AS :: Volume #113

#11294: Who eats whom

He does not want to see Xia Tian, because this matter falls from the sky in this. 他不想看到夏天因为这种事情陨落于此。 He is the strength of owner source. 他是本源之力拥有者。 To run away, the issue is not big. 想要逃走,问题还是不大的。 Seductive woman, you do not seem to gather custom Ah! like this!” The Kunming Mingdong main reminder said. “妖姬,你这样似乎不合规矩啊!!”昆明洞主提醒道。 Right. 没错。 But seductive women the priests of day clan. 妖姬可是天族的祭司啊。 At this time. 这种时候。 How she can remind Xia Tian these, moreover makes Xia Tian escape. 她怎么能去提醒夏天这些,而且还让夏天逃呢。 Un! 恩! She who the seductive woman slight nod, should say had said that remaining looked how Xia Tian chose. 妖姬微微点头,该说的她已经说了,剩下的就看夏天自己怎么选择了。 Xia Tian will certainly not run away. 夏天当然不会逃了。 First did not say the might of Kunming Mingdong main this insect, if he really escaped, that this matter will certainly pass to day of clan there, perhaps when the time comes the seductive woman will be processed by the day clan, although is insufficient to fall from the sky, but also definitely is a big responsibility for an offense. 先不说昆明洞主这只虫的威力,如果他真的逃了,那这件事情就一定会传到天族那里,到时候妖姬恐怕就会被天族处理,虽然不至于陨落,但也肯定是不小的罪责。 People like him. 他这样的人。 How to implicate others. 怎么会连累别人呢。 In my dictionary does not have to escape this character, you look well are OK!!” Xia Tian stands there. “我的字典里面早就没有了逃这个字,你好好看着就可以了!!”夏天站在那里。 Has not left. 并没有离开。 I do not manage!!” The seductive women see the Xia Tian action, is thorough was speechless. “我不管了!!”妖姬看到夏天的举动,也是彻底的无语了。 She reminded Xia Tian with good intention, but Xia Tian unexpectedly did not appreciate kindness rendered, not only did not walk, but also said such words, the words that seemed her just to speak are unrequited love to be the same. 她好心提醒夏天,可夏天居然一点都不领情,不但不走,还说出这样的话,就好像她刚刚说的话都是自作多情一样。 She does not know. 她并不知道。 Xia Tian said. 夏天这么说。 To pretend non-involvement relations between her and Xia Tian. 就是为了撇清她和夏天之间的关系。 In this case. 这样的话。 The day clan will not look for seductive woman's trouble. 天族也就不会找妖姬的麻烦了。 Very good, this courage makes one admire, but in this world, does not have the courage, my seven color poisonous insects, to the thing of poison, must swallow ten thousand tons toxicant every day, its place visited, all will all be twined by the toxin . Moreover, it now actually poisonous, I don't know either, if in you move, I, am not possibly able to give you to detoxify.” Kunming Mingdong main is reminding Xia Tian. “很好,这个勇气让人敬佩,可这个世界上,并不是有勇气就可以的,我的七彩毒虫,是至毒之物,每天要吞服万吨毒药,它所过之处,一切皆会被毒素缠绕,而且,它现在究竟有多毒,我自己也不知道,如果你中了招,就连我,可能都无法给你解毒。”昆明洞主是在提醒夏天 If recognizes now instigates also with enough time. 如果现在认怂还来得及。 Otherwise. 不然的话。 Then. 接下来。 Did not have the opportunity. 就没机会了。 He will not keep the hand. 他是不会留手的。 I felt, if you present escape, perhaps, you will not regret, otherwise, you will regret for a lifetime!!!” The Xia Tian response said. “我觉得,你如果现在逃,也许,你不会后悔,不然的话,你会后悔一辈子!!!”夏天回应道。 Looks at front poisonous insect. 看着面前的毒虫。 He wants to smile. 他很想笑。 Because. 因为。 Some of his within the body strength has been reminding him. 他体内某种力量已经在提醒他了。 This poisonous insect, before him, is ants general existence. 这种毒虫,在他面前,就是蝼蚁一般的存在。 Regarding others. 对于别人来说。 This poisonous insect possibly is very fearful, but regarding Xia Tian, possibly is the tonic. 