancient Fire Phoenix

? 哦? You said, he doesn't handle?” Seductive woman puzzled asking. “你是说,他搞不定?”妖姬不解的问道。 In her opinion. 在她看来。 But West Tyrant divine land peak Expert, a here Ancient phoenix, but can also West Tyrant be stronger? 西霸天可是神州最顶尖的高手了,难道这里的一头上古凤凰,还能比西霸天更强吗? Un, although he these years developed many abilities, but the flame of opposite party has the feeling of ruling the world, this is flame disparity essentially, looking like him the steamroll ordinary wooden is the person of principle is usually same.” Xia Tian answered. “恩,他虽然这些年开发了很多的能力,可对方的火焰有一种君临天下的感觉,这是火焰本质上的差距,就像是他平时碾压普通木系法则之人一样。”夏天解释道。 Un! 恩! Hears here. 听到这里。 The seductive women understand that Xia Tian was what meaning. 妖姬就明白夏天是什么意思了。 Meanwhile she was also shocked. 同时她也是更加的震惊了。 From is so far. 距离这么远。 Her anything cannot induce. 她什么都感应不到。 But Xia Tian not only induced the change of battlefield, even in West Tyrant compared with battlefield saw more was farther. 夏天不但感应到了战场的变化,甚至比战场之中的西霸天看到的更多更远。 This is any fearful power of observation. 这是什么可怕的观察力。 Before she felt, so long as followed Xia Tian some time, can thorough seeing through Xia Tian, all look at Xia Tian all abilities in the eye, understood entire Xia Tian, may follow the Xia Tian time to be getting more and more long along with her, she could not completely understand Xia Tian more and more, discovery more and more secrets. 之前她觉得,自己只要跟着夏天一段时间,就可以彻底的看穿夏天,把夏天的所有能力全都看在眼中,了解整个夏天,可伴随着她跟着夏天的时间越来越长,她就越来越看不透夏天,发现越来越多的秘密。 Xia Tian secret. 夏天身上的秘密。 As if forever could not look that is the same. 仿佛永远也看不完一样。 Came!!” The Xia Tian sound falls. “来了!!”夏天的声音落下的时候。 A colossus flies fast from the distant place. 一头庞然大物从远处快速飞来。 „It is not good!” West Tyrant also pounded with oneself powerful attack force to the front. “不好!”西霸天也是用自己的强大攻击力砸向了前方。 With huge form hit in one. 和巨大的身影撞击在了一起。 The strong impulse scatters in all directions. 强大的冲击力四散开去。 Surroundings these hill were razed to the ground instantaneously. 周围那些山丘瞬间被夷为平地。 The ground was also pounded a giant drainage ditch. 地面也被砸出了一个巨大的沟渠。 Very powerful impulse!!!” In the body of West Tyrant erupted the powerful flame again, continued to confront with this colossus. “好强的冲击力!!!”西霸天的身体之内再次爆发出了强大的火焰,和这头庞然大物继续对峙。 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! Strength unceasing impact. 力量不断的冲击。 Hey, do not shoulder hardly!!” Xia Tian shouts. “喂,别硬扛!!”夏天喊道。 He can look. 他看得出来。 West Tyrant is shouldering hardly, if not their two here, West Tyrant will not want this face intentionally, had definitely given way to traffic temporarily, but Xia Tian and seductive woman here, he do not want to lose face, will therefore shoulder hardly. 西霸天就是在硬扛,如果不是他们两个在这里的话,西霸天也不会故意要这个面子,肯定已经暂时避让了,但夏天和妖姬在这里,他不想丢面子,所以才会这么硬扛。 However West Tyrant has not stopped the movement. 不过西霸天还是没有停下动作。 Useless, at this time, he will not give way to traffic!!” The seductive women reminded. “没用的,这种时候,他不会避让的!!”妖姬提醒道。 „To save face at all costs!!” Xia Tian shakes the head. “死要面子活受罪!!”夏天摇了摇头。 This is the dignity issue, moreover he, but west tyrant Heavens!!!” The seductive women say with emotion. “这是尊严问题,而且他可是西霸天啊!!”妖姬感慨道。 