AGM :: Volume #15

#1424: The summit of Divine Mountain

Three forms arrive at the acme quickly, Qin Wentian come, Little Rascal in left, Inferno in right. 三道身影快到极致,秦问天居中,小混蛋在左,炼狱在右。 At this moment, three dreadful timid spiritless Demonic Beast suddenly become such tacit understanding, has the methodicalness coordination extremely, making the rear many powerhouse form vision concentrate under. 这一刻,三头猥琐胆小懦弱的妖兽忽然间变得如此的默契,极有章法的配合着,使得后方许多强者身影目光凝了下。 The Nanhuang empress sees Little Rascal and Inferno, looked at a middle Giant Roc bird again, in her beautiful pupil flashes through wipes vague pale to smile, so that's how it is. 南凰女帝看到小混蛋炼狱,再又看了一眼中间的大鹏鸟,她的美眸中闪过一抹若有若无的淡笑,原来如此。 Those present either are wild big monsters, either is Immortal Territory top Heaven Arrogant , weakly is Immortal King exists, Immortal Emperor, before Qin Wentian with them not in a level, even if they have heard Qin Wentian, but does not understand side Qin Wentian two Demonic Beast absolutely, such as, if not for these people, but was the past years steps into these major top influence Immortal Stage Heaven Arrogant in Heavenly Dao Saint Academy here, can perhaps guess something. 在场的人要么是蛮荒大妖,要么是仙域的顶级天骄,最弱都是仙王存在,还有仙帝,以前秦问天跟他们不在一个层次,哪怕是他们听说过秦问天,但绝对不了解秦问天身边的两头妖兽,如若不是这些人,而是当年踏入天道圣院中的那些各大顶级势力仙台天骄在此,恐怕就能够猜测出一些东西了。 Front, many formidable Demonic Beast have kept off, pupil coldly, even there is a strong Saint beast royal family to exist. 前方,诸多强大的妖兽挡了过来,眸子寒冷至极,甚至有超强的圣兽王族存在。 Burns.” The Qin Wentian within the body Demonic Beast bloodlines as if were stimulated, this flash, his body seemed lit, unsurpassed Demonic Qi/sinister appearance sweeps across, is covering the Giant Roc body, just likes Péng king who is insufferably arrogant, is not only he, Little Rascal and Inferno of incarnation golden color great monster body as if also Ignition, unexpectedly and Qin Wentian characteristics were somewhat similar. “燃。”秦问天体内妖兽血脉仿佛被激发而出,这一刹那,他的身体仿佛被点燃了般,一股无上的妖气席卷而出,笼罩着大鹏身躯,犹如不可一世的鹏王,不仅是他,化身金色巨妖的小混蛋炼狱的身躯仿佛也都燃烧了起来,竟和秦问天的特征有些相似。 This, making all people stare staring, these three Demonic Beast, somewhat seemed to be strange, will they have such close ability? This is completely different race three Demonic Beast. 这一幕,让诸人愣了愣,这三头妖兽,似乎有些古怪,他们怎么会有这么接近的能力?这可是完全不同种族的三头妖兽 Naturally this moment all people also has no free time to ponder too many, they simultaneously started breaking through, the time are not much, quick will be born a number of big monsters, must ride this gap time to break through to break in the Monster God palace, otherwise was likely difficult to find such opportunity. 当然此刻诸人也没空思考太多,他们同时开始了突围,时间不多了,很快又会诞生出一批大妖,必须乘着这间隙时间突围冲入妖神宫殿之中,否则很可能再难找到这样的机会。 Suddenly, the wild aura sweeps across world, the roar is intermittent, formidable strength is colliding crazily. 一时间,狂暴的气息席卷天地,吼声阵阵,强大的力量疯狂的碰撞着。 Kills.” Qin Wentian pushes to the front, roars, lifts the sharp claws to tear all, in the body is flowing the dreadful demon prestige, eight Great Saint beasts roar to run out, change to a terrifying giant whirlpool, annexes and destroys to exist, all Yaobi draws back, is involved completely, Inferno body Ignition, the whole body just likes true Inferno, puts out the fire of Inferno. “杀。”