TGR :: Volume #8

#1403: The potential of Qing Vein

Walks into a trap?” “自投罗网吗?” Mu Chen looks at present in beautiful eyes full is being angry Qing Shuang, then smiles one pale, look tranquil [say / way]: My mother protects my these many years, I will not do such stupid matter.” 牧尘望着眼前美目中满是恼怒的清霜,则是淡笑一声,神色平静的道:“我娘保护我这么多年,我可不会去做这么蠢的事。” „Do you also know? But here buddhist monk, the Ancient Buddha Clan headquarters, depend on your this Great Perfection strength, here casual Elder gets rid, can capture you easily!” Qing Shuang is staring beautiful eyes, upbraids said. “你也知道吗?这里可是浮屠界,浮屠古族的总部,就凭你这大圆满实力,这里随便一个长老出手,都能轻易将你擒获!”清霜瞪着美目,怒叱道。 She took that big risk to remind Mu Chen before, wants him to hide well, should not be realized by Ancient Buddha Clan, but is booing at present, this fellow, swaggering ran up to their Ancient Buddha Clan to come unexpectedly directly, how this can make her not be mad. 她之前冒着那么大的风险去提醒牧尘,就是要他好好隐藏,不要被浮屠古族所察觉,可眼下倒好,这个家伙,竟然直接大摇大摆的跑到了他们浮屠古族来,这如何能让得她不气。 Casual Elder gets rid, perhaps should cannot seize me.” Mu Chen hearing this, smiled. “随便一个长老出手,恐怕应该擒不住我。”牧尘闻言,也是笑了笑。 You!” Qing Shuang slim eyebrows is tight, obviously thinks this time Mu Chen extremely extremely arrogant. “你!”清霜柳眉紧蹙,显然是觉得此时的牧尘太过的狂妄。 However, but also does not need she saying that Mu Chen is actually on the first half step, in an instant, suddenly terrifying great imposing manner, from its within the body erupts, all around the space vibrates. 不过,还不待她多说,牧尘却是上前半步,刹那之间,忽有一股恐怖伟岸气势自其体内爆发而起,周遭空间都是为之震动。 Qing Shuang beautiful eyes shrinks suddenly, beautiful eyes shocking looked at Mu Chen, the although latter that and other terrifying imposing manners has been being assigned away from the capital merely instantaneously, but so was away from, she was feels as before clearly. 清霜美目陡然一缩,美目震惊的望着牧尘,虽说后者那等恐怖气势仅仅外放了瞬间,但如此距离,她依旧是感觉得清清楚楚。 The imposing manner of that degree, even if some Elder in clan, compared with it not on. 那种程度的气势,即便是族内的一些长老,都是比之不上。 „Did your you break through to Heavenly Sovereign?!” Qing Shuang pair of beautiful eyes stares circle instantaneously, on charming face full is difficult believing, must know she one year ago when sees Mu Chen, the latter only Great Perfection, how short one year does not see, bridged over that [say / way] to hinder the innumerable talent lifetime day gorge unexpectedly, has stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign boundary! “你你突破到天至尊了?!”清霜一对美目瞬间瞪圆,俏脸上满是难以置信,要知道她一年前见到牧尘时,后者才只是大圆满而已,怎么短短一年不见,竟然就跨过了那道阻碍了无数天才一生的天涧,踏入了天至尊的境界! Is this what kind terrifying cultivation speed? Does this need the what kind talent as well as the chance? 这是何等恐怖的修炼速度?这需要何等的天赋以及机缘? Is the person of Ancient Buddha Clan, Qing Shuang regarding promoting Heavenly Sovereign difficultly clear, even if has Ancient Buddha Clan this grade of background, wants to visit Heavenly Sovereign, is difficult extremely. 身为浮屠古族之人,清霜对于晋升天至尊之难最为的清楚,即便是有着浮屠古族这等底蕴,想要踏足天至尊,也是极其之难。 On such as that Xuan Luo, the Mo Xin two people, are present Xuan Vein, leader in Mo Vein young generation, even if so, is drawing support from training of Ancient Buddha Clan innumerable resources, they also merely just achieved to touch the Heavenly Sovereign situation at this time, but wants truely steps forward that step, does not know when must arrive. 就如那玄罗,墨心二人,都是如今玄脉,墨脉年轻一辈中的领头者,然而即便如此,借助着浮屠古族无数资源的培养,他们此时也仅仅才刚刚达到触及天至尊的地步,而想要真正的跨出那一步,更是不知道要到何年何月。 But now, Mu Chen actually first they one step steps into Heavenly Sovereign, thorough has led them, thus it can be seen, actually this has inconceivable how. 可现在,牧尘却是先两人一步踏入天至尊,彻底的领先了他们,由此可见,这究竟是有多么的不可思议。 