Arrived the person of this rank, which did not attach importance to face, especially West Tyrant such person, thinks oneself are the representative of divine land wooden element, the Ancient phoenix that bumps into the hot element, how he possibly makes concessions, once made concessions, that represented him is not the divine land strongest wood is, although the wood was by the fire is the restraint, but he has believed that so long as any strength cultivation to Pinnacle, can break through promoting and constraining mutually this point. 到了这个级别的人,哪个不好面子啊,特别是西霸天这样的人,自认为自己是神州木元素的代表,碰到火元素的上古凤凰,他怎么可能退让,一旦退让了,那就代表他不是神州最强的木系了,虽然木系被火系克制,但他一直认为,任何力量只要修炼极致,都可以突破相生相克这一点。 Saw that the attack of Ancient phoenix must defeat the space. 眼看着上古凤凰的攻击已经要将空间击破了。 bo! 啵! At this moment. 就在这时。 within the body of West Tyrant erupts over a hundred rays. 西霸天的体内爆发出上百种光芒。 The ray is twining his body. 光芒缠绕着他的身体。 Immortal technique: Hundred wood!! 仙技:百木!! Over a hundred rays, integrated in the body of West Tyrant instantaneously. 上百种光芒,瞬间融入了西霸天的身体中。 both sides were evenly matched in strength. 双方在力量方面势均力敌了。 Very powerful immortal technique, not only can be used to attack, but can also be used to strengthen the self-defence!!!” Xia Tian says with emotion. “好强的仙技啊,不但可以用来攻击,还能用来增强自己的防御!!!”夏天感慨道。 That is natural, but he west tyrant Heavens!, the peak strength of divine land wooden department, for these years, how he has been studying enhances oneself strength, the ability of wooden department unceasing was developed by him, moreover he also collects all kinds of powerful powerful wooden is the strength!!” The seductive women answered. “那是自然,他可是西霸天啊,神州木系的顶峰实力,这么多年来,他一直在研究如何提升自己的实力,木系的能力不断的被他开发,而且他还收集各种各样的强大强大木系力量!!”妖姬解释道。 Un! 恩! Xia Tian also has to acknowledge. 夏天也不得不承认。 West Tyrant is very strong. 西霸天真的很强。 His wood is by the fire is in the situation of restraint, his unexpectedly can also make the ability that so goes against heaven's will. 他的木系在被火系克制的情况下,他居然还能打出如此逆天的能力。 How he is using the strength of hot department!!” Xia Tian stares. “他怎么在使用火系的力量!!”夏天一愣。 He, although is Kinomoto source cultivation, but he before obtaining the Kinomoto source, is an owner of principle of fire, in recent years, he tempers oneself wooden department at the same time, on the other hand, in cultivation his hot department, to make up for the disparity on principle restraint, like this others attacks his time with the flame, he will not be passive!!” The seductive women know about top Expert of these divine lands. “他虽然是木之本源的修炼者,但他在获得木之本源之前,就是一个火之法则的拥有者,这些年来,他一方面锤炼自己的木系,另外一方面,也在修炼他的火系,就是为了弥补法则克制上的差距,这样别人用火焰攻击他的时候,他也不会太被动!!”妖姬对这些神州的顶尖高手都是非常了解的。 He also is really cultivation talent Ah!!” Xia Tian says with emotion. “他还真的是一个修炼天才啊!!”夏天感慨道。 No, in four tyrant days, he absolutely is most that diligently, but is not the talent is absolutely best, in four people, what the talent is best is South Tyrant, everyone believes that even if South Tyrant has not obtained the source of water, he will still certainly become divine land peak Expert in the future, his talent goes against heaven's will, time that if some day you and he hit, is certainly careful, he almost complete your energetics, making you virtually impossible to guard against!!” The seductive women said. “不,四霸天里面,他绝对是最努力的那一个,但绝对不是天赋最好的,四人之中,天赋最好的是南霸天,大家都认为,就算是南霸天没有获得水之本源,他将来也一定会成为神州最顶尖的高手,他的天赋非常逆天,如果有一天你和他打起来的时候,一定要小心,他几乎会完整的将你的能力学去,令你防不胜防!!”妖姬说道。 You said, I was more curious!!” Xia Tian anticipates some powerful Expert very much. “你这么说,我就更加的好奇了!!”