秦问天一马当先,怒吼一声,抬起利爪撕裂一切,身躯之中流动着滔天的魔威,八大圣兽怒吼冲出,化作一恐怖巨大的旋涡,吞灭一切存在,诸妖避退,全部卷入其中,炼狱身躯燃烧,周身犹如真正的炼狱,吐出炼狱之火。 The immature small monster that „before roaring, roars and roars, speaks in an infantile tone of voice, at this moment just likes the golden monster king, is insufferably arrogant, as soon as he roar swallows the day, Wan Yao crawls, when the golden king's sharp claws smashes toward the front, that piece of space crazily is covered, inside all curled toward him, must be swallowed by him, there Demonic Beast shivered to keep. “吼、吼、吼”之前奶声奶气的稚嫩小妖,此刻犹如金色妖王,不可一世,他一吼吞天,万妖匍匐,金色的王之利爪朝着前方扣杀之时,那片空间疯狂都被扣住,里面的一切都朝着他卷了过来,要被他吞噬掉来,那里的妖兽颤抖不停。 Swallows the day beast.” Has the big monster double pupil to project the fearful point, swallows the day beast is the super Saint beast, is quite rare, even if in wild 100,000 huge mountain extremely scarce, their bloodlines are few, because the quantity reason is unable to become a strong clan, before had one to swallow the day of beast monster emperor to exist, this little brat belt in side, but all people has not thought that that body snow white small monster, can swallows unexpectedly the day beast . Moreover, was this variation swallowing day beast? Why only then a head, they have not recognized. “吞天兽。”有大妖双眸射出可怕的锋芒,吞天兽乃是超级圣兽,极为罕见,哪怕是在蛮荒100000大山之中都极其的稀少,他们的血脉很少,因为数量原因无法成为一个强族,之前有一头吞天兽妖帝存在,将这小家伙带在身边,但诸人从没有想过,那头身躯雪白的小妖,竟然会是吞天兽,而且,这是变异的吞天兽吗?为何只有一颗头颅,他们都没有认出来。 However and creating the shock effect of looks like from that imposing manner, this clearly swallows day beast talent Divine Ability, swallows the world, can swallow Fang Tian, these huge incomparable Demonic Beast as if in changing are small, immediately was involved in the whirlpool to swallow into his mouth. 然而从那气势和造成的震撼效果看来,这分明是吞天兽的天赋神通,吞噬天地,能吞噬一方天,那些庞大无比的妖兽仿佛在变小,随即被卷入旋涡吞入他的口中。 In wild Legend, the grown swallowing day beast can grow into the monster emperor smoothly, has to swallow the energy of world heavenly bodies, but in Legend, swallows the day beast limit, can swallow Fang Tian, swallows the heavenly bodies, is most fearful super Saint beast one kind. 蛮荒传说中,成年的吞天兽能够顺利成长为妖帝,拥有吞噬天地日月星辰之能,而在传说中,吞天兽的极限,是能够吞噬一方天,吞噬日月星辰,乃是最可怕的超级圣兽一类。 Three big common Demonic Beast stick out suddenly suddenly sends out the attack, sweeps one piece instantaneously, saw how a such various powerhouse will miss an opportunity, crazy overrunning, prepares to break through to kill together. 三大不起眼的妖兽突然间暴起发出攻击,瞬间扫荡一片,看到这样的一幕诸强者怎会错过机会,也疯狂的冲了过去,准备一起突围杀出。 Besides Qin Wentian beside them, several very fierce big monsters and they in the same horizontal position, crush to prevent in the front Demonic Beast defense. 除了秦问天他们之外,还有几尊非常厉害的大妖和他们在同一水平位置,粉碎一切阻挡在前面的妖兽防御。 