With the aid of some chances, lucky breakthrough.” The Mu Chen look restores lightly, said. “借助一些机缘,侥幸突破而已。”牧尘神色恢复平淡,道。 Qing Shuang has shocked the long time, finally is recovering gradually, beautiful eyes complex incomparable looks at Mu Chen, she knows, if this matter spreads in Ancient Buddha Clan, actually to cause the big turbulence. 清霜震惊了半晌,终于是渐渐的回过神来,美目复杂无比的看着牧尘,她知道,如果此事在浮屠古族中传开,究竟会引发多大的动荡。 In the past everyone thought Mu Chen only Sinful Child, under not having the support of Ancient Buddha Clan resources, even if its talent were excellent , the achievement was limited, but present fact fan these person of cheeks maliciously, will perhaps make them understand, even if did not have Ancient Buddha Clan, in their mouths this so-called Sinful Child, can surmounted their Ancient Buddha Clan the talent that as before thought of every means to train 以往谁都以为牧尘只是一个罪子,在没有浮屠古族资源的支持下,即便其天赋过人,也成就终归有限,但眼下的事实恐怕会狠狠的扇那些人一个嘴巴子,同时也让得他们明白,就算是没有浮屠古族,他们嘴中这个所谓的罪子,依旧能够超越他们浮屠古族费尽心思培养的天才 „The cocoa your promote entered Heavenly Sovereign, but cannot come Ancient Buddha Clan!” Qing Shuang takes a deep breath, the sinking sound track, Heavenly Sovereign indeed is at once tyrannical, but this regarding Ancient Buddha Clan, actually cannot cause the awe, after all their Ancient Buddha Clan background was too abundant, Don't say is Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, even if Saint Level, dares to act unreasonably in their buddhist monk not necessarily. “可可就算你晋入了天至尊,但也不能来浮屠古族啊!”清霜深吸一口气,旋即沉声道,天至尊的确强横,但这对于浮屠古族而言,却并不能引得敬畏,毕竟他们浮屠古族底蕴太雄厚了,莫说是一位灵品天至尊,就算是圣品,也不见得就敢在他们浮屠界中乱来。 My innate discretion.” Mu Chen nodded, said. “我自有分寸。”牧尘点了点头,道。 Saw that the Mu Chen look is tranquil, Qing Shuang also knows the persuasion to be useless, immediately can only sigh one lightly, then turns around to lead the way before, finally introduces a lonesome and quiet garden three people. 见到牧尘神色平静,清霜也就知道劝说无用,当即只能轻叹一声,然后转身在前引路,最后将三人引入一间幽静庭院。 My did may tell Elder Qing Xuan your matter?” After the arrangement is appropriate, Qing Shuang looks to Mu Chen, inquired. “我可以将你的事告诉清萱长老吗?”在安排妥当后,清霜看向牧尘,询问道。 Mu Chen thinks that nods. 牧尘想了想,点点头。 Qing Shuang sees that this relaxes, however retreat goes. 清霜见状,这才微松一口气,然后退去。 Mu Chen looks at beautiful figure that she is going far away, has turned around, said to Ling Xi and Long Xiang(dragon shape): These days little go out temporarily, all wait for all [lineage/vein] to be able the military to start.” 牧尘望着她远去的倩影,转过身来,对着灵溪龙象道:“这几日暂时少外出,一切都等诸脉会武开始。” This place after is in Ancient Buddha Clan, if real this time recognizes the identity, feared that will bring in some troublesome, although has endless Fire Territory, lending a hand of Martial Realm, but this can not makes Mu Chen serve the purpose. 此地毕竟是浮屠古族之中,若是真的此时就认出身份,怕是会引来一些麻烦,虽说有着无尽火域,武境的帮衬,但这无法让得牧尘达到目的。 Ling Xi and Long Xiang(dragon shape) nod, they once treated in Ancient Buddha Clan after a period of time, is very naturally clear this Ancient Clan background, now goes down to the tiger's den, must be extremely careful. 灵溪龙象都是点点头,他们曾经在浮屠古族中待过一段时间,自然很清楚这个古族底蕴,如今深入虎穴,的确是必须万分小心。 After exhorting them, Mu Chen is stature moves, appears above stone pavilion of garden directly, he sits cross-legged, gains ground to stare at the void sky, in the jet black eye pupil, Spirit Light flows, seems has said innumerably Spiritual Seal produces an inverted image in his pupil. 在嘱咐了两人后,牧尘便是身形一动,直接是出现在庭院的一座石亭之上,他盘坐下来,抬头凝视虚无天空,漆黑的眼瞳中,灵光流动,仿佛是有着无数道灵印倒映在他的瞳孔中。 