PDG :: Volume #8

#747: Issue

Los Angeles, Beverly mountain village hotel. 洛杉矶,比弗利山庄酒店。 An incomparably lively cocktail party is carrying on the hotel, but the organizer of this cocktail party is the Douglas family, it may be said that gathered entire US West coast Innumerable Factions, the astonishing meeting of rich and powerful people. 一场无比热闹的酒会正在酒店之中进行着,而这一次酒会的举办者便是道格拉斯家族,可谓是汇聚了整个美国西海岸无数帮派,富豪的惊人聚会。 But the focal point of this cocktail party, naturally is the vibration entire West coast, a military force is earthshaking, invincible female tyrant, Elena. 而这一场酒会的焦点,自然而然便是震动整个西海岸,一身武力惊天动地,所向无敌的女暴君,艾莲娜了。 Elena wears formal clothes, casually sits in the corner, is carrying one glass of cocktails, then frequently is attracting people the attention on the scene, once for a while some people glance the vision to her position, but is awed by the Elena killing name, instead nobody dares to approach her, let alone she just dares to say something to smooth things over her man to throw the cocktail party three. 艾莲娜穿着一席礼服,就那么随随便便地坐在角落,端着一杯鸡尾酒,便时时刻刻吸引着在场众人的注意力,时不时就有人将目光瞟向她的位置,但是慑于艾莲娜的杀名,反而没有什么人敢于靠近她,更何况她刚刚将三个敢搭讪她的男人扔出了酒会。 At this moment, hotel entrance has the loud noise to resound. 就在这时,酒店大门口有喧闹声响起。 Saw that the loud noise is getting bigger and bigger, appearance that has not subsided, even also mixes with call out in alarm, Elena knit the brows, asking under a famous artisan to ask: What matter?” 眼看着喧闹声越来越大,没有丝毫平息的样子,甚至还夹杂着一声声惊呼,艾莲娜皱了皱眉,叫来一名手下问道:“什么事情?” Probably was two Chinese had the conflict, wanted another to roll out, finally was hit to lie all bodyguards by the enemy.” “好像是两名华人起了冲突,一个要另一个滚出去,结果被对方打趴了所有的保镖。” Oh?” Elena has selected the eyebrow: Determined that they don't cause trouble intentionally?” “噢?”艾莲娜挑了挑眉毛:“确定他们不是故意闹事么?” Should not be, they as if knew, possibly before , has to worry the resentment.” During the speeches, has under gawked staring, looked that said toward the Chinese man who walks: Is he.” “应该不是,他们似乎认识,可能之前就有愁怨吧。”说话间,手下愣了愣,看向一名走来的华裔男子说道:“就是他。” Under glare of the public eye, an elegant bearing, the surface such as the jade pendant adorning a hat Chinese youth arrived at side Elena to sit down. 就在众目睽睽之下,一名风度翩翩,面如冠玉的华人青年走到了艾莲娜身旁坐下。 This boy dares to provoke Elena unexpectedly directly.” “这小子竟然敢直接去招惹艾莲娜。” Before had the male star who was not tactful in the past, three seconds were less than are thrown by Elena.” “之前有个不识趣的男明星过去,三秒钟不到就被艾莲娜扔了出来。” Hey, I thought that this boy was also quick.” “嘿嘿,我看这小子也快了。” However what stems from all people to expect, Elena will not have approached her man to throw at will directly like before, but looks at the present Chinese youth to say curiously: Unusualness?” Her intuition told her, the opposite party strength cancould be underestimated. 不过出乎所有人预料的是,艾莲娜没有像之前一样将随意靠近她的男人直接扔出去,而是好奇地看了看眼前的华裔青年说道:“超凡者?”她的直觉告诉她,对方的实力不容小觑。 Oh? Can you look?” The Chinese youth smiled, said: I called Tang Song, were you Elena? Do some interests know?” “噢?你能看出来?”华裔青年笑了笑,说道:“我叫唐宋,你就是艾莲娜吧?有兴趣认识一下么?” Nearby subordinate puts one's mouth close to another's ear side Elena said: This is the representative of Hong Kong Tang, they have the branch in Los Angeles.” 一旁的手下附耳在艾莲娜身旁说道:“这是香港唐家的代表,他们在洛杉矶也有分部。” Elena looks at present Tang Song saying: You are very self-confident.” 