这毒虫可能是非常可怕的,但对于夏天来说,可能算是补品吧。 Although his present attack formidable. 他现在的攻击虽然强悍 But the lethality is insufficient. 但杀伤力并不足。 Although after the source of earth, words that continues to study, can increase the lethality, but was too slow, Xia Tian also sees West Tyrant the appearance that to enhance own striking power, rushes about everywhere, he did not have so many time to rush about. 虽然土之本源以后继续研究的话,也可以增加杀伤力,但太慢了,夏天也看到西霸天为了提升自己的攻击力,到处奔波的样子了,他没有那么多的时间去奔波。 But if he can increase the toxin attack in oneself attack? 但如果他可以在自己的攻击里面增加毒素攻击呢? Divine land strongest poison. 神州最强的毒。 Snort! 哼! Xia Tian, I really more and more did not like you!!” Kunming Mingdong main load heavy snort/hum, the poisonous insect in his hand started to crawl later forward. 夏天,我真的是越来越不喜欢你了!!”昆明洞主重重的哼了一声,随后他手中的毒虫开始向前爬去。 The speed of reptile is not fast. 爬虫的速度不快。 But probably is the same in the jump space. 可却好像在跳跃空间一样。 Moreover closed off Xia Tian all roads. 而且封锁了夏天所有的路。 All the way. 一路上。 All strengths were swallowed by seven color poisonous insects. 所有的力量都被七彩毒虫所吞噬。 Any strength. 任何力量。 Cannot block it. 都挡不住它。 Including the beforehand Xia Tian absolute defense, in its front seems not anything. 包括之前夏天的绝对防御,在它的面前似乎也不算什么。 Now you want to escape could not escape, you already, in its must kill in the range, even if you wants Teleport to leave, the space will also be eaten by it, when the time comes, you will fall into to the space and time crack.” Kunming Mingdong main had recognized oneself will win. “现在你想逃都逃不掉了,你已经在它的必杀范围之内了,哪怕是你想要瞬移离开,空间也会被它吃掉,到时候,你会掉入到时空裂缝里面。”昆明洞主已经认定了自己会赢。 This distance. 这个距离。 He wins to decide. 他是赢定的。 Then. 接下来。 So long as he waited for Xia Tian to beg for mercy is OK. 他只要等着夏天求饶就可以了。 However. 不过。 He cannot letting off Xia Tian easily. 他也不会轻易的放过夏天 He must make Xia Tian understand, with his wild price. 他要让夏天明白,和他猖狂的代价。 Bad!!” The seductive women have been able to imagine, then what happened. “糟了!!”妖姬已经能够想象到,接下来会发生什么事情了。 Then. 接下来。 Xia Tian will fall by this poisonous insect swallowing one after another, until death. 夏天就会被这个毒虫一口一口的吞噬掉,直到死亡。 So talent. 如此天才。 Must fall from the sky. 就要这么陨落了。 She also thought that was a pity. 她也觉得非常可惜。 At this time. 此时。 She even considered, must making a move help/gang. 她甚至考虑,要不要出手帮一下。 However quick, she stared in a big way the eye, because that was known as that the invincible seven color poisonous insects, had been grasped at this time in the hand of Xia Tian, she even can notice that the poisonous insect is shivering, seemed induces any dreadful matter to be the same. 不过很快,她就瞪大了眼睛,因为那个号称无敌的七彩毒虫,此时已经被抓在了夏天的手中,她甚至能够看到毒虫在颤抖,就仿佛是感应到了什么可怕的事情一样。 What's the matter?” The seductive women are not completely clear. “怎么回事?”妖姬完全不明白。 Why will have such matter to happen. 为什么会有这样的事情发生。 Kunming Mingdong main also stares: Hateful!!” 昆明洞主也还是一愣:“可恶!!” Although. 虽然。 He does not understand that what happened. 他不明白发生了什么事情。 But he is also first pours into oneself strength to the poisonous insect, wants to control the poisonous insect with this, making the poisonous insect continue to attack. 但他也是第一时间将自己的力量注入到毒虫之中,想要用此来控制毒虫,让毒虫继续攻击。 But. 可。 Had not responded. 还是没有反应。 