AS :: Volume #105

#10477: star king wood invitation

He must start to counter-attack. 他要开始反击了。 He thinks. 他认为。 Own this counter-attack, can certainly general king Yukuai chop to kill. 自己这次的反击,一定可以将星王玉快速击杀。 In this case. 这样的话。 Oneself also completed mission. 自己也完成了任务 Exciting Ah! 兴奋啊! Thinks of here, he was also more excited. 一想到这里,他也就更加兴奋了。 Kill! 杀! Ghost King since the attack pounded instantaneously to star king jade: Now was your time of death.” 鬼王自从的攻击瞬间砸向了星王玉:“现在就是你的死期了。” Smile. 笑容。 On star king jade face showed a smile of faint trace. 星王玉的脸上露出了一丝丝的笑容。 Meanwhile. 与此同时。 Innumerable fine laces. 无数的细线。 Instantaneous thorn to Ghost King since body. 瞬间刺向了鬼王自从的身体。 „It is not good!” Ghost King since is also the complexion changes. “不好!”鬼王自从也是脸色一变。 He was swindled. 他又上当了。 ! 噗! He is also exhausts the complete strength to dodge. 他也是用尽自己全部的力气去闪躲。 ! 噗! His shoulder was pierced instantaneously, the star king jade finger moves, Ghost King since the entire arm cut off like this forcefully: Hateful, will you play these schemes and tricks?” 他的肩膀瞬间被洞穿,星王玉的手指一动,鬼王自从的整条手臂就这样被硬生生的斩断了:“可恶,你就会耍这些阴谋诡计吗?” Ghost King since now is also the unusual anger. 鬼王自从现在也是非常的愤怒。 Since battle. 从开战以来。 star Wang Yuyi is planning him. 星王玉一直在算计他。 He does not listen told itself in the innermost feelings, was certainly careful, cannot be planned by star king jade casually, but finally. 他已经不听的在内心之中告诉自己,一定要小心,千万不能被星王玉随便的算计了,可最后。 He was planned. 他还是被算计了。 star king jade exposes weaknesses each time, can evoke the fight desire in his heart. 星王玉每次露出破绽的时候,都能勾起他心中的战斗欲望。 Idiot, your these people, coordinates our astrologers to oppose, if the upfront fight, you had been killed by our astrologers, person who has been sneak attacking our astrologers, now also dares saying that plans.” Saying that star king jade disdains. “蠢货,就你们这些人,也配和我们星家作对,如果说是正面战斗的话,你们早就被我们星家干掉了,一直在偷袭我们星家的人,现在还敢说算计。”星王玉非常不屑的说道。 The person of astrologer. 星家的人。 The battle efficiency may be very terrifying. 战斗力可都是非常恐怖的。 The cohesive force is also similarly fearful. 凝聚力也是同样可怕。 Normal. 正常来说。 No one can contend with the astrologer directly. 是没有人可以和星家正面抗衡的。 The person but who the god protects has been actually sneak attacking their astrologer following person, sneak attacks these strength ordinary people. 可神卫的人却一直在偷袭他们的星家下面的人,偷袭那些实力一般的人。 Let the nucleus of astrologer lose seriously. 让星家的中坚力量损失非常的严重。 If the upfront fight. 如果是正面战斗的话。 Star king jade, I will not let off absolutely your.” When Ghost King since has suffered such big, now an arm cut off, this let his anger. “星王玉,我绝对不会放过你的。”鬼王自从什么时候吃过这么大的亏啊,现在一条手臂被斩断,这就让他更加的愤怒了。 Walk! 走! He is also thinking escapes again. 他也是想着再次逃跑。 But how star king jade will give him the opportunity. 可星王玉怎么会给他那个机会了。 star king jade also killed at this time again. 星王玉此时也是再次的杀了上去。 Bang! 砰! Ghost King that wants to escape since also hurries to defend, was wasted again. 想要逃跑的鬼王自从也是慌忙防御,被再次打飞了出去。 Chain blows! 连击! star king jade rushes directly, wants the chain blows. 星王玉直接冲上去,想要连击。 