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#1181: Kind of witchcraft insect

Su Ye shows a faint smile saying: Xia Cao, the prince said that your talent is good, suits the practice, does not know that you currently also do have the idea in this aspect?” 苏叶微微一笑道:“夏草,王爷说你天赋不错,适合修炼,不知道你现在还有没有这方面的想法?” Xia Caowen said cannot help but to stare, puts out a hand to refer to own nose saying: „The prince aren't you crack a joke? Is my talent good? From infancy to maturity may say from nobody.” 夏草闻言不由得一愣,伸手指了指自己的鼻子道:“王爷您不是开玩笑吧?我的天赋不错?从小到大可从没有人这么说过。” That is thing that because you must practice, with their is not a path.” Lu Xuan said with a smile: „Because you have the talent, all just you can feel that I pass through, but the winter insect could not feel.” “那是因为你要修炼的东西,跟他们的不是一条路子。”陆轩笑道:“正因为你有天赋,所有刚刚你能感觉到我经过,而冬虫感觉不到。” In Xia Caoxin cannot bear one jump for joy, some thoughts of early extinguished cannot help but once again floated, she hits the woman who small envies these jumping fences and mounting roofs, afterward was indebted the young lady to show mercy, allowing her to follow the master of martial arts practice of hundred thatched houses, may practice for 1-2 years not to have any result, thought that has the shame in the cultivation of young lady, this thoughts were also pale, relieved is being the Su Ye maid. 夏草心中忍不住一阵雀跃,早已经熄灭的一些心思不由得再度浮了起来,她打小就羡慕那些高来高去的女侠,后来承蒙小姐开恩,准许她跟随百草堂的武师修炼,可练了一两年都没什么成效,觉得有愧于小姐的栽培,这心思也就淡了,安安心心的当着苏叶的贴身丫鬟。 Has not thought that now joy after sorrow Yau Yat Tsuen, actually by the prince was said one have the talent! The prince that is presents including the emperors for the character of guest of honor, said the words that from his mouth, without doubt these ordinary masters of martial arts compared with hundred thatched houses was more reasonable, was persuasive. 没想到如今柳暗花明又一村,竟然被王爷说自己有天赋!王爷那可是连皇帝都奉为座上客的人物,从他嘴里说出来的话,无疑比百草堂的那些普通武师更靠谱,更令人信服。 However after jumps for joy, Xia Cao also sighed: Was a pity that cannot early bump into the prince, I listened to the human saying that the practice must start to be good since childhood, grows up a bone to finalize, could not bring forth any achievement.” 不过雀跃过后,夏草又叹了一口气道:“可惜没能早碰上王爷,我听人说,修炼都要从小开始才行,长大了根骨定型了,就练不出什么成就了。” Lu Xuan laughs: You understand also much, but suits the practice path that you take, is actually not big with the root bone relations. Naturally, if you want the one breath to practice a first under heaven, that estimate has not hope that but if cultivates to become famous the head in Central State this mu three points of place, is not too actually difficult.” 陆轩哈哈一笑:“你懂得还不少,不过适合你走的修炼道路,倒是跟根骨关系不大。当然,你若想要一口气练成个天下第一,那估计是没希望,但若只是在中州这一亩三分地修出个名头,倒是不算太难。” Xia Cao a eyes bright, big eye throws the corner throws the corner is winking the [say / way]: Is it possible that is the prince you willing to teach me?” 夏草眼睛一亮,大眼睛扑棱扑棱的眨着道:“莫非王爷你愿意教我吗?” Lu Xuan shows a faint smile: Since raised, naturally can instruct your, but the master led passing through the gate, practiced in individual, your soul strength was not inborn weak, cultivates the Soul Refining technique to decide however twice the result with half the effort.” 陆轩微微一笑:“既然都提出来了,自然会指导你一番,不过师傅领进门,修行在个人,你魂力天生不弱,修炼魂术定然事半功倍。” Then, Lu Xuan fishes out a blue title page the ancient book saying: In this ancient book records the Spirit Runemaster practice method, enough you practice ten star Spirit Runemaster, if you can have a thorough understanding of it, big of Central State, will certainly have your small space.” 