AC :: Volume #4

#360: Please enter, does not need to restrict

devil sovereign enough more than ten meters high, is very huge. 呼魔鬼皇本身足足有十几米高,已经算是十分巨大。 In front of these thick tentacles that in Suppressing Prison find out, he at this time appears very delicate exquisite, the does not have any strength of resistance in front of these wild tentacles. 只是在镇狱之中探出的那些粗大的触手面前,他此时显得十分娇弱小巧,在这些狂暴的触手面前根本没有任何反抗之力。 Only can, whatever these tentacles tear little his body, his endoskeleton is constituted by the strange soul completely, has the toughness extremely, although the flesh was torn, the skeleton was still connected, looks very strange. 只能任由这些触手将他的身体一点点撕扯开来,偏偏他的体内骨骼完全由诡异的阴魂构成,极有韧性,虽然血肉被扯开,骨骼却仍然相连,看起来十分诡异。 Wind that blows from Suppressing Prison, will shout the aura distant belt/bring of devil sovereign to go out, spreads in the entire abyss. 镇狱之中吹出去的风,将呼魔鬼皇的气息远远带出去,播撒到整个深渊之中。 Meanwhile, open Suppressing Prison out, the forms of some strange distortions appear in the abyss wilderness, toward Suppressing Prison. 与此同时,敞开的镇狱之门外,正有一个个诡异扭曲的身影在深渊的荒野之中出现,朝着镇狱而来。 That is the strange lifeform in abyss surviving, after smelling the flesh aura of old god, was attracted. 那是一个个深渊之中生存的诡异生物,在嗅到旧神的血肉气息之后,被吸引而来。 An abyss feudal lord and supreme control on the scene, showed the exciting look at this time, the life three giants were rubbing the sharp tooth unceasingly, to shouts the devil sovereign somewhat to drool with envy at present. 在场的一众深渊领主和至尊主宰,此时同样露出了兴奋的神色,生命三巨人更是不断磨着尖利的牙齿,对眼前的呼魔鬼皇已经有些垂涎欲滴了。 Old god! 旧神! This is one in despicable and vulgar evolution body! 这是卑劣而又粗鄙的进化体中的一员! This is to make up greatly...... 这可是大补啊…… Looks at present one, the Li Fan somewhat nervous heart gradually relaxes. 看着眼前的一幕,李凡有些紧张的心逐渐放松下来。 He has not thought how is good to handle shouts the devil sovereign, but does no matter how, finally the goal is to let these lifeform in abyss, believes that his plan, believes that he will plan for the future of abyss, can make them repress impulsive, will produce to the reality dreads, will be dormant in the abyss. 原本他还没想好怎么处置呼魔鬼皇,不过不管怎么做,最终目的都是要让深渊之中的这些生物,相信他的计划,相信他是为了深渊的未来而筹谋,才能让他们按捺住冲动,对现实产生畏惧,在深渊之中蛰伏。 He read about the old note of god and abyss that just in time before the pen immortal does, accidentally saw a point about offers a sacrifice to god few words. 正巧他之前翻看笔仙做的关于旧神和深渊的笔记,偶然看到了一点关于“祭神”的只言片语。 That is the scattered narration from some in ancient legend, what said was between two groups of Spiritual God battles, how a victorious side processed own captive. 那是来自于某个古老传说中的零星叙述,讲的是两拨神灵之间作战,战胜的一方如何处理自己的俘虏。 Therefore Li Fan used here directly, now looked like does actually right. 所以李凡直接用在了这里,现在看来倒是做对了。 In abyss, feels the aura of old god, came from the summon of Suppressing Prison, more and more abyss lifeform toward Suppressing Prison. 门外的深渊之中,感受到旧神的气息,还有来自镇狱的召唤,越来越多的深渊生物正朝着镇狱而来。 The forms of these shape strange lifeform, are reappearing in the blood-color ray of abyss unceasingly! 