ATG :: Volume #7 Heavenly Calamity Shakes the World

#761: Life point saillant

Xue'er, we walk.” 雪児,我们走。” Otherwise what kind, he has not said that is unable to say. Has not looked at anybody one eyes again, he holds up the hand of Feng Xue'er, distant flying from, does not turn head. 否则怎样,他没有说出,也无法说出。没有再看任何人一眼,他拉起凤雪児的手,远远的飞离,再不回头。 The previous rest lets they fearful and apprehensive murderous Qi, suddenly has actually put Xuanyuan Yufeng, turns around to go far away. This result, lets Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi is startled for a very long time however. 上一息还是让他们都胆战心惊的杀气,却又忽然放了轩辕玉凤,掉头远去。这个结果,让轩辕九鼎穆渊之久久怔然。 This Yun Che, seriously the hearsay is more formidabe.” Departure of Yun Che, making Mu Yuanzhi have a feeling of feeling relieved impressively. His whole life, first time has this feeling because of young people, he has made moment up one: After all, his back has strong fearful Master, pours also has the so strong rampant capital.” “这个云澈,当真要比传闻中的还要难对付。”云澈的离开,让穆渊之赫然有了一种如释重负的感觉。他这辈子,还是第一次因一个年轻人有这种感觉,须臾,他又补了一句:“毕竟,他背后有一个强的可怕的师父,倒也有如此强势嚣张的资本。” Master?.” Xuanyuan Jiuding smiles lightly: Felt relieved, how long he jumped da, will have makes us solve the air/Qi of today the time!” 师父?呵。”轩辕九鼎淡淡一笑:“放心好了,他蹦跶不了多久了,自会有让我们解今日之气的时候!” „?” Mu Yuanzhi surprised looks at Xuanyuan Jiuding: Thirteenth Elder, your this saying ... “哦?”穆渊之一脸惊讶的看着轩辕九鼎:“十三长老,你这话…” Does not need to ask, when the time comes, you knew.” The Xuanyuan Jiuding corners of the mouth curl upwards slantingly, smile quite strange. “不用多问,到时候,你就知道了。”轩辕九鼎嘴角斜翘,笑的颇为诡异。 - - - - - - ———————————— Left the Sky Sword mountain range range slowly, the speed of Yun Che flight, deeps frown, is thinking deeply about anything silently. 离开了天剑山脉范围,云澈飞行的速度慢了下来,眉头紧锁,默然思索着什么。 Feng Xue'er feels Yun Che this time mood constrains very much, she comforts to say in a soft voice: Brother Yun, too should not be worried, their mother and child certainly is well, waited for Brother Yun to find them in some safe place.” 凤雪児感觉的出云澈此时的心情很是压抑,她轻声的安慰道:“云哥哥,不要太担心了,她们母子一定平安无事,在某个安全的地方等着云哥哥找到她们呢。” ... Yun Che light Shu one breath, on the face shows the smile: Right. They certainly will not certainly have matter, I such have believed.” “…”云澈轻舒一口气,脸上露出微笑:“对。她们一定一定不会有事的,我一直都是这么坚信的。” Is only, I arrive know today, in the past after she left Frozen Cloud Asgard, has encountered chasing down of Heavenly Sword Villa unexpectedly.” Both hands of Yun Che tight grips. Because that is the Ling Jie mother, he is unable to get rid to kill Xuanyuan Yufeng ..., otherwise, do not say that she is any Sword Domain elder's daughter, is the space grandmother, he also wants indignant to kill it. “只是,我到了今天才知道,当年她离开冰云仙宫后,竟然遭到了天剑山庄的追杀。”云澈的双手紧紧的攥起着。因为那是凌杰的母亲,他无法出手杀了轩辕玉凤…否则,不要说她是什么剑域长老之女,就是天上王母,他也要愤而杀之。 She ... How to escape?” Feng Xue'er knows, wish that since deliberately plans kills Chu Yuechan, that three people who sends out had certainly to kill the Chu Yuechan ability ... Therefore, then situation, certainly was a narrow escape. “那她…是怎样逃脱的呢?”凤雪児知道,既然处心积虑的想要杀楚月婵,派出的那三个人一定有杀了楚月婵的能力…所以,当时的情境,一定是九死一生。 