That do not blame me!!” The Kunming Mingdong main body changes into the venom, directly enters to poisonous insect within the body. “那就别怪我了!!”昆明洞主的身体化为毒液,直接进入到毒虫体内。 This time poisonous insect increased one time. 此时的毒虫个头变大了一倍。 Also seems wants to revolt against this strength. 也仿佛是想要反抗这股力量。 What a pity. 可惜。 Cannot move. 根本就动弹不得。 Heard that you must eat me, that makes me come to see, who was ate who!!” The right hand of Xia Tian wields, the day cold sword vanishes, simultaneously one group of flame appear in his hands: I most like barbeque.” “听说你要吃了我,那就让我来看看,到底是谁吃了谁吧!!”夏天的右手一挥,天寒剑消失,同时一团火焰出现在他的手中:“我最喜欢的就是烧烤了。” „It is not good!!” Although seductive women not yes what's the matter, but she also looked to understand, continued to get down, dying was Kunming Mingdong lords: A bit faster with your poisonous insect peeling, otherwise you died!!!” “不好!!”妖姬虽然不明白怎么回事,但她也看明白了,继续这么下去,死的就是昆明洞主了:“快点和你的毒虫剥离,不然你就死定了!!!” The present Kunming Mingdong advocating peace poisonous insect is a body. 现在的昆明洞主和毒虫是一体的。 If the poisonous insect died. 如果毒虫死了。 That Kunming Mingdong main also died. 那昆明洞主也就死定了。 Was the beyond redemption death. 是万劫不复的死亡。 ! 噗! Kunming Mingdong main strips from seven color poisonous insects. 昆明洞主从七彩毒虫之中剥离出来。 A blood spouts. 一口鲜血喷出。 This peeling, the price is very big, moreover he can in a short time with seven color poisonous insect thorough losing connections. 这种剥离,代价是很大的,而且他短时间内会和七彩毒虫彻底的失去连接。 Scoff! 嗤! Does not want!!!” Kunming Mingdong main shouts loudly. “不要!!!”昆明洞主大声喊道。 What a pity. 可惜。 Already without enough time. 已经来不及了。 His poisonous insect resistance does not have, like this by Xia Tian roasting, moreover Xia Tian also put out the pepper and chili powder. 他的毒虫一点反抗都没有,就这样被夏天给烤了,而且夏天还拿出了胡椒和辣椒粉。 Very fragrant. 很香。 Roasted absolutely is one certainly. 烤的绝对是一绝。 But Kunming Mingdong main heart actually in drop blood. 可昆明洞主的心却在滴血。 For this seven color poisonous insects, he consumed for over a million years, innumerable resources, his all wealth on the bodies of seven color poisonous insects, but now, he looks at Xia Tian with own eyes one after another seven color poisonous insects eating. 为了这个七彩毒虫,他耗费了上百万年的时间,无数的资源,他所有的财富都在七彩毒虫的身上,可现在,他亲眼看着夏天一口一口的将七彩毒虫给吃了。 Xia Tian, I and you am unable to co-exist!!!” The Kunming Mingdong main present really wished one could to kill summer Heavens!. 夏天,我与你势不两立!!!”昆明洞主现在真是恨不得杀了夏天啊 What a pity. 可惜。 He has not cut to kill the Xia Tian capital. 他已经没有斩杀夏天的资本了。 He strongest skill. 他最强的本事。 Collapses at the first blow in the Xia Tian front, not to mention his other skills. 夏天的面前都是不堪一击,更不用说他其他的本事了。 Escape! 逃! Present he, can only choose to escape. 现在的他,只能选择逃跑。 Although he left behind an aggressive statement, but this also can only be an aggressive statement. 虽然他留下了一句狠话,但这也只能是一句狠话罢了。 This seductive woman thorough looked stupidly. “这”妖姬已经彻底的看傻了。 Then to the poisonous thing, Xia Tian unexpectedly eats is so fragrant . Moreover the fragrance that roasts also makes people unable to reject. 那么至毒的东西,夏天居然吃的这么香,而且烤出来的香气也是让人无法拒绝的。 Can eat?” Xia Tian asked. “要不要吃点?”夏天问道。 Ok, I die to enjoy!!” Seductive woman awkward saying. “还是算了吧,我没命消受!!”妖姬尴尬的说道。 Meanwhile. 同时。 Xia Tian induces, the continuous venom starts to flow in his body. 夏天感应到,源源不断的毒液在他的身体之中开始流淌。
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