那些形态诡异的生物的身影,正在深渊的血色光芒之中不断浮现! Lets loose me! Asked you to forgive! The lord of great Suppressing Prison, on the god the god, under the crown, the base and low shouting demon implored your forgiveness......” “放开我!求您饶恕!伟大的镇狱之主,神上之神,冕下,卑微的呼魔祈求您的宽恕……” the devil sovereign to go all out to struggle at this time, even last eye because struggled by the bristles of that tentacle is pierced, fell into the thorough darkness. 呼魔鬼皇此时拼命挣扎,甚至连最后一颗眼睛都由于挣扎被那触手的棘刺刺穿,陷入了彻底的黑暗之中。 In Suppressing Prison, he is unable to work loose this terrifying the strength! 镇狱之中,他根本无法挣脱这恐怖的力量! Even his strength was being absorbed by these sharp thorn tentacles continuously. 甚至他自身的力量正在被那些尖刺触手源源不断地吸收。 Looks that at present this has exceeded the imagination completely, even if has a dream that is unable the dream to arrive , the human heads including Song Lian, understands finally so-called offers a sacrifice to god is what meaning. 看着眼前这已经完全超出想象,就算是做梦都无法梦到的一幕,包括宋濂在内的人类头颅们,终于明白所谓的“祭神”到底是什么意思。 It is not some sacrificial offering Spiritual God, but regards the sacrificial offering some Spiritual God! 并不是祭祀某个神灵,而是将某个神灵当成祭品! Offers sacrifices to give the entire abyss! 献祭给整个深渊! By the Suppressing Prison front door, looks in outside abyss that blood red ray, ground that the face that can look at faintly composes, as well as full is the sky of dense and numerous blood-color eye, these grotesque the lifeform that only then in the nightmare can present, the reason of heads must extinguish thoroughly. 透过镇狱的大门,看着外面深渊之中那血红色的光芒,还有隐隐能够望到的人脸组成的地面,以及满是密密麻麻的血色眼睛的天空,还有那些奇形怪状只有噩梦中才会出现的生物,头颅们的理智已经要彻底熄灭。 If not because they also in Suppressing Prison, possibly had turned into one crowd of crazy heads at the scene, even eats the food mutually. 如果不是因为他们还在镇狱之中,可能已经当场变成了一群疯狂的头颅,甚至相互啃食。 Is good because, they treated in Suppressing Prison were so long, infected regarding abyss terrifying anomaly also had certain resistance, at this time can also depend on the last sane self-preservation. 好在,他们在镇狱之中待了这么久,对于深渊的恐怖异常感染也有了一定的抗性,此时还能靠着最后一丝理智自保。 Prasong little bear lifts the hand to cover the son Baillen's eyes, simultaneously closes own eye, said: 巴颂小熊抬手捂住儿子巴扬的眼睛,同时闭上自己的眼睛,说道: Son, do not look, sometimes the gracious gift of master is extremely unbearable to us, must understand the choices.” “儿子,不要看,主人的恩赐有时候对我们来说太过难以承受,要懂得取舍。” Other heads, including Song Lian, closes the eye, or will look at the struggling shouting devil sovereign. 其他的头颅,包括宋濂在内,也纷纷闭上眼睛,或是将目光投向正在挣扎的呼魔鬼皇。 Humming sound “嗡嗡” The strong winds in Suppressing Prison blow to the abyss, the entire Suppressing Prison hall seems like the living creature the same as expand at this time suddenly, turned into a giant cavern same is, has several hundred meters high, depth several kilometers. 镇狱之中的狂风吹向深渊,整个镇狱的大厅此时都像是活物一样猛然扩张,变成了一座巨大洞窟一样的所在,足足有数百米高,纵深几公里。 An exquisite white bones throne in the center of Suppressing Prison hall, wears the black hot royal crown the lord of Suppressing Prison to sit above that throne. 一座小巧的白骨王座就在镇狱大厅的中央,头戴黑火冠冕的镇狱之主坐在那王座之上。 