Yun Che [say / way] gently: World of matter that dissemination Xuanyuan Yufeng had pregnancy Little Fairy in the past all knows, the true goal is to kill Little Fairy. She concluded after Little Fairy returns to Frozen Cloud Asgard, might be expelled the imperial city gate very much, will therefore make the human shift to an earlier time in Snow Region of Extreme Ice to ambush ... Three people who she sends out, even if most flourishing condition Little Fairy is not their matches. Let alone at that time harbored the pregnancy, profound rest is impractical, just from abandoning Profound Arts, therefore, she comes up, by a palm severe wound ... Is good has the snowstorm because of that day Snow Region of Extreme Ice suddenly, there is a snow phoenix beast in the nearby. Under the snowstorm, the speed, the Profound Strength revolution and line of sight acquiring understanding of esoteric teachings will sell at a discount greatly, but the snow phoenix beast is just opposite, Little Fairy then replies on the strength of snow phoenix beast, escapes under covering up of snowstorm to thrillingly ... 云澈轻轻的道:“轩辕玉凤当年将小仙女有身孕的事散播的天下皆知,真正的目的是为了杀小仙女。她料定小仙女回到冰云仙宫后,很有可能会被逐出宫门,于是让人提早在冰极雪域埋伏…她派出的三个人,就算是全盛状态的小仙女都不是他们的对手。何况那时怀有身孕,玄息虚浮,又刚自废了玄功,所以,她一上来,就被一掌重伤…好在那日冰极雪域忽降暴风雪,又有一只雪凰兽在附近。在暴风雪之下,普通玄者的速度、玄力运转、视线都会大打折扣,而雪凰兽却刚好相反,小仙女便借助雪凰兽的力量,在暴风雪的遮掩下惊险遁离…” Otherwise, the consequence is dreadful. 否则,后果不堪设想。 After that she ran away to there, did her wound, have the embryo of wound to the abdomen in ... He does not know. He is not even able in the heart to devise that time picture, because of each, will let in his heart the drop blood. 只是那之后,她逃向了那里,她的伤好了没有,有没有伤到腹中胎儿…他不知道。他甚至无法在心中构想那时的画面,因为每一幕,都会让他心中滴血。 At that time, she should be lonely and no use to any situation ... 那个时候,她该是孤单、无助到什么地步… Imperial Father has said that after the disaster, must be the happiness in old age. Then the dangerous time, she can turn danger into safety, certainly is not cruel enough she injured the heaven, has been protecting her.” Feng Xue'er gracefully is comforting him gently. 父皇说过,大难之后,必是后福。那么危险的时刻,她都可以化险为夷,一定是连老天都不忍心她受到伤害,一直呵护着她。”凤雪児轻轻婉婉的安慰着他。 Um, has Xue'er these words, I am more relieved.” Yun Che says with a smile. Crossed shortly , the complexion slightly sank ... “嗯,有雪児的这句话,我安心多了。”云澈笑着道。过了没多久,脸色又微微沉了下去… From the Xuanyuan Yufeng memory, he also sees ... The matter of Frozen Cloud Asgard bitter experience disaster, has related with her!! 轩辕玉凤的记忆里,他还看到…冰云仙宫遭遇大难的事,也和她有所关系!! But the direct relation, is that Ling Kun!! 而更直接关系的,是那个凌坤!! Big Brother Yun ... Big Brother Yun!!” 云大哥云大哥!!” A rapid shout transmits from rear area ... At this time Ling Jie sound. Look complex of Yun Che, hesitates after slightly, stopped gradually. 一个急促的喊声从后方传来…这时凌杰的声音。云澈的神色一阵复杂,微微犹疑后,还是逐渐的停了下来。 Ling Jie puts together full chase completely, now overtakes with great difficulty, was tired pants. Yun Che has turned around, visits him saying: Little Jie, wishes one could a sword to kill me now.” 凌杰一路拼尽的全力追赶,如今好不容易追上,已是累得气喘吁吁。云澈转过身来,看着他道:“小杰,现在是不是恨不得一剑杀了我。” Ling Jie shakes the head, shaking the head that makes an effort: No ... How I can ... I ... I came saying that to you thanked.” 