艾莲娜看了看眼前的唐宋说道:“你很自信。” Tang Song shrugs, without speech, but looks that in the Elena vision has been full of the color of appreciation, he is certainly self-confident, has Heavenly Immortal System him, so long as continuously satisfies the system requirements the worship value, making others worship him, can exchange to obtain one to practice 50 billion years of angel unceasingly the memory and strength. 唐宋耸了耸肩,没有说话,只是看着艾莲娜的目光之中充满了欣赏之色,他当然自信,拥有天仙系统的他,只要不断满足系统需求的崇拜值,让别人崇拜他,就能不断兑换获得一名修炼50000000000年的天仙的记忆和力量。 This lets during his short one year, became the key person in Red Alliance, not only scolds to be surprised the wind and cloud in Hong Kong, has shocked a piece of eyeball, just also had taught a person of hostile family in the entrance. 这让他短短一年之中,已经成为了赤色联盟中的核心人物,不但在香港叱诧风云,惊呆了一片眼球,刚刚在门口也教训了一个敌对家族的人。 Shrugs, in the Tang Song smiling face is an absolute self-confidence: Woman is gentle. Elena, you did not think that your gentle point appearance, will be more attractive? Why continuously board a face?” 耸了耸肩,唐宋的笑容之中是一种绝对的自信:“女人还是温柔一点好。艾莲娜,你不觉得你温柔一点的样子,会更漂亮么?何必一直板着一张脸?” Hears his these words, Douglas family the innumerable goons on the scene are the item of dew ominous light, this sexually harasses their leaders simply at the scene. 听到他的这番话,在场道格拉斯家族的无数打手都是目露凶光,这简直是当场调戏他们的领袖。 The Elena brow selects, will manifest suddenly, the next quarter has actually subsided, said lightly: Next time teaches you again.” Said departure that then does not return. 艾莲娜眉头一挑,正要发作,下一刻却是平息了下来,淡淡道:“下一次再教训你。”说完便头也不回的离开了。 „Is this that female tyrant?” “这还是那个女暴君?” „Should Elena not be will have a liking for this handsome boy?” 艾莲娜该不会是看上这个小白脸吧?” Saw that Elena such departs, countless people are surprised, making Tang Song also all of a sudden are in their eyes immeasurably deep. 看到艾莲娜就这么离去,无数人惊讶无比,让唐宋在他们的眼中也变得一下子深不可测起来。 Tang Song actually carried just Elena to drink to 50% cocktails, tasted, looks at the back that Elena departed, showed a mysterious smile. 唐宋却是端着刚刚艾莲娜喝到一半的鸡尾酒,尝了尝,看着艾莲娜离去的背影,露出一丝神秘的微笑。 This woman is spicy enough, but has surrendered her, was equal to regaining the entire West coast without firing a single bullet **** influence, was actually big worthwhile.’ ‘这女人够辣的,不过降服了她,等于不费一兵一卒收复了整个西海岸的****势力,却是大大的合算啊。’ The next quarter, in the sky has the thunderous sound to get up, Tang Song has a look at the sky curiously, said: Thundered?” 下一刻,天空中有雷鸣声响起,唐宋好奇地看看天空,说道:“打雷了?” Another side Elena actually went out gently leaps, jumped up the sky, then follows the intermittent thunderous sound, after several minutes, surmounted the city, arrived above the sea. 另一边的艾莲娜却是一出门就轻轻一跃,跳上了天空,接着伴随着阵阵雷鸣之声,几分钟后已经跨越城市,来到了大海之上。 Comes out.” “出来吧。” As her drinks but actually, three man who wore the special operations forces to take appears in her. 随着她的一声倒喝,三名身穿特战服的男子出现在了她的身后。 Saw that crosses the hands behind the back standing to stand Elena in sea level, a man said: „Do you come to here intentionally? Wants a person to cope with our three?” 看到负手而立站在海面上的艾莲娜,其中一名男子说道:“你故意来这里?想要一个人对付我们三个?” Elena coldly said: Human are too many, I cannot unshackle, feared that does not kill you carefully.” 