Before his body, by the sharp thorn tentacle control in the midair, was struggled unceasingly creeping motion the huge body of shouting devil sovereign. 在他身前,就是被尖刺触手控制在半空中,不断挣扎蠕动的呼魔鬼皇的庞大身躯。 One group of abyss feudal lords and supreme control, stand at this time in the both sides, looks that at present shouts the devil sovereign to be mouth dripping with greed. 一群深渊领主和至尊主宰,此时就侍立在两侧,看着眼前的呼魔鬼皇馋涎欲滴。 They are waiting, wait for the arrival of other abyss feudal lord and supreme control. 他们在等待,等待其他的深渊领主和至尊主宰的到来。 Offers a sacrifice to the god, itself to the matter that the entire abyss announced. 祭神,本身就是向整个深渊宣告的事情。 Beside Suppressing Prison, the dense and numerous abyss lifeform have followed the old god flesh at this time the fragrance, arrived at out the Suppressing Prison giant bronze. 镇狱之外,密密麻麻的深渊生物此时已经循着旧神血肉的香气,来到了镇狱巨大的青铜门外。 At this time the Suppressing Prison hall expanded the high vault, bronze gate also several hundred meters high of this Suppressing Prison, a outside numerous abyss lifeform had the live corpse, had the bamboo node same lifeform, has monster that the clew same nerve blood vessel composed, has person occasionally existence that the joint twisted, has beasts that the whole body bristles and skeletons composed, wait wait/etc. etc., to mention just a few. 此时镇狱的大厅扩张成了高高的穹顶,这镇狱的青铜门也足足有数百米之高,外面的一众深渊生物有活尸,有竹节一样的生物,有线团一样的神经血管组成的怪物,有关节扭曲的人偶般的存在,有全身棘刺和骨骼组成的兽类,等等等等,不一而足。 Like a nightmare lifeform display. 如同一个噩梦生物展览。 These lifeform were still only the low organism in abyss, although drooled with envy to the flesh of old god, was actually awed by Suppressing Prison also to have the terrifying aura of these abyss feudal lord and supreme control, does not dare to enter. 只是这些生物仍然只是深渊之中的低等生物,虽然对旧神的血肉垂涎欲滴,却慑于镇狱本身还有那些深渊领主和至尊主宰的恐怖气息,不敢进入其中。 Only can in the Suppressing Prison bronze out of the door saliva. 只能在镇狱的青铜门外垂涎。 The ceremony of this sacrifice god, itself waits for is not they. 这祭神的仪式,本身等待的也不是他们。 Suddenly, the tide that the dense and numerous low abyss lifeform compose, presented a giant slit slowly, these low organism turn toward the both sides to make way in abundance a path. 突然,密密麻麻的低等深渊生物组成的浪潮,缓缓出现了一条巨大的缝隙,这些低等生物纷纷向着两侧让开一条道路。 Is covered with the short and stout human form lifeform of banyan fig shape root hair, arrives at out Suppressing Prison slowly, salutes to the pale ghosts and demons in Suppressing Prison: 长满榕树状根须的矮胖人形生物,缓缓来到镇狱门外,向镇狱之中的苍白鬼魅行礼: „The lord of great Suppressing Prison, suppresses under all crowns, the base and low banyan tree king comes to send regards to you! Originally legend real, these hateful old gods are really making to conspire, prepare to offend the abyss......” “伟大的镇狱之主,镇压一切的冕下,卑微的榕王前来向您问候!原来传说是真的,那些可恶的旧神真的在做出密谋,准备冒犯深渊……” Gains the world authority to resist the news of old god about that the lord of Suppressing Prison spreads, the banyan tree king has also heard, but has not actually regarded a matter. 关于镇狱之主所传出的那个获取人间权柄抵御旧神的消息,榕王也听到过,只是却并没有当成一回事。 