凌杰摇头,非常用力的摇头:“不…我怎么会…我…我是来向你说一声谢谢的。” Thanked me?” Yun Che light smiles: Why can thank me? Your Heavenly Sword Villa piece of chaos that I just stirred, have obloquied your father and grandfather, but also has almost killed your mother, you do not want to kill me also ... Also can thank me?” “谢我?”云澈淡淡的一笑:“为什么要谢我?我可是刚刚搅的你们天剑山庄一片大乱,大骂了你的父亲和爷爷,还差点杀了你的母亲,你不想杀了我也就算了…还要谢我?” Ling Jie shakes the head once more, effort of this shaking the head, his both eyes straight and Yun Che looking at each other, sincere [say / way]: Because I know that you because of me, have let off my mother ... In the past, because only Burning Heaven Clan has kidnapped your family member, you extinguished their whole families, most recent several months, the hearsay you have killed many Divine Phoenix Empire imperial princes ... But my mother did compared with Burning Heaven Clan must also many time of matters, you actually ... You actually ... You are angry obviously, has actually let off her, really thank you. Your graciousness of forgiveness, I will remember for a lifetime ... Mistake that my mother violates, I ... I certainly fully will also make up.” 凌杰再次摇头,这次摇头的更加用力,他双目直直的和云澈对视,真诚的道:“因为我知道,你是因为我,才放过了我的母亲…当年,只因为焚天门劫持了你的亲人,你就灭了他们满门,前几个月,传闻你把神凰国的皇子都杀了好多个…而我母亲做了比焚天门还要过分很多倍的事,你却…你却…你明明那么生气,却放过了她,真的谢谢你。你的饶恕之恩,我会一辈子记得的…我母亲犯下的错,我…我也一定会全力去弥补。” ... Yun Che silently looks at Ling Jie, had looked very for a long time ... More than three years have not seen, Ling Jie aura, stature and appearance, had very big change, but his eye pupil, is still Wang Qingche, his mind was touched gently, puts out a hand, has patted on the shoulder of Ling Jie gently: Little Jie, you do not need to express gratitude to me, do not raise anything again obligation, you have forgotten, but we good brothers.” “…”云澈默默的看着凌杰,一直看了很久…三年多未见,凌杰气息、身材、外貌,都有了很大的变化,但他的眼瞳,依然是一汪清澈,他的心灵被轻轻触动,伸出手来,轻轻的拍了凌杰的肩膀上:“小杰,你不需要向我道谢,更不要再提什么‘大恩’,你难道忘了,我们可是好兄弟嘛。” The eye pupil of Ling Jie has glistened, gradually has taken some clear: I ... I ... Can I also like before, shout you Boss?” 凌杰的眼瞳闪亮了起来,逐渐的带上了些许晶莹:“我…我…我还可以像以前那样,喊你‘老大’吗?” Nonsense, naturally!” Hand of Yun Che in his shoulder made an effort to shake according to: Do not forget, but your this little brother the past years lost to my! Do you want to repudiate a debt now?” “废话,当然可以!”云澈按在他肩膀上的手用力晃了一下:“别忘了,你这个小弟可是当年输给我的!难道你现在想赖账了?” No ... Of course not!” The Ling Jie eye socket is moist, makes an effort to inspire, does not make the tears flow out diligently: Boss, I knows that you will not be easy dead ... I finally, finally saw you! Moreover, you also become that ... Then fierce, this whole life can run into you, I am the Ling Jie biggest luck.” “不…当然不是!”凌杰眼眶湿润,用力吸一口气,努力不让眼泪流出:“老大,我就知道你不会那么容易死…我终于,终于又见到你了!而且,你还变得那么…那么的厉害,这辈子可以遇到你,我是凌杰最大的幸运。” In the Ling Jie sound, bringing joyful and excited shivering, Yun Che clear hearing, to feel. 凌杰的声音中,带着喜悦、激动的颤抖,云澈可以清清楚楚的听到、感受到。 