Buzz.” The light of fearful attack falls on various monster bodies together, including Qin Wentian they, is only suddenly, Qin Wentian and other powerhouses completely all petrify, even, this petrification goes toward each spot of their body, guards before the Monster God palace, sex appeal such as the female monster emergence of human form, her beautiful pupil monster different unparalleled, only one, petrifies all. “嗡。”一道可怕的攻击之光落在诸妖的身上,包括秦问天他们,只是一刹那间,秦问天等强者尽皆石化,甚至,这石化朝着他们身体的每一个部位而去,镇守在妖神宫前,有一尊性感如人形的女妖出现,她美眸妖异无双,只一眼,石化一切。 beautiful Dusha's pupil.” In all Qiangzhe the heart trembles, here, is guarding unexpectedly also big monster in a Legend, beautiful Dusha, talent Divine Ability of this clan, petrifies all. “美杜莎之眸。”诸强者心中一颤,这里,竟然还镇守着一头传说中的大妖,美杜莎,这一族的天赋神通,石化一切。 However various are fierce, in boundary suitable situation, even if were petrified talent Divine Ability to hit, can work loose as before, ping the sound spreads unceasingly, but these routed Demonic Beast has encircled once more, opened a moment ago, but a path encounters encircling of Demonic Beast once again, various attacks toward various ** strikes. 然而诸强何等厉害,境界相当的情况下,即便被石化天赋神通击中,依旧能够挣脱出来,砰砰的声响不断传出,但那些被击溃的妖兽再次围了过来,刚才开辟而出的一条道路又一次遭到妖兽的围剿,各种攻击朝着诸**击而来。 Go away.” Qin Wentian sends out eats delicacies sharply, demon prestige is dreadful, must make various monsters submit, terrifying will strength just likes the king of all living things, at this moment his where likely is a common Giant Roc bird, but likely is the uncrowned king, he is the King of true Giant Roc clan, even the king of world, all transvestites must submit , the beautiful Dusha body is trembling. “滚开。”秦问天发出锐啸,魔威滔天,要让诸妖臣服,恐怖的意志力量犹如众生之王,这一刻他哪里像是一头寻常的大鹏鸟,而像是无冕之王,他才是真正的大鹏族的王者,甚至天地之王,所有人妖皆都要臣服,美杜莎身体都在颤。 Roar.” Little Rascal swallows instantaneously to beautiful Dusha, a fearful whirlpool appears, the beautiful Dusha eyes look once more, petrifies the mouth of Little Rascal, both refuse to compromise, talent Divine Ability as fearful as acme. “吼。”小混蛋瞬间吞向美杜莎,一股可怕的旋涡出现,美杜莎眼睛再次望来,石化小混蛋的嘴巴,两者僵持不下,天赋神通都可怕到极致。 Not how much time.” In the Qin Wentian heart criticizes, this beautiful Dusha was too hard to deal with, this Divine Mountain stands erect in this, however the end Monster God palace so is unexpectedly difficult to step into, suppresses cultivates for the boundary, all powerhouse conditions are the same, want to break through to defend into summit of difficulty what kind big Divine Mountain. “没多少时间了。”秦问天心中暗骂,这美杜莎太难缠了,这神山矗立于此,然而尽头的妖神宫竟然如此难踏入,压制修为境界,所有强者条件一样,想要突破防御入神山之巅难度何等的大。 To break through, must solve beautiful Dusha. 想要突围,必须解决美杜莎。 Night.” Saw only this time, candle Long Dayao rushed comes, immediately the world tarnish, the all people heart trembled, the world was dark, the beautiful Dusha's pupil will lose the effect. “夜。”只见这时,一尊烛龙大妖冲上前来,顿时天地变暗,诸人心头一颤,天地暗了,美杜莎之眸将失去效果。 Roar.” How Little Rascal will miss this opportunity, swallows strength to rise suddenly, when opposite party candle Long Dayao lightens the dark night, beautiful Dusha had been swallowed, has solved the big difficult problem. “吼。”小混蛋怎么会错过这次机会,吞噬力量暴涨,当对方的烛龙大妖将黑夜点亮之时,美杜莎已经被吞噬掉来,解决了大难题。 To.” “冲。” In various hearts has a thought that did not have the time, above the wall of that demon temple, the Monster God empty shade was once more partly visible, momentarily possibly walked. 