The sky of this buddhist monk, other people look that perhaps only can sees vast and pure Spiritual Energy, but in the Mu Chen eye, is actually can sees one towering big of that concealment in void. 这浮屠界的天空,旁人看去,或许只是能够看见浩瀚而精纯的灵力,但在牧尘的眼中,却是能够见到那隐匿在虚无中的一座巍峨大阵。 That big, Ancient Buddha Clan protecting clan Spiritual Array, that and other mysterious degrees, even if by the Mu Chen present Spiritual Array Grandmaster attainments, is the somewhat can not understanding. 那座大阵,正是浮屠古族的护族灵阵,那等玄奥程度,即便是以牧尘如今的灵阵宗师造诣,都是有些无法理解。 However his goal do not pierce this to protect the clan Spiritual Array mystery, but in inducing this Spiritual Array, certain familiar techniques. 不过他的目的并非是要洞穿这座护族灵阵的奥秘,而是在感应着这座灵阵之中,某些熟悉的手法。 His survey so, in a flash is afternoon time, when sunset, eye of his glittering just now subsiding gradually, Spirit Light in eye also along with it divergence. 他的这般探测,一晃便是一下午的时间,待得日落时,他闪烁的眼目方才渐渐的平息,眼中的灵光也是随之散去。 Really so “果然如此吗” He talked to oneself lowly that the look is unusual, because of along with this survey, he discovered unexpectedly that this Ancient Buddha Clan protecting clan Spiritual Array, exists at some loopholes unexpectedly. 他低低自语,神色奇特,因为随着这番探测,他竟是发现,这浮屠古族的护族灵阵,竟是存在于一些漏洞。 These loophole extreme secrets, but relies on is inheriting [lineage/vein] the familiar technique, Mu Chen can clear induction, if he has not expected wrong, these should are his mother remains. 这些漏洞极为的隐秘,但凭借着传承一脉的熟悉手法,牧尘能够清楚的感应到,如果他没料错的话,这些应该是他娘亲所留。 Um?” “嗯?” But in Mu Chen is considering this point, its look moves suddenly, the vision is looking in the garden, sees only there space to fluctuate, has silhouette appearance slowly together suddenly. 而就在牧尘思虑着这一点时,其神色忽然一动,目光望着庭院中,只见得那里空间波动,忽有一道身影缓缓的出现。 That is a black clothing beautiful woman, the gaseous state is graceful, impressively was once with Elder Qing Xuan that Mu Chen has met. 那是一名青衣美妇,气态雍容,赫然便是曾经与牧尘见过一面的清萱长老 Elder Qing Xuan really comes to be actually quick.” Mu Chen is looking at appearance Elder Qing Xuan, said with a smile. 清萱长老来得倒是真快。”牧尘望着现身的清萱长老,笑道。 Elder Qing Xuan is staring at Mu Chen, suddenly stature moves, was just likes the ghosts and demons appearance in the latter front, the slender white hands patted, saw only his jade palm to change into the clear light, a light palm was directly is then patting to Mu Chen. 清萱长老盯着牧尘,忽然身形一动,便是犹如鬼魅般的出现在了后者前方,修长玉手轻拍而出,只见得其玉掌化为晶莹之光,轻飘飘的一掌便是直接对着牧尘拍下。 This palm seems like is incapable, when it falls, caved in including this stone pavilion, the surrounding space, is the shake cannot withstand, just likes is going to jump broken. 这一掌看似无力,然而当其落下时,连这座石亭都是塌陷了下去,周围的空间,更是震荡不堪,犹如将要蹦碎。 Terrifying palm wind comes, the Mu Chen look is actually an indifference, when that palm wind must fall, just now conveniently flicked the sleeve, strokes above that clear palm wind. 恐怖的掌风呼啸而来,牧尘神色却是一片淡然,待得那掌风要落下时,方才随手拂袖,拂在了那晶莹掌风之上。 Bang! 砰! Resembling has the low and deep sound to spread from void, Mu Chen stature is entirely still, but that Elder Qing Xuan is stature shakes, backing up several steps, under foot void disrupts. 似是有着低沉之声自虚空中传开,牧尘身形纹丝不动,而那清萱长老则是身形一震,倒退数步,脚下的虚空都是随之碎裂开来。 She stands firm stature , has not gotten rid again, but is the pupil complex is looking at Mu Chen, said: „When formerly Qing Shuang with I said that I have not believed that now looks like, you step into Heavenly Sovereign.” 她稳住身形,没有再出手,而是眸子复杂的望着牧尘,道:“先前清霜与我说时,我还不信,如今看来,你真的是踏入天至尊了。” The words come here, in her eye pupil deep place, was passed over gently and swiftly wipes the gratified color. 话到此处,她的眼眸深处中,也是掠过一抹欣慰之色。 However in eye gratified receives quickly, Elder Qing Xuan sighed: You should not come to here.” 