夏天很期待一些强大的高手 He passes through the innumerable life and death to fight with all might, had the present strength. 他经过无数次的生死拼杀,才有了如今的实力。 It can be said. 可以说。 Each step. 每一步。 He crawls in the bloody water. 他都是在血水之中爬出来的。 Currently has and ability of divine land peak fight with great difficulty. 现在好不容易有了和神州顶峰战斗的能力。 Naturally was the more better, in this case, he who came can also have many breaks through oneself opportunity. 自然是来的越多越好了,这样的话,他也可以有很多突破自己的机会。 Before going to the day clan . 去天族之前。 He must enhance to arrive in a big way oneself overall strength. 他要将自己的整体实力提升到最大。 You think to look how Kunming Mingdong lords will retaliate you, if were not most in the ancient times battlefield, the Expert quantity that he can look for will not compare your last seeing day clan Expert quantity to be small absolutely!!” The seductive women reminded. “你还是想想看,昆明洞主会怎么报复你吧,如果不是大部分尊者都在远古战场的话,那他能找来的高手数量绝对不会比你上次看到的天族高手数量少!!”妖姬提醒道。 Kunming Mingdong lord. 昆明洞主。 He was to definitely have a mortal hatred of Xia Tian now. 他现在肯定是恨死夏天了。 The strength of over a million years of savings was destroyed by Xia Tian, present he, even did not match to call it divine land peak Expert. 上百万年积蓄的力量被夏天毁了,现在的他,甚至不配称之为神州顶峰高手了。 This tone. 这口气。 He how possibly. 他怎么可能不出。 He came!!!” Xia Tian cares following, how West Tyrant must face this Ancient flame phoenix. “等他来!!!”夏天更关心接下来,西霸天要如何面对这头上古火焰凤凰。 Evil Creature/Fucker!!” 孽畜!!” West Tyrant loudly shouts, later his body starts to increase, increasing bit by bit, the surroundings bare ground grew the innumerable lofty trees instantaneously, all big tree unceasing windings to Ancient Fire Phoenix. 西霸天大喝一声,随后他的身体开始变大,一点一点的变大,周围光秃秃的地面瞬间长出了无数的参天大树,所有的大树不断的缠绕向上古火凤凰。 Scoff! 嗤! Fire Phoenix's unceasing release flame. 火凤凰不断的释放火焰。 These lofty trees were also surrounded by the flame. 那些参天大树也是被火焰包围起来。 Hadn't burnt out?” Xia Tian saw, although these lofty trees were lit, but had not burnt out, this somewhat was strange: I understood, he wrapped these lofty trees with oneself flame, is used flame that contended with Fire Phoenix to release, how long although could not insist, but has been able to fetter Fire Phoenix temporarily.” “没有被烧断?”夏天看到,那些参天大树虽然被点燃了,但并没有被烧断,这就有些怪异了:“我明白了,他用自己的火焰将这些参天大树包裹起来了,用来抗衡火凤凰释放的火焰,虽然坚持不了多久,但已经可以暂时束缚住火凤凰了。” Bang! 轰! West Tyrant that giant body fought with the fists in the Ancient Fire Phoenix's head. 西霸天那巨大的身体一拳打在了上古火凤凰的头上。 Overthrew Ancient Fire Phoenix directly. 直接将上古火凤凰打倒了。 Meanwhile. 同时。 His body jumps high. 他的身体高高跃起。 From top to bottom. 从上而下。 As to stamp to be the same Ancient Fire Phoenix. 仿佛是想要将上古火凤凰踩死一样。 „It is not right!!” Xia Tian shouts suddenly: It had not been connected including the above!!!” “不对!!”夏天突然喊道:“它没有被连上!!!” Un? 恩? Hears the Xia Tian words, West Tyrant quickly transforms the direction of attack. 听到夏天的话,西霸天急忙转变攻击方向。 ! 咻! Ancient Fire Phoenix who just also as if lost the resistance shot up to the sky directly, if just West Tyrant continued to attack, his body was possibly penetrated. 刚刚还仿佛失去抵抗的上古火凤凰直接冲天而起,如果刚刚西霸天继续攻击的话,那他的身体就可能被击穿了。 close call!!” West Tyrant stares immediately. 好险!!”西霸天顿时一愣。 Minds others' business, do you want dead?” “多管闲事,你想死吗?” At this moment. 就在这时。 Ancient Fire Phoenix opens the mouth suddenly. 上古火凤凰突然开口。
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