No, the lucky person, is I am right.” Yun Che sincere [say / way]: Little Jie, you know, six years ago, we know first day, is I proposed that must compare three swords with you, lost working as little brother ... At that time, I want to use your Sky Sword Young Master status actually, in order to after me worked to remain conveniently some ... Afterward, you for me, one person alone violated the danger to go to Burning Heaven Clan, to prevent your grandfather killed me, kept off by the life before his sword, was you to refuel to me, all alone ten thousand li (0.5km) far away went to Divine Phoenix Empire ... I not to know that what Dehe can, wait by your so sincere heart.” “不,幸运的人,是我才对。”云澈诚挚的道:“小杰,你知道吗,六年前,我们认识的第一天,是我主动提出要和你比三剑,输了的当小弟…那个时候,我其实只是想利用你天剑少主的身份而已,以便为我以后做事留一些方便…后来,你为了我,孤身犯险前往焚天门,为了阻止你爷爷杀我,以命挡在他的剑前,也是你为了给我加油,孤身一人万里迢迢的前往神凰国…我不知道何德何能,受你如此挚心以待。” Hey ... Ling Jie is also affected, embarrassed smiling: I am your little brother, should be for Boss working. Moreover, can follow your footsteps, for me, is one type ... Very special, pride that is unable to substitute.” “嘿嘿…”凌杰又感动,又不好意思的笑着:“我可是你的小弟嘛,为老大做事是应该的。而且,能够追随你的脚步,对我来说,一直都是一种…很特殊,也无法被取代的骄傲。” Ha Ha Ha Ha ... Yun Che has smiled: Little Jie, clashes your words, I later must be an earthshaking character, will not disappoint you.” “哈哈哈哈…”云澈笑了起来:“小杰,就冲你这句话,我以后也一定要做个叱咤风云的人物,决不会让你失望。” The sound stops, the Yun Che complexion also becomes serious. The change of his look, makes the Ling Jie happy expression not restrain on own initiative: Boss, you ... What words had to with me say?” 声音停顿,云澈的脸色也变得郑重起来。他神色的变化,也让凌杰的笑意不自觉收敛:“老大,你…是有什么话要和我说吗?” Little Jie, three years does not see, your Profound Strength boundary is so big, should be goes to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to be related?” Yun Che voice gentle asking. 小杰,三年不见,你的玄力境界这么大,应该是和去了天威剑域有关吧?”云澈语态平和的问道。 Um.” Ling Jie nods: Grandfather is very sore I, is very good to me, is very severe, in the three years, his most time personally was even teaching my heavenly might certainly sword. The resources of sacred ground rank, he also strove more for me.” “嗯。”凌杰点头:“外公很疼我,对我很好,也很严厉,这三年,他甚至大半时间都在亲手教导我天威绝剑。就连圣地级别的资源,他也为我争取到了很多很多。” When mentioned these, the Ling Jie pupil light became some bright Can. Yun Che many years ago determined, although Ling Jie disposition pure and good-hearted makes widely known, but in the bone is also the love sword Cheng Chi person. Can practice the sword in the place of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region that rank, is instructed by Sovereign, to him, naturally longs for even in dreams. 说起这些时,凌杰的眸光变得有些亮灿。云澈从很多年前就确定,凌杰虽然心性纯良张扬,但骨子里也是个爱剑成痴的人。能在天威剑域那个级别的地方练剑,由一个帝君指导,对他而言,自然是梦寐以求。 My following words, will make you puzzled, be at a loss, even dislikes. But I must say.” The Yun Che complexion is very serious. “我接下来的话,会让你不解、无所适从,甚至反感。但我必须要说。”云澈的脸色无比郑重。 „?” Ling Jie is nervous. “啊?”凌杰的神色紧张起来。 This time, the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region two elders arrive, the goal should be leads you to return to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to see your grandfather Xuanyuan Jue. I think, this to you , after certainly is returns to the village, certainly is anticipating the matter. However, I hope you ... Do not go to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region again.” “这次,天威剑域的两个长老到来,目的应该就是带你回天威剑域去见你外公轩辕绝。我想,这对你而言,也一定是回庄之后一定都在期待着的事。但是,我希望你…不要再去天威剑域。” „? Why?” Ling Jie puzzled [say / way]. “啊?