说罢,陆轩摸出一本蓝色封面的典籍道:“这本典籍中记载着灵符师的修炼法门,足够你修炼成十星灵符师,若你真能将其吃透,中州之大,也必将有你一席之地。” Xia Cao respectful receives the ancient book, personal collection cautiously, some types have a dream simply the general feeling, such a precious ancient book, did the prince such give himself? Before with these masters of martial arts studied, the ordinary Body Refinement one year mourning law covered-up, if not the looks at appearance were pretty, in addition young lady's face, perhaps easily will not reveal. 夏草恭敬的将典籍接了过来,小心翼翼的贴身收藏,简直有种做梦一般的感觉,这么一本珍贵的典籍,王爷就这么送给自己了?以前自己跟那些武师学习的时候,一个个普通的炼体期功法都藏着掖着,若非看着自己容貌俏丽,再加上小姐的面子,恐怕都不会轻易吐露。 Many thanks the prince grants, the servants later certainly attentively take care the princess, not because the practice delayed the matter.” On Xia Caoxiao face serious saying. “多谢王爷赏赐,奴婢以后一定更加用心服侍王妃,绝不会因为修炼耽误了事情。”夏草小脸上一本正经的说道。 Lu Xuan ridicules saying: Later practices to have, protected the princess to be good for me well, later my no longer princess day, but depended on you.” 陆轩揶揄道:“以后修炼有成,替我好好保护王妃就行了,以后我不再王妃身边的日子,可就靠你了。” Xia Cao embarrassed saying: Servants where can compares with the prince and princess, who , to injure the princess, the servants decide however first not to comply.” 夏草不好意思的说道:“奴婢哪里能跟王爷和王妃比,不过谁要是想伤害王妃,奴婢定然第一个不答应。” Su Ye shakes the head to say with a smile: You don't to the summer grass anything pressure, come, tastes the dessert, is later cool was not delicious.” 苏叶摇头笑道:“你就别给夏草什么压力了,来,尝尝点心,待会儿凉了就不好吃了。” Lu Xuan did not take Xia Cao to tease, pinched a dessert then toward mouth, just about to swallows, suddenly the feeling was not right, in this dessert, there is a living creature! 陆轩也不拿夏草打趣了,捏起一块点心便是往嘴里塞,刚要吞咽,突然感觉不对,这点心中,有活物! Eye looks at Su Ye also takes up a cakes and pastries preparation to taste, Lu Xuan lifts the hand to wipe out the cakes and pastries in her hand, simultaneously has spat the dessert in mouth fiercely. 看着苏叶也拿起一块糕点准备尝,陆轩抬手一把打掉她手中的糕点,同时将口中的点心猛地吐了出来。 Su Ye was made one by the Lu Xuan movement startled, Xia Caoyi has been scared, Lu Xuan Huo's one has stood, sweeps the beforehand genialness, the look gloomy looked to nearby Xia Cao. 苏叶陆轩的动作弄得一惊,夏草亦是吓呆了,陆轩霍的一下站了起来,一扫之前的和煦,神色阴沉的看向了一旁的夏草。 Xia Cao gingerly [say / way]: King, Prince, how? Are the cakes and pastries poisonous?” 夏草战战兢兢的道:“王,王爷,怎么了?难道糕点有毒?” Lu Xuan is actually rashly held Xia Cao the arm, the finger has built directly above her pulse. 陆轩却是不由分说的一把抓住了夏草的手臂,手指直接搭在了她的脉搏之上。 Under searches, the look is slightly loose, holds on Xia Cao the arm to pull, turns around it directly, the consecutively three palms patted in her carrying on the back. 一探之下,神色稍松,拉住夏草的手臂一扯,直接将其扭转过来,连续三掌拍在了她的背上。 Xia Cao felt that a five main internal organs (entrails) ache, the heart said ended, the prince certainly was regarded as the person who oneself intoxicated, but the good and evil made itself distinguish 夏草感到五脏六腑一阵疼痛,心道完了完了,王爷一定是把自己当做是下毒的人了,可是好歹让自己分辨一下啊 However summer grass thought has not transferred with enough time, then felt that disgusting, could not bear vomit. At this moment, Lu Xuan loosened Xia Cao the arm on the contrary, sat. 不过夏草念头还没来得及转完,便是感到一阵恶心,忍不住呕吐了出来。此刻,陆轩反倒是松开了夏草的手臂,重新坐了下来。 Xia Cao calmed down, realized one are also living, looks at the filthy thing that eye had just spat subconsciously, that is the cakes and pastries that she just finished eating has not digested with enough time, what is somewhat terrorist, in this group of filthy thing, crawled to have the thumb fingertip like that big or medium insect! 夏草定了定神,意识到自己还活着,下意识的看了眼自己刚刚吐出来的秽物,那是她刚刚吃完还没有来得及消化的糕点,不过有些恐怖的是,在这团秽物中,爬出来了一只足足有大拇指指尖那般大小的虫子! Sees this, Xia Cao who just spat wants to spit immediately, thinks that so was just big a insect to stay in own within the body, is creepy feeling. 看到这一幕,刚刚吐完的夏草顿时更想吐了,一想到刚刚这么大一只虫子呆在自己体内,更是一阵头皮发麻。 Unacceptable she pondered that Lu Xuan the sinking sound asked: Xia had Cao, you just eaten this inside cakes and pastries?” 