诸强心中生出一个念头,没时间了,那魔神殿的墙壁之上,妖神虚影再次若隐若现,随时可能走出来。 Walks.” The body of Qin Wentian just likes the true Giant Roc bird, delimits a gorgeous ray in Void, God's Hand has urged to send eight big sorceries once more, the road of sweeping front, Little Rascal and Inferno also attacks, three monsters clear the way, sweep away all obstacles, even if the Saint beast royal family big monster must probably let. “走。”秦问天的身体犹如真正的大鹏鸟,在虚空中划过一道绚丽的光芒,神之手再次催发八大妖法,扫荡前方之路,小混蛋炼狱同时出击,三妖开道,所向披靡,哪怕是圣兽王族大妖也要必让。 Bang the sound of fierce collision is unceasing, three big monsters collaborate to break all defenses, broke in the front Monster God palace directly. 轰隆隆的剧烈碰撞之声不断,三头大妖联手破开一切防御,直接冲入了前方的妖神宫中。 Rear powerhouse at this moment not any retention releases own prestige energy, the bloodlines talent Divine Ability startled day, kills to the front, various know that the time are not much, these from Monster God palace partly visible big monster form already congealing reality. 后方的强者这一刻毫无任何保留的释放自己的威能,血脉天赋神通惊天,杀向前方,诸强都知道,时间不多了,那些从妖神宫若隐若现的大妖身影已经凝实。 Bang and Bang.” Radiant Buddha is together luminous, sees only Jiang Zihua the Fokuang to spread the whole body, the foot pedal earth, he crosses the distance directly, encounters a fierce attack not to change the direction on the way, broke in the Monster God palace directly. “砰、砰。”一道璀璨佛光亮起,只见姜子崋佛光遍及全身,脚踏大地,他直接横穿距离,途中遭到一次剧烈攻击都没有改变方向,直接冲入了妖神殿内。 How a Péng phoenix and Golden-Winged Giant Roc will miss this grade of opportunity, the Tianpeng terminal velocity, stretches across Void, cuts off all, they break in inside. 一尊鹏凰和金翅大鹏怎会错过这等时机,天鹏极速,横跨虚空,斩断一切,他们冲入里面。 A golden big dragon, huge incomparable, disregards any attack, tears into shreds to keep off in front Demonic Beast, the huge body breaks in inside. 一头金色巨龙,庞大无比,无视任何攻击,撕碎挡在面前的妖兽,庞大的身躯冲入里面。 The major powerhouses bloom the strongest technique, forms walked into the Monster God palace, was only the flash, many forms filed, because paved a way, then appeared simple, how they will miss this golden opportunity. 各大强者绽放最强之术,一道道身影步入到了妖神殿内,只是一刹那,诸多身影鱼贯而入,因为已经开辟出了一条道路来,便显得简单一些,他们怎么会错过这绝佳之机会。 Suddenly, submerged formidable existed, was the topest big monster and humanity, the Demonic Beast congealing reality that then, above the wall went out, kept off before various powerhouses directly, has killed, suddenly the livelihood did not have the light, the world was low-spirited, has the powerhouse to be struck to fly directly, afterward, various powerhouses will draw back one after another in the future, was sealed to block the way. 眨眼之间,没入了很多强大存在,都是最顶尖的大妖和人类,接着,墙壁之上走出的妖兽凝实,直接挡在了诸强者面前,杀了过来,一时间日月无光,天地黯然,有强者被直接击飞出去,随后,各强者陆续往后退,被封挡住了去路。 The opportunity is fleeting, as if, has missed. 机会稍纵即逝,似乎,已经错过了。 Many big monsters are staring at the front blocked way, unexpectedly, is that Giant Roc bird clears the way, that three dreadful spiritless Demonic Beast, erupts the strong strength suddenly, paved the way, first entered the Monster God palace, this was simply inconceivable. 