为什么?”凌杰不解的道。 I am unable clear explained with you.” Yun Che shakes the head slightly: Perhaps was long in Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, you can find the answer with your eye, but at that time, might already late. I can only tell you, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to you, perhaps is Sword Path sacred ground, dirtiness that but under its coat, must imagine compared with you by far, fearful many. I do not hope that you and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region have too many connections, making you diamond mind cover filthily, even wants to leave unable finally.” “我无法清楚的和你解释。”云澈微微摇头:“或许在天威剑域久了,你可以用自己的眼睛找到答案,但那个时候,有可能会已经晚了。我只能告诉你,天威剑域对你而言,或许是一个剑道圣地,但它的这个外衣之下,要远远比你想象的要肮脏,还有可怕的多。我不希望你和天威剑域有太多的瓜葛,让你钻石般的心灵蒙上污浊,甚至最后想抽身都不能。” I ... The Ling Jie whole face is vacant. “我…”凌杰满脸茫然。 „, I have not hoped that you inherit Heavenly Sword Villa. In the Sword Path talent also has above the advancement, you exceed your elder brother Ling Yun. On this point, you will inherit the position of Heavenly Sword Villa Villa Master in the future, justifiable. However Villa Master, it is not only only a title and glory, load bearing too many responsibility, pressures and helplessness, sometimes, will be forced to twist own will and disposition because of this title ... The Ling Yun disposition is calmer than you, the position of future Villa Master, he will want appropriate many compared with you.” “还有,我不希望你继承天剑山庄。在剑道天赋还有进境之上,你都胜过你的哥哥凌云。就这一点而言,你将来继承天剑山庄庄主之位,会更加的名正言顺。但是庄主,它不仅仅只是一个称号和荣耀,更承载着太多责任、压力和无奈,有时,甚至会因这个称号被迫扭曲自己的意志和性格…凌云的性格比你更加沉稳,未来的庄主之位,他比你要合适的多。” Ling Jie: ... 凌杰:“…” Patted the shoulder of Ling Jie, Yun Che received the hand, the personal appearance withdrew, shows a faint smile: The words that Little Jie, I want to speak, said. Own life, wants to walk eventually, others' words, the power makes the reference then. From now on, if encounters the difficulty that anything is unable to solve, can look for me to Frozen Cloud Asgard.” 拍了拍凌杰的肩膀,云澈收起手来,身形退后,微微一笑:“小杰,我想说的话,已经说完。自己的人生,终究要自己走,别人的话,权做参考即可。今后,若遇到什么无法解决的困难,可以到冰云仙宫来找我。” Waves to dull however Ling Jie, Yun Che pulls the Feng Xue'er small hands, flies from go to the north. 向呆然中的凌杰一挥手,云澈牵起凤雪児的小手,向北方飞离而去。 Boss!!” “老大!!” Behind, has heard the Ling Jie full slogan suddenly: You are the person who I most believe ... Therefore I listen to your words ... I did not return to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region ... Starting from tomorrow ... I will leave Heavenly Sword Villa ... to rush to the world alone ... The good variant upholds justice ... Rectifies names for Heavenly Sword Villa ... I will try hard to seek for Ice Fairy Chan ... ... my Ling Jie ... to live up to one's words for mother atonement!!” 后方,忽然传来了凌杰全力的呐喊声:“你是我最相信的人…所以我听你的话…我不回天威剑域了…从明天开始…我会离开天剑山庄…独闯天下…行侠仗义…为天剑山庄正名…我会努力寻找冰婵仙子…为母亲赎罪…我凌杰…说到做到!!” Yun Che turns head, Ling Jie only remaining one group of fuzzy shadows in line of sight, he shows a faint smile, constraining of heart was also more affable. 云澈回头,视线中的凌杰只剩下一团模糊的黑影,他微微一笑,心头的压抑也舒缓了很多。
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