At this time sees the living old god in Suppressing Prison, this believed the beforehand rumor thoroughly. 此时看到活生生的旧神就在镇狱之中,这才彻底相信了之前的传言。 Meanwhile also awes to the lord of Suppressing Prison. 同时对镇狱之主也更加敬畏。 In the Suppressing Prison lobby, goes all out to struggle by the shouting devil sovereign who the bristles tentacle fetters firmly, wants to deny this view, but he just opened mouth, was jabbed into the mouth by several tentacles, anything could not say. 镇狱的前厅中,被棘刺触手牢牢束缚住的呼魔鬼皇拼命挣扎,想要否认这个说法,只是他刚刚张开嘴,就被几条触手刺进了口中,什么都说不出来了。 These tentacles are in the pit of eye drilled from his body surface these directly, seemingly strangely. 紧接着,这些触手直接从他的身体表面那些原本是眼睛的凹坑里钻出,看起来诡异至极。 Above the white bones throne, wears the black hot royal crown pale ghosts and demons to support an own corner/horn, the faint smile looks at the present banyan tree king, said: 白骨王座之上,头戴黑火冠冕的苍白鬼魅一手撑住自己的一支角,似笑非笑地看着眼前的榕王,说道: „, Did you prepare to share this sacrificial offering?” “那么,你准备分享这个祭品了吗?” The Fuzhou kings are startled, later shows a greedy look, said: 榕王一怔,随后露出一丝贪婪的神色,说道: Thank the gracious gift under crown, the banyan tree king has prepared to tear this despicable old god, divulged the anger in heart.” “感谢冕下的恩赐,榕王已经准备撕裂这卑劣的旧神,宣泄心中的愤怒。” During speeches, in abyss in these dense sea same abyss lifeform, several abyss feudal lords and supreme control appear. 说话间,深渊之中那些黑压压海洋一样的深渊生物之中,又有几个深渊领主和至尊主宰出现。 Finds out the armor of slender tongues in all slits. 一具在所有的缝隙中探出一条条修长舌头的盔甲。 Like flea same monster of enlargement. 一个如同放大的跳蚤一样的怪物。 Symbionts comprised of more than ten live corpses. 一个由十几个活尸组成的共生体。 Existence that is growing the centipede head human body. 一个长着蜈蚣脑袋人类身体的存在。 A standing goat. 一头站立的山羊。 These strange lifeform, each is releasing the powerful energetic pressure, the place visited, the low abyss lifeform deeply admires. 这些古怪的生物,每一个都释放着强大的精神威压,所过之处,低等深渊生物深深拜服。 These abyss feudal lords and during supreme control, only then an old acquaintance, before other Li Fan, has not seen. 这些深渊领主和至尊主宰之中,只有一个老熟人,其他的李凡之前都没有见过。 Looks at these strange lifeform, in his heart somewhat is also astonished however. 看着这些诡异的生物,他的心中也是有些讶然。 In the never expected that abyss the powerhouse of feudal lord level really also has so many have not seen the face. 没想到深渊之中领主级的强者竟然还有这么多没见过的面孔。 The breadth and depth of abyss, cause his vigilance once again. 深渊的广度和深度,再次引起他的警惕。 One group of abyss feudal lords and supreme control salute to Lord of Abyss immediately, later is filled with the anticipation looks to that old god in Suppressing Prison. 一群深渊领主和至尊主宰立刻向深渊之主行礼,随后满心期待的看向镇狱之中的那个旧神。 Sees that pale ghosts and demons to have the smile of pondering to say to them: 就见那苍白鬼魅带着玩味的笑容向他们说道: „, Please enter, does not need to restrict, enjoys our sacrificial offerings, feast from former days Spiritual God.” “诸位,请进,不必拘束,享用我们的祭品,来自旧日神灵的大餐。” Relaxing , like own. 放松,和自己家一样。 ~ ~ ( Everyone good night ~ sought subscription ~) (大家晚安~求订阅~)
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