来不得等她细想,陆轩已经沉声发问了:“夏草,你刚刚是不是吃过这里面的糕点?” Xia Cao suppresses thoughts that considers to spit to reply: Yes, before the princess eats the thing, we will taste first, but, I just absolutely had not eaten that big insect.” 夏草强忍着想吐的心思回答道:“是,王妃吃东西之前我们都会先尝一下的,不过,我刚刚绝对没有吃到那么大的虫子。” With summer grass startled different, Su Ye is calm, looked that said to Lu Xuan: What's the matter? Do some people intoxicate?” 跟夏草的惊慌不同,苏叶还算镇定,看向陆轩道:“怎么回事?有人下毒?” Lu Xuan deeply inspires saying: Does not intoxicate, is under the kind of witchcraft, this is Gu Insect.” 陆轩深吸一口气道:“不是下毒,是下蛊,这是蛊虫。” Then, Lu Xuan takes up has not moved the dessert, grinds it gently, minimum Gu Insect appears in several people of eyes immediately, the size are most does not surpass that Gu Insect 1/10 that just Xia Caotu came out, will eat will not have the slight detection. 说罢,陆轩拿起一块未动过的点心,轻轻将其碾碎,一只极小的蛊虫顿时出现在几人眼中,大小最多不超过刚刚夏草吐出来的那个蛊虫的1,吃下去根本不会有丝毫察觉。 Because initially in Zhao Bing'er the Sikong Family kind of witchcraft, all Lu Xuan had many research to Gu Insect, then recognized this Gu Insect, could not be regarded too wisely, but was quite secret, this Gu Insect, will enter a dormant state under the high temperature, almost can thorough hid oneself life aura, virtually impossible to guard against, if not the Lu Xuan sensation were greatly strengthened, in addition just talked with Xia Cao after a period of time, making this Gu Insect recover slightly, perhaps he also move. 因为当初赵冰儿中了司空家的蛊,所有陆轩蛊虫有过不少的研究,一眼便认出来了此种蛊虫,算不得太高明,但却极为隐秘,这种蛊虫,在高温下会进入一种休眠状态,几乎能彻底的隐藏自己生命气息,令人防不胜防,若非陆轩感知极强,再加上刚刚与夏草谈话过一段时间,让这蛊虫微微复苏了,恐怕他也得中招。 Nearby Xia Cao soon frightened to cry, said repeatedly: Prince, this is not the servants does absolutely, the servants do not know the circumstances of the matter completely!” 一旁的夏草都快要吓哭了,连声道:“王爷,这绝对不是奴婢干的,奴婢完全不知情啊!” I know that is not you do, otherwise you will not eat, but also makes it long be so big, if passes a a short time again, it eats to eat all one's food your five main internal organs (entrails) sufficiently slowly, finally the skeleton not saves!” “我知道不是你干的,否则你也不会吃下去,还让它长这么大,若再过个一时半刻,它足以慢慢吃光你的五脏六腑,最后尸骨无存!” Although said Lu Xuan just first suspected is Xia Cao, but after he realized Xia Cao advanced the kind of witchcraft, then has cancelled this suspicion, this cannot bring, when Gu Insect of ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself, just like Lu Xuan said that for a short time then sufficiently wants the human life. 虽然说陆轩刚刚第一时间怀疑的便是夏草,但当他察觉到夏草已经先行中蛊之后,便是打消了这份怀疑,这可不是能拿来当苦肉计的蛊虫,正如陆轩所说,一时半刻便足以要人命。 Since Gu Insect is not Xia Caofang, knows very well that the usage of this insect, the object of that suspicion has locked completely, female cook! 既然蛊虫不是夏草放的,又熟知此虫的用法,那怀疑的对象已经完全锁定了,厨娘! Xia Cao, goes to the kitchen to come that two female cooks, said that the princess asked the recipes of their this cakes and pastries.” Lu Xuan expression cloudy and cold, under table that in Su Ye and Xia Cao cannot see, the fist of Lu Xuan has gripped tightly. “夏草,去厨房将那两位厨娘请过来,就说王妃问她们这糕点的做法。”陆轩语气阴冷,在苏叶和夏草看不见的桌子底下,陆轩的拳头已经紧紧握起。 Also is Gu Insect, is his personal maidservant! 又是蛊虫,又是他的身边人! Ruo Xiangyi elapses because of Sikong Family Yin-Yang Soul Breaking Gu, Sikong Family was therefore made by Lu Xuan earth-shakingly, the loss is huge, has not thought that now nearly lets the Su Ye step her footsteps, but in the previous quarter, Lu Xuan also vowed solemnly that said that will not lose anybody again! 若相依因为司空家阴阳断魂蛊而逝去,司空家因此被陆轩闹得天翻地覆,损失巨大,没想到如今险些让苏叶步了她的后尘,而就在前一刻,陆轩还信誓旦旦的说绝不会再失去任何人! He must have a look, is actually who to have such big courage, prepares to pay what kind of price for this reason!( Not 他要看看,究竟是谁有这么大的胆子,又准备为此付出怎样的代价!(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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