艾莲娜冷冷道:“人太多,我放不开手脚,怕不小心打死你们。” Hey.” The men sneer: „ Do you know that who we are? The law enforcement department noted you, Elena, you abuse the unusual ability, interferes the mortal world, kills countless people. “嘿嘿。”男人冷笑起来:“你知不知道我们是谁?执法部已经注意到了你,艾莲娜,你滥用超凡能力,干涉凡人世界,杀死无数人。 You now two choices ... 你现在有两个选择…” His voice has not fallen, the head blasts open loudly, Elena then appears in his, the fist was still maintaining the appearance of fist, shook the head: You also only then two choices, die or fall.” 他话音未落,脑袋轰然炸裂,艾莲娜这才出现在他的身后,拳头仍旧保持着出拳的样子,摇了摇头:“你们也只有两个选择,死或者降。” The remaining two men roar, goes toward the Elena sprint together. 剩下两名男子怒吼一声,齐齐朝着艾莲娜冲刺而去。 ... After one hour, Beverly mountain village. 一个小时后,比弗利山庄。 In Katherine manor lawn, unceasing sleep of over 20 unusualness floats in midair, they place in the dreamland, poured into sword intent by Fang Xingjian unceasingly, is practicing various carte and tierces. 凯瑟琳的庄园草坪上,超过20名超凡者漂浮在半空之中不断睡眠,他们身处梦境之中,不断地被方星剑注入剑意,修炼着各种剑术。 The Fang Xingjian attention on the bodies of these unusualness, almost every time is all observing the responses of their these systems. 方星剑的注意力全在这些超凡者的身上,几乎每时每刻都在观察着他们身上那些系统的反应。 Since the Douglas family unifies the entire West coast **** later, under the leadership of Elena, then had more than ten or the hideaway, or revolt, unusualness who hires oneself came, has given Fang Xingjian processing. 自从道格拉斯家族统一整个西海岸****以后,在艾莲娜的带领下,便带了十多个或是隐藏,或是反抗,或是投靠的超凡者过来,交给了方星剑处理。 This makes Fang Xingjian regarding the research of system more thorough, makes Katherine mortal body Material Particle the process complete today finally. 这让方星剑对于系统的研究更加深入,也让凯瑟琳肉身物质颗粒化的过程终于在今天完成。 Although Katherine the whole body structure changed into the Material Particle composition, actually still cannot make Fang Xingjian induce to slightly existence of Miracle World, thus breaks through this 1st stratum Heavenly Palace. 可是凯瑟琳虽然全身结构都已经化为了物质颗粒组成,却仍旧没能让方星剑感应到丝毫奇迹世界的存在,从而突破这一层天宫 The Fang Xingjian back, Elena knees down, eyelid sagging, only then a split vision glances slightly to the Fang Xingjian back, looks at present the back of this man, in her both eyes flood color of the contradiction. 方星剑的背后,艾莲娜单膝跪地,眼睑下垂,只有一丝余光微微瞟向方星剑的背影,看着眼前这名男子的背影,她的双眼之中泛起了一丝矛盾之色。 Present I ... Also is her match?’ ‘现在的我…又是不是她的对手呢?’ This time Elena, that fights after West coast unification slaughters, the whole person has reached 212 levels, the speed strength broke 250 points completely, its strength, already the imagination of far supernormal person. 此时的艾莲娜,经过西海岸统一战的一场场杀戮,整个人已经达到了212级,速度力量全部破了250点,其实力之强,已经远超常人的想象。 It can be said that steps on explodes the air, treads the spatial flight, a fist breaks Shan Fenhai, aspirates the murder, the body intensity disregards tank main artillery these became Biao Pei. 可以说踩爆空气,踏空飞行,一拳断山分海,吐气杀人,身体强度无视坦克主炮这些都成为了标配。 Victories, matches counter-attack small and weakly, making Elena also more and more self-confident in their strength. 一次次的胜利,一次次对手弱小的反击,让艾莲娜也越来越自信于自己的力量。 Especially just with ease struck to kill three powerhouses of law enforcement departments, is makes her curious. 特别是刚刚轻轻松松击杀了三名执法部的强者,更是让她好奇起来。 Let her not want to know. 让她不尽想要知道。 Teacher ... Can defeat me?’ ‘老师…能击败我么?’
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