Once makes the chain blows. 一旦打出连击。 Ghost King since wants to overturn is almost impossible. 鬼王自从想要翻盘几乎就不可能了。 Imperial palace! 皇宫! Ghost King since is also a very ruthless role, he also ate up this injury forcefully, later broke in the ground. 鬼王自从也是一个狠辣的角色,他也是硬生生的吃下了这次的伤害,随后冲入到了地面之中。 Eats the injury hardly, interesting, I thought when you can insist.” star Wang Yuming is white, Ghost King since eats his injury hardly, in a short time, the load of body is certainly serious. “硬吃伤害,有意思,我看你能坚持到什么时候。”星王玉明白,鬼王自从硬吃他的伤害,短时间内,身体的负荷一定非常严重。 Bang! 轰! star king jade attack smashed a giant gulf the ground instantaneously. 星王玉的攻击瞬间将地面砸出了一个巨大的深坑。 Ghost King that wants to escape since was also exploded above the ground. 想要逃跑的鬼王自从也是被炸到了地面之上。 ! 噗! Big mouth blood from Ghost King , since the mouth spouts. 大口的鲜血从鬼王自从的口中喷出。 You lost!!” star king jade coldly looks at front Ghost King, since, no matter Ghost King, since has becoming famous how, no matter Ghost King , before , what skill has, in this moment, Ghost King, since was always defeated. “你输了!!”星王玉冷冷的看着面前的鬼王自从,不管鬼王自从有多么的出名,不管鬼王自从之前有什么样的本事,在这一刻,鬼王自从始终都是失败了。 If were not my general idea/careless, on your working as, you possibly were not my opponent.” Ghost King since does not recognize instigated. “如果不是我大意了,上了你的当,你不可能是我的对手。”鬼王自从也是丝毫不认怂。 He thinks. 他认为。 Was just started the general idea/careless. 就是自己刚开始的时候大意了。 Therefore oneself at meeting move. 所以自己才会中招的。 Your really anything anything is not good, blows flamboyant first.” star king jade disdains looks at Ghost King, since. “你是真的啥啥不行,吹牛逼第一名啊。”星王玉非常不屑的看着鬼王自从。 Arrived this time, Ghost King, since unexpectedly was still boasting with him, this is really makes him feel speechless. 都到了这个时候,鬼王自从居然还在和他吹嘘,这真的是让他感觉非常的无语啊。 Kill! 杀! star king jade does not want with Ghost King since the idle talk. 星王玉也不想跟鬼王自从废话了。 Killed instantaneously. 瞬间杀了出去。 Ghost King since the body is also fast retreat: „To kill me, without is so easy, moreover my reinforcements must arrive immediately, when my reinforcements arrived, is your time of death.” 鬼王自从的身体也是快速的后退:“想杀我,没那么容易的,而且我的援军马上就要到了,等我的援军到了,就是你的死期。” Reinforcements! 援军! Hears here time. 听到这里的时候。 star king jade movement had some changes. 星王玉的动作发生了一些变化。 Bang! 轰! His palm hit to Ghost King, since. 他一掌打向了鬼王自从。 Bang! 砰! Ghost King since thinks oneself must die here, but is quick he to discover, before star king jade attack not, that formidable. 鬼王自从以为自己要死在这里了,可很快他就发现,星王玉的攻击没有之前那么强悍了。 Hahahaha! 哈哈哈哈! Really is the day helps me , your skill reached the limit finally.” Ghost King since exciting laughing said. “真是天助我也,你的那种本事终于到极限了啊。”鬼王自从兴奋的大笑道。 He understands. 他明白。 Now, the star king jade attack is in this case weak, absolutely is not the attire, but was the beforehand skill finished, started to the weak time. 现在这种情况下,星王玉的攻击弱下来,绝对不是装的,而是之前的本事结束,开始到虚弱期了。 Naturally. 当然了。 No matter really false, he will not fire into star king jade, he cannot be swindled absolutely again. 不管是真的还是假的,他都不会冲向星王玉了,他绝对不能再上当了。 Escape! 逃! Ghost King since escaped like this fast. 