不过眼中的欣慰很快收起,清萱长老叹息道:“不过你还是不该来这里的。” This Ancient Buddha Clan harms my mother and child to separate for dozens years, why shouldn't I come?” Mu Chen faint [say / way], in jet black pupil glittering cold light. “这浮屠古族害我母子分离数十年,为何我不该来?”牧尘淡漠的道,漆黑眸子中闪烁着冷冽之光。 The Elder Qing Xuan forced smile said: Is better than Saint Level Heavenly Sovereign strength including your mother, can not resists Ancient Buddha Clan, your this Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, can be what kind of?” 清萱长老苦笑道:“连你母亲强如圣品天至尊实力,都无法对抗浮屠古族,你这灵品天至尊,又能怎样呢?” Ancient Buddha Clan is indeed strong, but also not necessarily rode roughshod in Great Thousand World on can?” Mu Chen is calm, has not revealed slight fearful thought. 浮屠古族的确强,但也不见得就能够大千世界中横行无忌了吧?”牧尘语气平静,并未曾显露出丝毫的惧意 Elder Qing Xuan stagnates, but at once shakes the head, only is regarded as the Mu Chen angry words this, after all Ancient Buddha Clan although indeed can not rides roughshod in Great Thousand World, but to Mu Chen, is actually can so. 清萱长老一滞,旋即无奈摇头,只是将此当做是牧尘的气话,毕竟浮屠古族虽然的确无法大千世界中横行无忌,但对牧尘,却是能够如此。 How do you want to plan to do?” Elder Qing Xuan hesitant, clenching teeth that cannot bear, said. “你想打算怎么做?”清萱长老犹豫了一下,忍不住的一咬牙,道。 Mu Chen hearing this, the look moves actually, looks at Elder Qing Xuan, the indifferent complexion slightly had been more moderate: „Are you willing to help me?” 牧尘闻言,神色倒是一动,看着清萱长老,一直漠然的脸色微微缓和了一些:“你愿意帮我?” Elder Qing Xuan look low-spirited [say / way]: That after all is also my younger sister, but our Qing Vein even more declines now, the right in clan is also small day after day, Xuan Vein and Mo Vein are always suppressing our Qing Vein, therefore a lot, we do not have the ability.” 清萱长老神色黯然的道:“那毕竟也算是我的妹妹,只不过我们清脉如今愈发式微,在族内的权利也是日渐微小,玄脉墨脉总是在打压我们清脉,所以很多事情,我们都毫无能力。” Initially we could not guarantee your mother, now cannot see you to be also captured, in that case, my Qing Vein was unfair to my younger sister and your grandfather on indeed.” “当初我们保不了你娘,如今总不能见你也被擒住,那样的话,我清脉真是对不起我那妹妹与你外公了。” Mu Chen silent, he knew, this Qing Vein then carried forward in his grandfather's hand in the past, finally emerges from Ancient Buddha Clan many droppers, became the artery in Ancient Buddha Clan, but afterward the body fell, in addition his mother is not willing to make the head of that [lineage/vein], is far away from Ancient Buddha Clan, afterward then because of his father union, under the birth he came, to annoy in the Nu minority, since was imprisoned. 牧尘沉默了一下,他已经知晓,这清脉当年便是在他那外公的手中发扬光大,最终从浮屠古族诸多分脉中脱颖而出,成为了浮屠古族内的大脉,不过后来身陨,再加上他娘亲不愿做那一脉之首,远离浮屠古族,更后来便是因为与他父亲结合,诞下他来,惹怒族内,被囚禁至今。 „Can you say now the Qing Vein situation with me?” Mu Chen [say / way] slowly. “你可与我说说如今清脉的局势吗?”牧尘缓缓的道。 Qing Vein although declines, but if can strives to come, pours is also one point boosts, Mu Chen is not the extremely arrogant person, planned really by strength of the, contends with Ancient Buddha Clan directly. 清脉虽然式微,但若是能够争取而来,倒也算是一分助力,牧尘不是狂妄之人,真的打算以一己之力,正面抗衡浮屠古族 Qing Xuan hearing this, is bitter and astringent smiles, said: Perhaps situation must be worse, if this time all [lineage/vein] who you think can the military, our Qing Vein not have the performance again, perhaps on drops from the artery position, degenerated into the dropper once again 清萱闻言,则是苦涩一笑,道:“局势恐怕比你想的还要更差,如果这一次的诸脉会武,我们清脉再无表现,或许就得从大脉位置跌落,再度沦为分脉了” The Mu Chen brow tightens the wrinkle immediately, this did Qing Vein, unexpectedly pitifully become so the appearance? 牧尘眉头顿时紧皱,这清脉,竟然凄惨成这般模样了吗? This all can [lineage/vein] the military, actually what's the matter?” “这诸脉会武,究竟是怎么回事?”
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