许多大妖凝视着前方被挡住的去路,竟然,是那头大鹏鸟率先开道,那三尊猥琐懦弱的妖兽,忽然间爆发出超强的实力,开辟出了道路,第一个跨进了妖神殿,这简直不可思议。 That is the Divine Ability method of humanity, I felt different attribute strength, even if were variation Giant Roc, did not have such attribute strength.” Pei Qing opens the mouth saying that his final time was blocked, blocks outside, only misses one step, although he does not care about Divine Mountain of place of this uncultivated land, however wants under the certificate as before oneself, but in a moment ago that instantaneous, Beiming Youhuang has gone, he does not have, kept off outside. “那是人类的神通手段,我感受到了不同属性力量,即便是变异的大鹏,也没有这样的属性力量。”裴清开口说道,他最后时刻被挡住了,拦在外面,只差一步,他虽然不那么在意这蛮荒之地的神山,然而依旧想要证明下自己,但就在刚才那瞬间,北冥幽皇进去了,他没有,被挡在外面。 I also felt that he is not Demonic Beast.” A big Daoist wizard. “我也感觉,他不是妖兽。”一头大妖道。 How low-order does Immortal King arrive now? He has been hiding himself, if he revealed the human status from before, moreover such low key, his low-order Immortal King did not repair is, could not arrive this step.” Pei Qing said indifferently, good sinister fellow. “一位低阶仙王如何一路走到现在的?他一直隐藏着自己,若是从之前他就显露人类身份,而且不那样低调的话,他低阶仙王修为,根本走不到这一步。”裴清冷漠说道,好阴险的家伙。 all Qiangzhe nods, truly, only then this last section of road was suppressed cultivates is, if he were not so low-key before, likely linked this opportunity not to have. 诸强者点头,确实,只有这最后一段路才被压制修为,若在之前他不那么低调的话,很可能连这机会都没有。 Who is he?” In many powerhouse hearts secret passage, but was quick they not to go to think, vision staring front. “他是谁?”许多强者心中暗道,不过很快他们就没去想了,目光凝视前方。 Looks group monster that the front walks, various powerhouses know that the present opportunity was uncertainer, because their were less, the characters of some tops break through successfully, enters the palace, outside they are the ally, but now, the ally entered in the Monster God palace, they want again, difficult such as to ascend to heaven. 看着前方走来的群妖,诸强者知道现在的机会更加渺茫了,因为他们人数更少了,一些顶级的人物突围成功,进入宫殿,在外面他们是盟友,但如今,盟友已经进入妖神殿中,他们再想要进去,难如登天。 Qin Wentian, Little Rascal as well as Inferno walk into the Monster God palace, they look at the front, Divine Mountain stand erect in that glory sparkle, but they, already in the summit of Divine Mountain, this palace, in Divine Mountain. 秦问天小混蛋以及炼狱率先步入妖神宫殿之中,他们看着前方,神山矗立在那,光辉闪耀,而他们,已经在神山之巅了,这座宫殿,是在神山之内。 In the palace, has extremely ancient Divine Mountain stone wall, on stone wall is carving myriad designs, there are various Saint beast brand mark, seems living, Qin Wentian even saw that inside Saint beast moved, making his heart jump jumping fiercely, but next quarter he discovered that here like outside, these Saint beasts will not walk. 宫殿里面,有着极为古老的神山石壁,石壁上刻着万千图案,有各类圣兽烙印其中,仿佛是活着的般,秦问天甚至看到里面的圣兽动了,使得他心头猛的跳了跳,不过下一刻他发现这里不像外面,这些圣兽不会走出来。 „Is here, monster all Saint beast royal families?” Qin Wentian exclaims, then, has the powerhouse to step into inside one after another, by the picture deep attraction of this Divine Mountain stone wall! “这里,是妖界所有圣兽王族吗?”秦问天惊叹道,接着,陆续有强者踏入里面,都被这神山石壁的画面深深的吸引!
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