鬼王自从就这样快速的逃掉了。 Looks at Ghost King the direction that since escapes, on the star king jade face showed the smile: All during plan.” 看着鬼王自从逃掉的方向,星王玉的脸上露出了笑容:“一切都在计划之中。” Right! 没错! star king jade strength has not reached the limit, he just bled off Ghost King intentionally, since. 星王玉的力量并没有到极限,他只不过是故意放走了鬼王自从而已。 He bleeds off Ghost King, since the goal is very simple, hopes Ghost King, since the helper comes a bit faster, these people is a lofty and unyielding character, moreover definitely does not think the mission failure, therefore they will certainly sneak attack themselves again, at that time, oneself happen to can 11 strike to kill these people, naturally, if can grasp live was better, cannot grasp lives, goes back their mask belts. 他放走鬼王自从的目的很简单,就是希望鬼王自从的帮手快点过来,这些人都是一身傲骨的,而且肯定不想任务失败,所以他们一定会再次偷袭自己,那个时候,自己正好可以将这些人一一击杀,当然了,如果可以抓活的就更好了,不能抓活的,就将他们的面具带回去。 Patriarch had the best plan. 家主可是有了最好的计划。 Moreover he had also known the plan. 而且他也已经知道了计划。 To frame these people, can lead really the person, that effect is best, if cannot go back the honorable person belt/bring, with mask, can complete similarly. 就是要陷害这些人,能够将真的人带回去,那效果最好,如果不能将真人带回去,用面具,也同样是可以完成的。 And. 而且。 His final strikes, do not strike to kill Ghost King, since, but in Ghost King, since the body left behind his Coordinate. 他最后的一击,并不是要击杀鬼王自从,而是在鬼王自从的身上留下了他的坐标。 In this case. 这样的话。 No matter Ghost King since where, he can the earliest possible time induce. 鬼王自从不管到了什么地方,他都能第一时间感应到。 First grasps the high level that several three bamboos teach, then tidies up them.” star king jade also plans all unusual is perfect. “先去抓几个三竹教的高层吧,然后再收拾他们。”星王玉也是将一切都计划的非常完美。 And. 而且。 He is also confident to oneself strength. 他对自己的实力也是非常的有信心。 No matter the enemy has formidable how. 不管敌人有多么的强悍 He can handle all these. 他都能搞定这一切。 Xia Tian they recently continuously investigation all these silently. 夏天他们最近一直都在默默的调查这一切。 After the news that Qu Xi they will investigate told Xia Tian, the news that Xia Tian they will also know told to Qu Xi they, this let their unusual shock. 曲溪他们将自己调查到的消息告诉夏天之后,夏天他们也将自己知道的消息告诉给了曲溪他们,这就让他们非常的震惊。 Because the Xia Tian news is the day of frost palace lord. 因为夏天的消息是天霜殿主。 Star king wood is looking for us.” 13 looked at a pass on message symbol. “星王木在找我们。”十三看了一眼传讯符。 Looks for us?” The Xia Tian brow selects. “找我们?”夏天眉头一挑。 Em, said that was wish makes us meet together in the past, good neutralize we and misunderstanding between Von.” 13 said. “恩,说是想要让我们一起过去碰面,好化解我们和冯文之间的误会。”十三说道。 Invitation. 邀请。 This is came from star king wood invitation. 这是来自于星王木的邀请。 It seems like he was wants to begin.” Qu Xi says with emotion. “看来他是想要动手了啊。”曲溪感慨道。 They had analyzed these things before, before they are still thinking, actually if star king wood wants what means to attract them, now star king wood unexpectedly wants to make directly them with such excuse. 他们之前就已经分析过这些事情了,之前他们还在想,星王木究竟要想什么办法将他们吸引过去,现在星王木居然直接用这样的借口想要将他们弄过去了。
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